Way down in the nether regions of this blog there are a few posts I wrote as a digression from blogging about life with a cat. I think Austin was going through a mid life crisis or something, as all he wanted to do was sit around, eat and watch TV! To be frank, he was getting a bit boring. I decided, therefore, to do a short series of posts that highlighted some parts of my life and travels in the past. Now I've gathered them here together in one place. I hope you enjoy - or at least have a bit of a laugh:-


The First Knot

If I hadn't fallen off that bicycle in Rotterdam, I'd probably be married to a vicar and living in Toulouse!

Getting Knotted in Bangor

At last ….!

There's always a cat!

Geckos and insects and seeing the sights!

The Gas Mask - an excellent dietary aid and facial sauna!

50 Camels!!!


  1. Replies
    1. You're very welcome! Indeed I have enjoyed reading them again myself, as memories dim!!!

    2. Old people as yourself need these crutches to memories. Poor thing.

    3. Hahaha!! You young whippersnappers should have more respect!! :P xx


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