Saturday 29 September 2012

Gratuitous …… Giveaway!

Is that title tautologous? Answers please ….! Gratuitous here does not mean unnecessary, uncalled for or unwarranted, but FREE OF CHARGE! 

But first we have gratuitous gorgeousness (me!)

You can see I am keeping a strong hold on my back paw, as earlier I was scaredified by an inappropriate digit being laid on it in a furtive way! Now I have to be alert! In fact I think we all need to be lertful for stray fingers and pokey things! Editor’s note: All I did was touch his beauteous little paw and he went into a frenetic frenzy of freakiness! He now is keeping a firm grip on his paw and it’s within view at all times!

Gratuitous Gifts - We have been the happy recipients of quite a few tangible things of late i.e. things that have arrived by snail mail. We won the Silly Saturday Caption contest over at The Teacher’s Pets and got a whole bunch of lovely goodies :)

 Thank you April and the gang for including us in and thinking our caption was silly enough :)

We have also been one of the five lucky winners of the Sparkle Puss children’s book from Cat Wisdom 101 

As you can see, I am really into it! This is a beautifully produced book set in Penzance, Cornwall in the UK about a cat called Sparkle (!) who has adventures while trying to save her friend the  chocolate apothecary from losing his business. It has cats, mystery and chocolate. Who can resist? Thank you Layla :)

Gratuitous Giveaway - To celebrate the launch of the super new look blog, we are offering a prize draw, free, gratis and for nothing. The winner of the draw will get a copy of The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey - a Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary by Deborah Barnes.

If you haven’t read this yet, read my review here. It is a beautiful book and will enthral and delight if you like cats, good writing and beautiful pictures .. and who doesn’t! All you have to do is leave a comment below saying that you are entering and why you would like it. You will need to make sure that I have contact details for you if you know I don’t already have them. The draw is open to absolutely EVERYBODY wherever you happen to live in the world. The winner will be picked by next Saturday 6th October at midday BST. Good luck :) Zee & Zoey’s website is here.

PS If you missed me doing my dapper benevolent thing over at Zee & Zoey’s the other day, here I am announcing the shelter who won my portion of the Cat Ruler of the World goodies.

Sorry for the length, but business is business! Next time I will be introducing a new CATachresis feature and it will be much shorter!

Thursday 27 September 2012

Is it a bird? ... Is it a plane?

No! It’s the Katie and Waffles Emergency Blog Makeover Express!
To see the start of the journey go to Glogirly’s site here

But here at CATachresis earlier today:

 out with the old….

The original of this header was conceived and produced by Sarah L-B and I’d like to thank her very much for doing that and for being a brilliant supporter of CATachresis from way back!

… and in with the new!
No pink in sight!!! well not much!

This blog makeover doesn’t so much reveal a new Austin, but reflects the true Austin. One who loves words and uses them to great, but not always accurate, effect! We hope you enjoy the fun and frolics :)

This design is, of course, one of Glogirly's Designs from suggestions made by Austin and also the one with two legs and disposable thumbs ;) We love it! What do you think?  Thanks Debbie and of course Katie and Waffles for coming to the rescue after our rather disastrous attempt at redecorating! Your journey has been fraught with danger over land, sea and London buses!!! Front and centre please, to receive your well deserved applause and adulation xxx

PS Please stop by in a few days when we are having a very special giveaway/offer/draw :)

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Austin tries some Do-it-Yourself!

All I said was I needed some decorating doing. Things need brightening up; looking a bit drab etc! They say every picture tells a story, so:

Before (drab)

After (not so drab)

Tigger: Austin, this is what happens when we don’t work as a team.

Austin: What do you mean? This place is teaming with paint!

Tigger: Not that kind of team, dummy! WE NEED HELP!! Hello …. hello ……. is there anybody there … ?
To be continued …….;) 

Sunday 23 September 2012

The Common Good

Listen up Austin!
We got an award.
Oh that’s nice!
Yes it’s the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and we got it from Mollie and Alfie!
What’s a team?
It’s where two or more people work together for the common good.
The common good being me!

If you say so!

from Mollie and Alfie :)

Anyway, thank you very much Mollie and Alfie for this award, but we feel that maybe Austin needs to go on a course or something to learn about how to work in a team. Maybe even go on a team building weekend?

