Tuesday 27 May 2014

The human thinks I'm weird ....

...... because I won't jump up on a bed that looks like this..

... or even this ...

... but only if it has my own blanket on it.
There is nothing like one's own stinks!

The Staff here: Yep he's totally weird. Austin will actually come and find me if the bed looks like 1 or 2 and ask me to make it look like 3 so he can take a nap! No, really! He will! He's very considerate like that ;)


petulant - bad tempered small insect


Tuesday 20 May 2014

A Bit of a Day!

Not that I'm a clingy wuss puss or anything, but after the day I had yesterday, I am staying pretty darn close to home. It happened like this: I was taking the air. It was a warm sunny day. Birds were singing,  mowers mowing, Tiggers tiggering, sheep sheeping and all was well in Austinland. 

Then all of a sudden. ....


It was either those RAF chaps from Valley bombing the summerhouse or a humdinger of a storm. It turned out to be the latter!

A kitty should always carry his brolly :)

However, I disappeared for FOUR hours and the storm didn't stop. It went on and on and on ... a bit like The Staff did when I finally returned looking (she said) like a drowned rat! Cheek!! Anyways, today I am sticking close to home as I hear that there could be another blitzkrieg storm thingy this afternoon!

The Staff wants to say thank you to everyone on facebook who comforted her when I was stuck in a hedge in a neighbour's garden. She is the wuss puss if you ask me!!


storm - something that is better confined to a teacup


Sunday 18 May 2014

The Incarceration!

I don't think I can go into what happened at the Very-Excrutiating-Torture place, as I am really too traumatised. It will take years of scritch and snorgle therapy plus lavish amounts of Purina Felix Salmon and Trout Crispie treats to get it out of me. I am mute until that time.

However, I will say this. When I returned after several years hours of languishing in the place of torment I had to completely re-stinkify my whole territory both inside and out. It took hours!

every plant

every shrub

note the shaved front leg!
every pathway

every blade

checking for Tiggers!

... and for mouses

And inside ....
every room
(Turn the sound up)

You can view on YouTube here

All seemed to be as I left it, but you never know who might have moved in on my turf when I was detained at Her Meowjesty's Pleasure!!!

Have a great Sunday everybuddy :)


incarcerate, in-car-cer-ate - imprisoned in a vehicle


Thursday 15 May 2014

The Last Straw!

Yes, I know I look really stupid, but this is what happens when you let your staff loose unsupervised in Picmonkey! You'd think they'd get a life!  Anyway I understand it is Straw Hat day today, so I don't want to flout convention. Even though I have no idea what it is supposed to mean and why there is such a day, I wish you all Happy Straw Hat Day!

On another matter, I don't like to blow my own trumpet, but I was the first right guesser in Sammy's Tuesday Teaser this week. This is where Sammy (or a guest) post a picture of some place anywhere in the world and we have to guess where it is.  I usually don't even guess the right continent, let alone the country, but this time I got the picture right off (well, with a little help from my Staff!). Go have a look and see if you know where it is - no cheating now! This is what I won.....

Am I chuffed or am I chuffed!!!
Thanks Sammy :)

PeeEss There will be more about the enforced incarceration next time. To be frank - and who wouldn't want to be frank? - I have now put it to the back of my mind and it will probably need deep scritch therapy and a crowbar to get it out.


"the last straw" - something to do with giving a camel "the hump"
(research ongoing)


Tuesday 13 May 2014

The Betrayal

The Indignity!

The Cold Shoulder!

I am going to let Austin tell his side of it next time, but I think the pictures pretty well tell the story! The cryo-surgery went really well.  His mouth is now minus lesions AND he still has his teeth! The vet was really pleased with the outcome and he didn't bite anyone and asked for scritches (that's Austin BTW, not the vet. Just to be clear!) Big smiles all round ... well except for the sulky tuxie!

Thanks to everyone, both here and on facebook who were so kind with their purrs and prayers. I was a basket case for some reason, more so than last time he had this done. Hopefully he won't have to have any more procedures in the foreseeable and his teeth will last as long as he does.


Sunday 11 May 2014

It has been sooooo long .....

...... since I've been allowed to do a proper blog post, I think I might have forgotten how it all works!!!

So, what to do? Hmmm? I guess it's best to just dive in ...

First of all I have missed you all SO much, it actually hurts a little bit.

Second of all, Tigger and I have been hanging. Well, that is to say, he's been hanging around waiting for me to move so he can usurp my nap space. Like that was going to happen, hehe ...

Since the Great Storm of 2014 there has been a stopped up cat flap to the summerhouse, so those of us needing a quick zizzz during the day when there is a dearth of humans to let us in and out have had to kip under the hebe bush. This was not acceptable in the long term, so we nagged lobbied until ... dadah ....

 Brand spanking new (well, at least the cat flap is. The summerhouse needs a paint job!)

Finally, I was sitting on the top step minding my own business the other day when not one.. not two ...not three, but FOUR pheasants marched through the garden right in front of me!! I think they were on their way to a pheasant convention or something! 

photo courtesy of Google images

They were humongous so I skeddaddled pdq, I can tell you. Happily, the Staff was not around to take a picture of yours truly skedaddling, much to my relief. A chap has his pride ya know!  

 I think that's all for now folks

I'm quite exhausted!
but it's nice to be back !!!

Happy Mother's Day!
(to those to whom it applies:)


Message from The Staff. Austin doesn't know this ( I think he might suspect) but he is having another operation on his mouth on Tuesday. The stomatitis is rearing its ugly head again. I know he would value lots of purrs and prayers (and so would I!) Thank you so much xox

mother - someone who catches moths