Wednesday, 5 September 2012

With Austin on The Campaign Trail

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest
Voting from September 11th −14th
Watch for details early next week!

Austin and his team have been extremely busy both canvassing votes and shattering stereotypes. 

His fame is spreading far and wide and his policies (yes he does have them) are widely applauded by both his supporters and his opponents in this strategically important election.

Campaign manager, Nellie, has been extremely busy getting Austin’s face on every billboard across the known world so that his message of peace, love and tuna is seen by the most people in the shortest time.

On billboards

on Broadway

in Times Square

in fact anywhere there is an empty board!

CATLife have made him cover star of the month
You owe it to yourself, the world and especially
Freshfields Animal Rescue
who will benefit if you
Vote for Austin
"You can trust a Tux"


  1. I'll be looking for him at a billboard near me. My little Thunder loves the tuna idea.

    Author of "Trail Training for the Horse and Rider" and "Trail Horse Adventures and Advice"

  2. dood...just bee veree care full of thoze billboards in nature..ya could end up next ta BURD filled treez


  3. Haven´t seen Austin on any billboard in Sweden yet :)

  4. PLEAZE COME OVER TOMORROWZ..BEING SUED..WEZ NEED YA.XXXXOOOXX Hay, I left a comment , where's it gone?? Go's in the bag as I told youz xx

  5. Austin!
    My how you've GROWN!
    You look so BIG!
    oh wait...must be a billboard thing.

    ; ) Love the snappy photo tricks! (I know, I know...they're NOT tricks, they're totally real.)

    xo, Katie

  6. We sure do wish you good luck in the election. You have done such a good job. I just wish all of you could win. They are all such good shelters. Take care.

  7. Austin, I have been seeing SPARKLE billboards all over here! And I didn't even have to pay for them!

    That's because they are for some silly movie... but they are sending out a subliminal messages to vote for me!

  8. You sure are getting out n' about!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness AUSTIN You are a world traveler, but then you have to be in order to campaign well. xoxox

  10. Austin, you're lucky you hooked up with Nellie. She really is a great campaign manager!

  11. Looking good Austin. We will look for you on Broadway, maybe at CATS?

  12. Austin, You're EVERYWHERE. I thought I saw at the Democratic Convention, listening to Michelle Obama last night. Your tux looked good with her dress. Did you two go out after?

  13. Yo Austin,
    Now that Katie is scandal-ridden, they sure play dirty in the US of A, my vote will likely go to you. But of course, you'll have to behave yourself, at least until voting day. I only support clean candidates. har har har *evil laughs*

  14. All the best, Austin! Why oh why must there be only ONE winner?

  15. What an awesome campaign manager you have! Oh, I so hope that you win!!

  16. Austin - the new heights of your campaign are quite impressive and Nellie is quite the brilliant manager. Our only concern is the snorkeling... are you really campaigning or is this a vaCATion on the taxpayers dime? Oh dear...

  17. This is such a big campaign guy's, youz weally worked ya Paws off..and what a fab Manger Nellie is..she's righton the ball xx00xx

  18. Rumor has it you WERE with Michelle that's impressive!

  19. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeSaturday, September 08, 2012 1:58:00 am

    WOW great catnip-grass roots campaign! Lining up for the opening day!


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