What’s team building?

Hmmm! Not that exactly, Austin! Team building is where a bunch of people who work together but who don’t like each other go off for a weekend and climb to the top of a mountain and jump off into a chasm in the hopes that someone who wants their job will catch them! It’s called learning to trust! It’s also called retrenchment. A lot of professional working type people do it.  Apparently it’s really good for bonding and group dynamics and all kinds of stuff like that. Then, after they’ve finished, the survivors all go back to the hotel and drink beer and make a lot of noise until they fall into the collective unconscious. 

And you want me to go on one of those? I can already do unconscious and I drink beer with Spitty and I can push Tigger from a great height into a chasm - or some other deep fisher! I think you mean fissure, Austin! Whatever!

Now, the rules on this award appear to be a bit vague, but if you feel your are part of team Austin then please feel free to take this award and do with it as you will :)

Happy Sunday!!

Tuesday 18 September 2012

And the winner of Cat Ruler of the World is …..

Yes the sultry, sassy tux Katie has won Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest in aid of their nominated charity Blind Cat Sanctuary in North Carolina which has won $7500 worth of goods and donations. We send our congratulations and heartfelt good wishes :) Yes we do, Austin …. !!

Ok! *smiles* !

….. Don’t forget, Austin, that Katie, as ruler of the world, will need a Secatary of State for Catnip and someone to head up the Budgie Committee …. and you have much experience on defence matters:
Here is Austin on de fence!

Then there is the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) though one feels that department is already a bit oversubscribed! So what about the Secatary for Energy? You would be ideal cat-idate for that position as you certainly know how to conserve it:

Finally, there is the position of Secatary of the Inferior. This is the job where you get to snoopervise all the lesser species like humans and dogs! You are indeed well qualified to serve in Katie’s administration! 

So Katie, Austin is ready, willing and able to be part of the new world order:

Yes you are!

But seriously, we are more than delighted that such a worthy cat-idate has won and of course the Blind Cat Rescue benefits big time. But that’s not all, as all the other shelters represented will be in receipt of some great goodies too :)

Now over to you Austin. Yes, I want to thank everyone who very kindly supported me and took the trouble to vote for me and my nominated shelter, Freshfields Animal Rescue. Apparently even some who twitter voted for me and that is amazing since I would probably eat them given half a chance! 

Once again I would like to thank my new best friend Nellie The Cat (who’s not really) from Hell for making it such a fun campaign - though selling the pink Nelliemobile to Katie for a couple of salmon patties and a one dollar note was a bit sneaky .. . and cheap! ;) xx

So, if you haven’t already done so, please go over to Deb at Zee & Zoey campaign headquarters who has worked so hard for this event and where all the official stuff is happening. Dress is optional!!! TTFN xx

Sunday 16 September 2012

Shout Out!

Tigger wants to do a shout out!

NOOOOO! Silly! Not that shout out!

Sorry, just a little bit longer, friends!

This is the shout out. One of my first blogging friends was Jan Mader who is an author, logophile and animal lover extraordinaire. She has been away from blogging for quite a while, but is now back and is keen to inspire and encourage others to be creative with words. You can find her on her blog Ignite to WriteShe was a great encouragement to me in the beginning when no one was reading my drivel, so I hope some of you will pop along and say hi and maybe join in with her short but thought provoking exercises.  You can reach her here

Friday 14 September 2012

Thank you … Normal service …..!

 Just can’t resist a final look at this wonderful pic :)

Graphics by Nellie - The Cat (who’s not really) from Hell

Only a few hours left to cast your vote in Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Campaign for a Cause Contest. If you haven’t voted, please consider voting for Austin who is campaigning with his trusty sidekick, Nellie, for Freshfields Animal Rescue in the UK. It is the only rescue/shelter that is not in the USA and it is the only shelter that helps all animals that come to its sites. Click here to vote.

Austin, Nellie and I want to say a HUGE thank you to Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey for the excellent idea and for hosting the campaign so well.

We also want to say thank you to our fellow cat-idates, Cheysuli, Sparkle, Brian, Katie and Odin for their energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining campaigns. All of them and the shelters they represent are worthy winners.

