Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Austin Towers is feeling quite merry,
on niptinis, sambuca and sherry.
He danced the foxtrot,
got his paws in a knot,
and swallowed his own dick shun airy!

Happy New Year to all our friends. 
Wishing you health, happiness and many treats in 2014 xx

Sunday 29 December 2013

We want to say "thank you"

.... for all the lovely cards we received this year. It is actually the first year The Staff and I have participated in exchanging Christmas cards with our blogging friends (we didn't actually do Secret Santa as we weren't sure what was expected!) and we were amazed that folk went to so much trouble to send cards to us by email and also many by snail mail! In fact "she" is a bit narked about the fact that I appear to've received more cards than she did :))) I even got some moving picture cards with music and stuff from the interwebs!

I don't think it's bad luck or anything to put our cards up here after Christmas. After all it isn't New Year yet so we are still in the season. Here is a (hopefully) complete slideshow of the cards we received and also a photo of my snail mail cards.

You can see I used a body double to pose instead of me as I was otherwise engaged at the time of shooting. Well, actually I was ready and "poseuring", but the Staff took so long getting her camera the right way round and finding the correct knob, I wandered off to ...... guess what?

Yep! And ..... . then I was away with the nip, no good to anyone and therefore sacked!!!!!
I am thinking of taking her to a tribunal or something. 
After all, it's MY blog!!

Thank you so much my friends. 
I am right chuffed :)

amazed - when you get stuck in a complicated network of paths or passages

Saturday 28 December 2013

Look what I got for Christmas!

Apparently it is called a Scratch Lounge!

First you scratch.....
You can watch on YouTube here

...... and then you lounge!
Can anyone spot Mini-Me?

I want to apologise once again for my lack of presence on the blogosphere - ok, so you didn't notice! The Staff has been suffering from galloping ennui caused by her annual descent into the morbid flux, which, coincidentally,  always seems to occur at times of collective jollity and celebration. She is an awkward biddy for sure!

Me?  Well I have been causing great consternation by getting all excited about the wind (the external variety ;). We have had gales in excess of 100 mph along the coast and it makes me all excited so I climb the walls to try and get out into it! The Staff doesn't seem to realise that if I don't go out and patrol, there is a very good chance that something terrible will happen and I won't be able to stop it. She is clueless really!

There has been some sad news in the cat blogosphere as we have heard of several friends who have gone to the Bridge in the last week. Bridget from Dip Dip and the Bridge and Gris Gris from Cat Wisdom 101. And now also Stranger from Angel Whisperer blog. Such a sad time for the kitties families and also for the whole cat blogosphere. We send lots of purrs and hugs xxx

morbid - a higher offer, usually at auctions

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Our Christmas Card

Thank you for being such loyal readers over the year. We so appreciate all the lovely comments and the fact that people take the trouble to visit even though everyone is busy and there are now so many pet blogs!

I tried to send the card to many by email, but if you didn't receive it and would like it please feel free to grab.

In turn we have received lots of cards both by email and snail mail and are very humbled that folk went to the trouble to do it. Thank you so much. The Staff, who is a self-confessed tecky thicko and very slow on the uptake, has tried to put them into a slideshow.

If it doesn't work it is back to the drawing board!!! ;)

We also received one from Da Tabbies which wouldn't go on the slide show :( If the technophobe Staff can find a way of adding it, then she will cos it is or sum!!!!

season - male offspring of Poseidon

Saturday 14 December 2013


Nice paw dangle, Austin!

cantankerous - bold claim about large truck

Sunday 8 December 2013

In which the cat watches the printer and doesn't go nuts!

I think I showed tremendous restraint in the face of impending chaos!
You can watch on YouTube here

The more observant amongst you will have noticed my singular lack of interwebs presence in the last week or so. This will be entirely because of failed communication between me and The Staff. She has been doing her own thing busy and I have been napping out on border patrol and our diaries have been conspiring against us mislaid.  We have scheduled a summit conference in the next few days, during which, I hope, an agreement will be reached regarding the political and economic determinants of treat deficits and non-pollex keyboard access. It could be a momentous event in the history of blogging. Watch this space and keep checking the press!

In other words, we are sorry!

conference - a meeting during which much is inferred and many are conned 

Wednesday 4 December 2013

The Life of Luck Sherry!

"I do not shift for anything less than Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna with Vole Pâté starter"

tuna - Italian for tune

Please can you keep sending loud purrs to Gracie at Brian's Home as she is sick and needs lots of good thoughts and prayers and also for Brian and his other sisters as they have all had the wheezes and snots .:(

I am also purring up a storm for Katie Isabella and she is lots better now :) But please still send your purrs and paw pats. She is making me and Spitty fall out big time over bikinis and stuff!