Monday 31 August 2015

The Towers Times Issue #6

Welcome to the latest edition of The Towers Times!
It is packed full of interminable interesting articles and news.
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But before we get to that, for those who don't yet know what NUCAT is ....
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And now here's the scandalous prestigious news sheet for your delectation.. 

*UPDATE* Sorry the links don't work :( TAT will look into it!!!  

Sunday 30 August 2015

Sunday Selfie with whiskers and tux!

I think I look a tad smug in this selfie! I was trying to do that stoopid sucky-in-cheeks-pouty-mouth duckface thing that teenage girls do, which is all you see on facebook these days! Actually I was smirking at The Staff aka TAT who was doing the same thing behind the camera! It was an unnecessary waste of time as she comes with pre-sucked-in cheeks due to her great age and congenitally disapproving demeanour! 

You've gotta larf!!

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NB The next excruciating exciting edition of The Towers Times will be published here tomorrow.  There will be some shocking and revealing ...errr ... revelations!!!! Come by early to be sure of a copy!


demeanour - uncertain origin. Poss. deriv. Cockney  "do you mean her?"


Sunday 23 August 2015

The "Can you guess what I'm looking at?" Selfie

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
Is it The Staff?
She's such a pain!

My eyes so big.
It must be scary.
Whiskers twitch.
It's not a fairy!

Look very hard
Into my eyes.
What do you see?
You might surmise!

There is a figure
Reflected therein.
And now you'll know
My terrible sin!

The truth is out
And I feel daft
Cos the selfie was taken
By The Staff!

So yet again I am cheating! But I humbly submit my pseudo selfie to the Sunday Selfie blog hop in the hopes they won't notice anything untoward! It is, as always, hosted by our pals the Kitties Blue. You can join in by clicking on the badge below


Thursday 20 August 2015

CATachresis Presents .....

CATachresis and Austin Towers are proud to present another blockbuster movie: It is called:
"Austin Meets Lucky Cat"

Because of the mild violence contained therein, the British Board of Film Classification have given it a PG rating as there might be some content unsuitable for kitties under the age of 9 months!

So break out the popcorn, nip and your nom of choice, sit back and enjoy :) 
You can also view it here

Please note that no kitty was harmed during the making of this movie, though the wavy arm figure is now doing time in the cupboard in the garage - third drawer down under the 12 dead remotes!  


remote - to mote again
emote - to mote electronically
demote - to remove motes


Tuesday 18 August 2015

Cat Adoption Event this Saturday!

No, it's not me up for adoption ...... YET!!!

But I am here to announce that:

(click on logo to go to web page)

Is having a kitty adoption event this Saturday 22nd August from 11am to 3pm
at Beaumaris Town Hall, Castle Street Beaumaris, Anglesey  LL58 8AP

There will be tea/coffee and you can meet some adorable cats and kittens which are looking for homes.
Reservations for Cats taken on the day
Stalls include homemade Cakes, Plants and Crafts, Books,
Raffle, Children’s Lucky Dip.  
Admission £1.50 (children free) inc. tea/coffee &  slice of Welsh Bara Brith

Who could resist these sweet faces! 
So come one, come all!

Now it is my reckoning, that if you are coming to this from far away like California, New York or Abergele, you will probably need to leave now to be sure of getting a parking space and some Bara Brith!  See you there :)


Bara Brith "speckled bread" - a traditional Welsh tea bread typically made with currants, raisins and candied peel


Sunday 16 August 2015

A Sunday Selfie with whiskers and dust!

With regard to this week's Sunday Selfie, as I was extremely busy napping I had to outsource the actual selfie taking to a contractor. I used and here are the regrettable results:

 So this isn't an entirely wasted shot, see if you can count the whiskers?

OK, this is what I call an invasion of privacy! You could have photoshopped out the dust! I have a feeling my one lone white eyebrow will be wanting its own blog soon!!

Marginally better, but where are my paws?

It seems the paws and tail are huddling together for warmth!

BUT all is not lost! 
Here is one I made earlier ;-)

The one is especially for Astrid and Lisbeth who share a birthday tomorrow and who are hosting the blog hop over at The Cat on my Head xoxox


Wednesday 12 August 2015

A Seismic Event!

Now I didn't know this, but apparently humans celebrate birthdays!! Who knew? Yep! Every year they like to highlight the fact they are getting old! Why they would want to mark the passing of time I have no idea! They should take a leaf out of the kitties' book. We don't bother with such things. As long as there is nip, noms and a soft blankie, we really don't care!

Anyway, The Staff, who is already older than the universe, who was there when the first molecule stuck its head out of the cosmic void, is having a birthday today! She is now ...

Officially Ancient!

I am obviously having to type this post myselfffffffffff, so pleasees maaake alllllllllowaaancessss 4 my laccckckckck of thummmmmmmbds and any misstajjjjjekekeks I mite maaaakeeeeee!!qah

So if you notice a slight tilting in the earth's axis, a heaviness in the atmosphere, a strange darkness on the face of the deep, it is because The Staff aka TAT aka The Rickety One has reached her elebenty gazillionth birthday and is needing some structural renovations, but as she is a Grade One listed structure, she will need to have a government intervention first!

You will get no argument here =^,.^=


molecule (from the french mole+cool) - a very hip and happening small furry mammal


Sunday 9 August 2015

Peering through the tree selfie!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this before, but as it is quite an intense shot and it took ages and ages two seconds to set up, I am submitting it into The Cat on my Head's first anniversary Sunday Selfie blog hop. Please click on the badge below to be transported to their blog where all the fun links are :)


peering, a pee-ring (noun) - Ahem! What naughty boy cats sometimes do for fun!!!


Saturday 8 August 2015

Celebrating World Cat Day at the movies!

Graphic courtesy of Ann Adamus of Zoolatry

Yep!! Today is World Cat Day - OK I know everyday is World Cat Day, but apparently this day is World Cat Day in Particular! So in order to celebrate this World Cat Day in Particular, I asked The Staff aka TAT to dust down iMovie and get working on a compilation of video clips showing me ..... you know ..... being a cat!

She makes lots of apologies for the bad quality of most some of the clips as they were generally taken on old phones pre smartphone days. Some of the clips are old, some are newer, but in many of them I am  showing a disgusting tantalising amount of tuxie bikini (avert eyes all ladycats who are of a swooning disposition).  If you can't bring yourself to look, just listen to the jolly music :)



Thursday 6 August 2015

'Ear 'Ear!

The human, aka The Staff aka TAT aka Totally Useless, is deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other at the moment! I think it's to do with the fact her brain cells are leaking or something! Anyway, you know me, I'm not totally lacking in the milk-of-kitty-kindness department, but this situation has meant some stressful and exceedingly difficult conversations. So, not only is she deficient at reading my body language (true of most humans!), but now she can't even hear my whinging moaning meowinations. How is a kitty supposed to make himself understood? 

Picture the scene: I place myself directly in front of human. I point to my mouth.

Me: Any chance of a bite to eat?
She: Eh?
Me: You know! Food?
She: What's that?
Me: I . WOULD . LIKE . SOME . FOOD ......... please!
She: You want to go out?
Me: Read my lips! FEED ME!
She: Eh?
She: Its raining!
She: What?
Me: Ok, I'll go out, then!
She: Do you want some food?


The Staff - definitely a work in progress


Sunday 2 August 2015

Selfie taking for Dummies!

It's been a while! I wonder if I remember how to do this?

1) Line up shot
2) Check for marauding Tiggers
3) Shout at human who's about to photobomb
4) Quick spruce up
5) Check focus
6) Press button - making sure to look straight at camera

Easy Peasy!

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