Friday 28 June 2013

Patches and Auctions!

What's this? The nip sausage from Mollie and Alfie has an unexpected red patch?
It seems poor nip sausage has been to the nip sausage hospital!

And now it looks like even the patch needs a patch!

Young Austin is powerful and mighty,
Nip sausage was always in flighty.
He gave it some lovin'
And plenty of shovin'
But couldn't resist the odd bitey!

Hey! Listen up toolaymond! Austin here.  I have some new friends, oh yes I do! :)  First of all, many of you will know that Benny from Two French Bulldogs is fighting horrible liver cancer very hard. He is being very brave about it and loads and loads of folks from the blogosphere have been supporting him and his sister and mom in lots of different ways.

One of the ways was an auction which was held by two little chihuahua girls who live in England called Dip Dip and the Bridge (Dinah and Bridget). They also have a little brother called Elliot. Now, even though they are woofies, I kind of like them, not the least because I reckon I'm quite a bit bigger than they are :))).  Anyways, this auction was to bid for a mini-me that their mum will crochet to the successful bidder's specifications.  I was the that successful bidder >^,,^<

Now, this is where The Staff and I had a little disagreement about what exactly the specifications should be! I wanted it to be of her, so I could practice my shiatsu technique on her without having to listen to the constant screaming and seeing her leak red stuff all over the place. She said no way was she going to allow me to stick my pins into a little doll of her!!???

So, as she's got the thumbs and keyboard skills (allegedly), it's to be of moi!  Yep, there is going to be a mini-moi! You must go and look at what great mini-mes their mum has created. Quite amazing! So now I can't wait to see how I turn out! :)  

keyboard, key-bored - what I get when The Staff spends too much time tap-tap-tapping on her laptop when I haven't been fed for at least ten minutes 

Sunday 23 June 2013

Napz on a Matz!

Happy Sunday! x

incontinent, in-continent - being within the boundaries of a continent

Thursday 20 June 2013


It's an alien …. or a strange fungus …. or something?

Ah! Just checking on the neighbours!

Looking determined!

Really want to get down now!

Luckily a tall man was passing by!
I am NOT embarrassed. I just need to inspect that peony over there!

The stupid Staff was too busy laughing and taking pictures of me in my predicament to be of any assistance! Although I insist it wasn't a "predicament" as such, I was just testing the altitude and checking to see if the hedge needed trimming! Oh, and I am not telling how I got up there!

assistance - to help from a distance

Monday 17 June 2013

Time out?

So when you say "sit down!" …...

….. it's not exactly easy!
I might do myself a disservice!

Austin here. Guess what?  I got some stuff!  Those triff and brill guys over at My Three Moggies and their mum (I say "mum" cos they are like, English and everything!) sent me some nip mousies and some chewy chickeny stick things. It's because I entered Henry's birthday cake competition. Here I am inspecting the loot showing my appreciation:

This mousie looks TOO real!!

So, what you got in your hand?

Upsy daisy!

Mmmm! Yummy!
(are his eyes crossed?!)

Right! Let's get down to business!
Thank you very much Three Moggies :)

Also over at Lily Pad Quilting, there is a giveaway of scratchers to a shelter of your choice if you live in the USA. Just leave a comment and you will be entered into the draw!

suffrage, suffer-rage - when a person puts up with a lot of shouting from someone else.


PS I am so sorry I am behind with my visits and commenting, but The Staff Person is out of control and really should try and get her priorities sorted!  I will start shouting very loud and cause her suffrage until she gets into line again! xx

Friday 14 June 2013

The Chase!

What's the rush?

Austin is making ground fast!

But Tigger manages to keep in front!

Oooh! Is it showdown time?

Tigger takes cover!

Austin circles his target!
There is a prolonged discussion!
What's going to happen?

Will it be war?

Will it be smacky paws?

Zzzzzz zzzzzz!
No, it was just the age old argument about who sleeps on which side!

listless, list-less - what you are when you go shopping and forget the list

Monday 10 June 2013

Brushing up!

Do my eyes deceive me, or is the bottle brush plant (Callistemon) producing an unusual flower this year?

axiomatic - an ax that works on its own

Saturday 8 June 2013

Just a rushed blog post to show that we are still here!

…… and to also share about the fact that The Staff was the successful bidder for the cat mirror in the auction to help Leo.  It was Texas and his mom who very kindly donated that.  But when it arrived there was also some stuff for me too! After all, Texas knows that cats do not need a mirror to tell them they look divine! It is only humans who have such doubts - and rightly so!

 It's every bit as dinky in real life as it is in a photo!

Texas also sent me some toys to mutilate play with cos I had a birthday recently!
And a book of poems about cats for The Staff to read to me.
He is very kind :)

 Here I am subduing my nip-sausage-with-a-fluffy-tail…..

…..and now putting the lovin on it!

Thank you Texas
And if you go over to Savannah's you can see that Leo is loads better now :)

Now I have to explain that the silly human has been ignoring me big time lately! Her interest in blogging and visiting has been sporadic, which to me sounds like a eastern European language and a lame excuse. Do you speak Sporadic? Nah, I'm from Prague! Anyway, she's been gallivanting, she says, which is a bit like hyperventilating I think! *sigh*

universe, uni-verse - a single verse

Monday 3 June 2013

Going to collage!

Just been playing around with Ribbet! It has got some quite nifty aspects, especially as "premium" is free at the moment! Hope you like the selection of Austinalia; all taken from previous posts!!

aspect, expect, respect,  - all different forms of spect

Saturday 1 June 2013

Missing 'tocks found?

Do you remember Austin's missing 'tock dilemma the other day?

Well!!!! It seems there has been a sighting in the crocosmia! 

We are hoping that Austin will be able to make a positive ID this afternoon and his little split personality will be reunited once more!

PS It appears that my rant about light bulbs has tapped a rich seam among readers. So Austin and I are in discussions about introducing a regular rant feature on the blog.  He seems to think it's better for me than prozac! 

ecstatic - no longer static