Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Austin and Nellie Gallivant for a Cause!

Austin and his campaign manager, Nellie, are very busy going out and about for their cause, Freshfields Animal Rescue, and to that end have been seen in the various echelons of British society.

They have addressed parliament on issues of national importance

and roughed it with the hoi polloi  
All so they can get the word out to as many people as possible to vote for Austin as Cat Ruler of the World. There are just a couple of days left to vote.

Already as to the manor born!!

Now Nellie is very forward thinking and she has prepared for every eventuality. She has created the purrfect accessory for the new monarch; (ahem! whoever it may be!). Go here to get the lowdown. However, Austin has decreed that all will be thusly adorned should he be elected! No bribery and corruption here then! Go to:

Zee & Zoey’s Campaign for a Cause
Cat Ruler of the World Contest

A vote for Austin means a vote for Freshfields Animal Rescue who will benefit hugely if he wins. 

Voting ends on Friday at midnight PST.


  1. I´m pretty sure you are going to win with Nellie by your side !

  2. I'm impressed you got a meow in edgewise in that Parliament meeting! We've watched them on CSPAN and they're a rough and tumble crowd!

    (So how much do you want for that pink bug once the election hoo-ha is over.)
    ; ) Katie

    Good luck to all the cats and shelters! VOTE!!!

  3. What a power couple! How could you be anything else with such a great set of wheels to get you around. Good luck!

  4. You all just charm me completely. Love you both. Very much.

  5. You two are really working hard! Me too!

  6. We love this! Cheers! Odin is winding down and can't wait until the polls close.

  7. Forget those seniors! You need to start appealing to cats everywhere!

  8. Dear Austin,
    Me is so very happy to has been part of your campaign! The tours, the peoples, the adulation, the cool accents, me has had a great time!
    Me is sure we has made the world take notice of Freshfields!

  9. Done ! Just voted for you. !!!
    ( whisper : I think I 'm going to vote for everyone ; ) don't tell anyone ! Every shelters deserved it...tee...heh..heh )

  10. Austin wow you really getting to hobknob with some distingushed humans in this campaign.

  11. We will vote for you. I am no longer visiting other blogs that have cat candidates so I don't get influenced. I admire the effort you've placed in this campaigns.LOL.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  12. What--no Harry? C'mon, Will and Kate are the safe choice! A really edgy Cat-didate would've had Harry drop by, sans vetements.

  13. It's the final push to the finish line! You ran a really good campaign. Good luck, Austin!

  14. Wow, there's no stopping you two's..
    Wez sure ya gonna win :) xx00xx Good Lucks :)

  15. I think Nellie should get a crown too if you win ;-) You make a great team!
    Good luck!

  16. Austin and Nellie - you two sure are a powerful team. I can't even get our local newspaper to acknowlege my efforts, yet you two are hob-knobbing with Parliment!!

  17. LOL Nellie is so NOT the cat from hell, but a wonderful campaign manager! This has been a lot of fun...sure hope you win, Austin!

  18. dood; we canna dee side if ewe look better ina crown ore a red top hat...


    OK, we vote for red top hat coz ya can flip it over N use it for trout storage


    N if ewe see this commint twice, its knot R fault

  19. Where can I submit my vote?
    You and Nellie are sure to win!
    Lots of love,
    Sherlock, Ash and Traveler

  20. It was a hard vote with so many great cats and so many amazing causes but in the end you got my vote! May the best cat win ;)
    Lots of Luv XXOO
    ~Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  21. Voted. We have done our civic duty, Austin. We turn the reigns of power over to you. Awful pun. Still. Let it stand. It's late.

  22. 'Ear we go indeed. Whose awful pun is worse. I ask you. Once you take orifice, we had better get serious and be quick about it.

  23. Nellie really knows how to line up those campaign stops. Good luck to you Austin. And to all the wonderful shelters.

    We are headed over to cast to votes now.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  24. Good luck with the election Pal--I know Glogilry and CK will hurt me if I wish you luck, so I'll just say I won't cry too long if you win, ok? Say, when's the big announcement???


  25. OMG every time I come here I laugh out loud at the photos. I thought the car was the best and then I saw Austin and Nellie in Parliament. Love all of them! :D

    I can't wait until Austin gets his rightful crown LOL.

  26. Good luck mate, we hope we've helped... It's been tuff agains Katie & Co on twitter... but we've got our paws crossed fur ya.
    WeK & @Isagold

  27. Nells sure has the touch with graphics, doesn't she? And Allie's STILL drooling over the PINK NellieMobile *steps away from the drool*...


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