Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cat Ruler of the World - Final Debate

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest

Today's debate in the Cat Ruler of the World contest is about:


Huh? Come on! Austin is quite a modern cat and has moved on from such old fashioned things. He uses voice activation and even watches DVDs! 

By the way he believes voice activation to be an absolute prerequisite for any cat aiming to be ruler of the world. Only a cat who can get his staff to jump to his every meow has the charisma and leadership qualities necessary for this role.

So we weren’t quite sure about today’s brief and thought Zee & Zoey were off their collective trolly. But it seems that some people think that cats are independent, detached, and uninvolved. This, for some reason, is called a “stereotype”. What a load of tosh! We, who have bothered, know that like humans each cat is different and has a different personality. Despite the fact that Austin likes to pretend to be disdainful and supercilious, he actually is a very sociable fellow, as we have discussed in the debate. In fact, this very evening he invited himself over to the neighbour’s to partake in a BBQ! I could hear my neighbour say “Hey Austin! Got just the steak for you; coming to griddle now!” Well I feel fairly sure that’s what he said!

Austin says:
"It is true, I do sometimes look into the far distance over my human’s left ear. But she is mistaken if she thinks I am not interested. However, one can’t rule effectively if one is involved too much in the minutiae of day to day life. One has to be able to see the bigger picture, the meta-narrative, lunch!"
So remember:

Vote for Austin
    and help provide lunch for Freshfields Animal Rescue
and you can read what we wrote about them here

Don’t forget you can see what all the six fine candidates had to say about the spurious cat stereotype here

Austin, with his loyal team, has taken his campaign to the next level. He has visited the Cayman Islands to smash yet another cat stereotype. Check out what that was at Nellie The Cat (who’s not really) from Hell blog. You will be amazed! 
The pawpurrazzi were also there to chronicle the event.


  1. I know that all cats are different, lol !

  2. a grate debate buddy N sum grilled skip jack headed yur way if ya toss that mouze on de floor...

    why IZ it hoggin up yur desk anyway


  3. It took forever to load the comment box. lol.

    Okay, it seems like your campaign manager aka Mom is recanting her declaration of you being independent and a kitty who couldn't care less.

    We just dropped by to say we are still voting for you.

    Huggies and Cheese,

  4. Austin, we enjoyed debating with you today. It's a pleasure campaigning against some as articulute and erudite as your handsome self.

  5. Austin, every single encounter with you is enjoyable for me. XX

  6. How wonderful you were invited to a BBQ, Austin!! Wish we could have gone too!! And what a great way to campaign for votes... over a nice steak dinner!

  7. Austin, I like watching DVDs the same way you do! I love with they go in and out of their slots! Great debate today, BTW!

  8. Hi Austin! Mes finally made it to your blog! Me has been so busy posting on Facebook and making all the linkies, me forgots to post when me came her earlier. Me is off to see if me can gets another event lined up for wordless Wednsday!
    Campaign Manager for
    Austin of Catachersis rinning for
    Cat Ruller of the World 2012

  9. Austin better come back from vacation, the campaign is heating up in more ways that one.

  10. Austin the debate is yours! You are the most creative cat I know and on top of all that you speak the truth!

  11. Without have reading the others contribution in the debate I know you are the winner !
    Nellie sure is a GREAT campaign maneger <3

  12. Austin,
    Would you please tell us how we can vote for you to be the cat ruler of the world? My mom isn't very good at voting for the ruler of the United States (shhhh!) and prefurs to vote for you instead.
    Love your "Cat Life" mag cover! Did you ask the turtle to vote for you as well? Hey, every vote counts, right?

  13. Oh you are such a smart cat Austin. You are just on top of things for sure. Love it that you are watching DVDs. Have a super day.

  14. The Caymans, huh?! Well I can't wait to find out what THIS is about? As far as I know, the Caymans are known for only two things: Scuba diving and secret bank accounts. Hmmmmmmmm.

    Great job in the Debate today Austin. I really enjoyed seeing your softer side. Ok, you can now return to your regularly scheduled personality.

    heh heh,

  15. Oh Austin
    YOU are so multitalented!!!
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  16. You did a purr-fect job on the debate, Austin!

  17. Well, of COURSE kitties like snorkeling--where else can we gets so much FISH!!

    If only...if only....if only I had not been so thoroughly bribed! You know, Sparkle tells me I mighta been scammed--that the new Brass ones might not work like the old ones did. Whaddya think, Austin? Did I get taken???

  18. Good job with the debate, Austin. There's no stereo-typing you!

  19. Austin you've got some of the most important politics covered with glad-handing the neighbors during their BBQ in addition to a good meal.

  20. It'z in the bag Austin..Go Austin..Go Austin!! Youz rocks :) xx00xx

  21. Spoken like a true leader Austin!

  22. Ahh, Austin, your leadership skills are shining through....clear thoughts and gracious words....ya gotta win, boy!!

  23. Austin, DUDE! You're gonna cave on the whole independent and *koff* aloof moniker for POLITICAL reasons?!? *takes notes* this might come in handy someday....

  24. we thought you were catabulous in the debate!! KUDOS!

  25. I'm so thick sometimes, it took me a minute to get the stereo type. LOL, I was a little confused.

    Austin rocked the debate! :)

  26. Austin, you know it takes a whole lot to make me laugh these days -- but that "looking over Mom's left ear" totally did the trick. Bugs does that all the time.


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