Most of all Austin wants to thank Nellie, who has been tireless in her campaigning and “managed” the  whole caboodle with style and panache …. and not to mention the wonderful pink Nelliemobile!

The results and winner will be announced on Tuesday September 18th 2012

As for myself (the one with thumbs and no brain) and Austin (the one with brain and no thumbs), we are off to put our paws up with some pals……

Normal service will be resumed as soon as we wake up!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Austin and Nellie Gallivant for a Cause!

Austin and his campaign manager, Nellie, are very busy going out and about for their cause, Freshfields Animal Rescue, and to that end have been seen in the various echelons of British society.

They have addressed parliament on issues of national importance

and roughed it with the hoi polloi  
All so they can get the word out to as many people as possible to vote for Austin as Cat Ruler of the World. There are just a couple of days left to vote.

Already as to the manor born!!

Now Nellie is very forward thinking and she has prepared for every eventuality. She has created the purrfect accessory for the new monarch; (ahem! whoever it may be!). Go here to get the lowdown. However, Austin has decreed that all will be thusly adorned should he be elected! No bribery and corruption here then! Go to:

Zee & Zoey’s Campaign for a Cause
Cat Ruler of the World Contest

A vote for Austin means a vote for Freshfields Animal Rescue who will benefit hugely if he wins. 

Voting ends on Friday at midnight PST.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Austin meets Team GB - Voting day has arrived!

Yesterday the victorious Team GB olympic heroes paraded through London. It was a magnificently joyous occasion. And guess who was there too?

On top the bus

On top the roof

And even in among the bigwigs!
Is that the Prime Minister wearing his badge?
and the Mayor is obviously a big fan!
Yes, Austin was there canvassing for votes!
  Did you see him? ;)

Yep, the voting starts today (Tuesday) for Zee & Zoey's Cat Ruler of the World Campaign for a Cause. You have hopefully seen all the cat-idates and read about all the well deserving shelters that each one advocates. We hope that you will vote for our shelter Freshfields Animal Rescue

It is very easy to vote. Please click here to take you to Zee & Zoey’s page and see the closing arguments from all the cat-idates. There is a link on that page that if you click, there will be a pop up window which shows all six names.  All you have to do is choose Austin’s name and that’s it. The winning shelter receives a whole bunch of goodies!

Happy voting and here is the link once again 

Sunday 9 September 2012

Freshfields Animal Rescue - the human view!

While Austin and Nellie were checking out the animals at Freshfields, I managed to catch up with Lesley Tarleton (the person who started it all) on the phone and she brought me up to date with some of the current needs and activities of the shelter. Lesley comes over as a very warm caring person who is passionate about animals of every kind. This fitted very well with the impression I got all those years ago when I briefly met her at Freshfields.

She told me that at the present time they have about fifty kittens who urgently need loving forever homes. Here are just a few:

Also they have plenty of adult cats that need adopting as well as ferals that can't be returned to their previous environment. Unlike other similar organisations, Freshfields believes in TNR for feral cats - trap, neuter and return - the return part only being carried out when it is a safe environment for the cats. Otherwise they are re-homed where possible. Lesley told me that the best place to re-home these cats is on farms, of which there are many in this very rural area. The TNR programme is ongoing and a very important part of their overall strategy.

They is also a sponsorship scheme where people can sponsor a resident animal, or even an event or project. This would be ideal for anyone who would love to help and be involved on a personal level, but who cannot actually adopt an animal. It also opens it up so that non-local people can invest and be involved on an ongoing basis. Lesley told me there are even a couple of resident donkeys called Dibble and Wonkey who are looking for sponsorship. Any takers? :)

Workers and volunteers come up with ideas for fundraising and awareness raising, from coffee mornings to raffles to sponsored dog walks.

Open Day. Coming up on September 30th is an open day at the Welsh site from 11 − 4. Loads of activities, including a dog show, agility and there will also be a dancing with dogs display put on by the Ynys Mon Dog Training Society! So if you happen to be in the area ……!

Another important fund raising side to Freshfields are the secondhand (charity) shops they have in various places throughout Wales and the North West England. They are always in need of items for sale - good-as-new clothes, electrical goods, household goods. 

They also have links with rescue shelters abroad, particularly animal rescue in Greece and “Our Friends Dog Rescue” based in Slatina, Romania.

