Sunday 27 January 2013

Snoopervising Sunday

So what's in the box?

Bit of plastic?

I think that's an oojamaflip for the thingy!

What's up here? Hmmmm!

Ok! Did you check the instructions first?

precursor, pre-cursor - someone who curses before you do

Thursday 24 January 2013

The Vocabulary Building Project!

OK, so there is this new bloghop that has been instigated (Vocabulary Building Project) by three blogging friends, Texas, Jet and Savannah. Here is the badge:

In it we are supposed to use 2 or 3 words or expressions that we don't often use! Now you will realise straight away that this might be a little difficult for Austin, as he is a complete logophile and a bit of a big head wordsmith extraordinaire (VBP en Francais just to be flash!). So what to do? Are there any words he hasn't used? Over to you, Austin.

Austin: I think I have already used every word that is known to cat!

Staff: Hmmm! A bit of a conundrum (VBP)

Austin: Well you've used three words already!!!

Staff: Indeed! That is serendipitous (VBP)

Austin: There you go. Number four >^,.^<

Staff: But it is supposed to be you that uses the new words!

Austin: Ahem! I am Dr Austin Tuxedo, Professor of Linguistics at the University of Mog!!!!!!

Staff: Of course! Sorry ;)

pilgrim, (from pill-grim) - yes it is grim having a pill forced down one's oesophagus (VBP) ;)

NB from editor. Being techy illiterate, we have no idea whether we have done it right? But I think if you click on the doodad (VBP) above, it will take you somewhere!!

Saturday 19 January 2013

Bit of a snow wuss puss!

We've got snow!
Austin was getting a bit stir crazy, so I let him out. But you can't see him here!

He was gone for quite a while and then just when I thought he had turned into a snow puss, 
I heard a "meow meow" from down the steps! 
No Austin, I will not come and help you up!

"Umph, puff, wheeze, coff"

"Out the way, woman! Cat coming through…"

"Ahh! That's better!"
Toasting nicely!

snowboard, snow-bored (alternate spelling) - the emotion that precedes "stir crazy"

Wednesday 16 January 2013

How could you stoop so low?

No, I mean how DO you stoop so low, being an old person and all? I can hear your costochondrals clacking!

ramshackle, ram-shackle - to tie up a ram

Sunday 13 January 2013

Austin is in the building!

There's nothing much in the paper today!

Oh well! Some all-over-body newsprint cologne won't go amiss!

Hi everyone, Austin here! We have been absent in recent days due to the fact that my human grandma has not been well and the staff has been somewhat diverted. The upside to this is that my human uncle has been staying over and that means more attention and scritches. Truth be told, I love him being here as it means I am not the token male in the house and we can hang and do blokie stuff together and also his voice isn't so screechy.

Housekeeping stuff - Because we were getting so much spam the Staff has turned off anonymous and name/url options for comments. If that is a problem, please mail us and we will restore the options.  Also, as an iPad user, those blogs we visit that have comments embedded below the post rather than open in a separate window, are difficult to type into, as for some reason the screen usually freezes. Mostly we have to type the comment elsewhere and copy and paste. It's a hassle. Anyway, just saying if we don't always comment, as there are so many lovely blogs to visit, we have to be a bit infrequent with our commenting, especially at the moment.

My toofs - The procedure which I had at the v-e-t-s the other week hasn't really worked, so I have to go back in February for another consult!!! Because of this looming appointment with doom I am planning a trip to Catmandu about that time, so the Catmandon't stick his 'orrible digits in my mouth anymore hehehe!

Sesquipedalian - someone who comes from Sesquipedalia and is a bit longwinded