There have been so many success stories of animals who have been re-homed, too many to mention here, but I would thoroughly recommend Lesley’s book The Dog with no Name, which tells how an innocent remark made to a vet in Liverpool (you need to read the book) led to thousands of animals being rescued, cared for and re-homed through the Freshfields Animal Rescue. 

Lesley is a truly remarkable person and I hope the work she and many others do here will be able to carry on as long as it is needed. 

Voting starts in two days - Tuesday 11th to 14th September. I will put up the link and it will be very easy to vote. So remember, if you want to support the work at Freshfields Animal Rescue you should:
vote for Austin to be Cat Ruler of the World
He will be a very benevolent dictator!

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest

Friday 7 September 2012

Campaign latest and a bit of a nap!

As you can see, Austin and Tigger are taking some time out from the exhausting election campaign. Well, Tigger has not really been helping, but he’s been napping extremely hard in the background and that of course complies completely with policies 1, 2 and 3 on Austin’s election manifesto.  

If you want to know why Austin is resting up, it is because he and his energetic campaign manager, Nellie - The Cat (who is not really) from Hell, went to visit his shelter yesterday, Freshfields Animal Rescue. If you haven’t already see the excellent write up, then click here to go to Nellie’s headquarters to read about what occurred. It’s a must read!

Our next post will include an interview with Lesley Tarleton, where she discusses current challenges and opportunities for Freshfields. Well, not so much an interview, more of a chat really!

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest
Voting from September 11th −14th
Watch for details early next week!

You owe it to yourself, the world and especially
Freshfields Animal Rescue
who will benefit if you
Vote for Austin on Sept. 11th
"You can trust a Tux"

Wednesday 5 September 2012

With Austin on The Campaign Trail

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest
Voting from September 11th −14th
Watch for details early next week!

Austin and his team have been extremely busy both canvassing votes and shattering stereotypes. 

His fame is spreading far and wide and his policies (yes he does have them) are widely applauded by both his supporters and his opponents in this strategically important election.

Campaign manager, Nellie, has been extremely busy getting Austin’s face on every billboard across the known world so that his message of peace, love and tuna is seen by the most people in the shortest time.

On billboards

on Broadway

in Times Square

in fact anywhere there is an empty board!

CATLife have made him cover star of the month
You owe it to yourself, the world and especially
Freshfields Animal Rescue
who will benefit if you
Vote for Austin
"You can trust a Tux"

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Cat Ruler of the World - Final Debate

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest

Today's debate in the Cat Ruler of the World contest is about:


Huh? Come on! Austin is quite a modern cat and has moved on from such old fashioned things. He uses voice activation and even watches DVDs! 

By the way he believes voice activation to be an absolute prerequisite for any cat aiming to be ruler of the world. Only a cat who can get his staff to jump to his every meow has the charisma and leadership qualities necessary for this role.

So we weren’t quite sure about today’s brief and thought Zee & Zoey were off their collective trolly. But it seems that some people think that cats are independent, detached, and uninvolved. This, for some reason, is called a “stereotype”. What a load of tosh! We, who have bothered, know that like humans each cat is different and has a different personality. Despite the fact that Austin likes to pretend to be disdainful and supercilious, he actually is a very sociable fellow, as we have discussed in the debate. In fact, this very evening he invited himself over to the neighbour’s to partake in a BBQ! I could hear my neighbour say “Hey Austin! Got just the steak for you; coming to griddle now!” Well I feel fairly sure that’s what he said!

Austin says:
"It is true, I do sometimes look into the far distance over my human’s left ear. But she is mistaken if she thinks I am not interested. However, one can’t rule effectively if one is involved too much in the minutiae of day to day life. One has to be able to see the bigger picture, the meta-narrative, lunch!"
So remember:

Vote for Austin
    and help provide lunch for Freshfields Animal Rescue
and you can read what we wrote about them here

Don’t forget you can see what all the six fine candidates had to say about the spurious cat stereotype here

Austin, with his loyal team, has taken his campaign to the next level. He has visited the Cayman Islands to smash yet another cat stereotype. Check out what that was at Nellie The Cat (who’s not really) from Hell blog. You will be amazed! 
The pawpurrazzi were also there to chronicle the event.