Wednesday 30 December 2015


weather - is the state of the atmosphere and there is no doubt that at the moment the atmosphere is in a state  


Sunday 27 December 2015

A Haiku Sunday Selfie!

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Saturday 26 December 2015

Mr Fothergill moves in!

Has anyone any idea who this is? Santa brought him and I am not impressed! The Staff is super excited, though, as he brought some packets of seeds with him! 
Have to say he's not exactly been the life and soul, you know what I mean!
 AND he's got a big hole in his back!

Now call me paranoid, but after the white powder incident subsequent to The Staff's trip to Colombia, am I seeing another police raid in our future? 

And then there was those magic mushrooms after Glastonbury.....!?

Hmmm! His ear spliffs tufts could do with a trim!

And what exactly ARE the seeds he brought?

Ooooh! I think I LOVE you Mr Fothergill!

I won't grass on you, hehe!

factory - place where facts are stored

Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas card slide show with music and everything :)

But before we do that, please can I ask that you share some purrs for Fiona from The Cat on my Head. She has been very poorly and has been diagnosed with CKD and her mom and dad are very concerned. Thank you xx  =^,,^=


The Staff Person aka TAT has put as many as she could in the slide show, which we either received legally or she stole off blogs!!!! =^,.^= I can only apologise if there are any missing that should be there, but her ineptness is something she is definitely going to address in 2016 when she can find out what it means!!


It might be too late to mention now that if you don't want Nat King Cole and some smurfs as an earworm for the entire holiday, best turn the sound down! ;-)

Happy Christmas, Friends!


Monday 21 December 2015

App... App...Appropriate Gifts!

Blogging two days in a row is unheard of around Casa CATachresis!! But we make an exception today as The Staff (who is a very sad wannabe-but-never-quite-making-it techno geek/nerd/bore) has found another app that she likes. This one is called VEE and does videos which she can edit (easy peasily) and upload to YouTube from her iphone!! Here is her first offering and of course the quality is questionable, but the subject matter is iconic! 

The more observant among you might have seen most of the clips before (instagram or facebook), but now there is suitable music and they are stuck together. There is even slow-mo!! 

What I am playing with is an early Christmas present from my very good friend, Katie Isabella. She sent me a package and there were goodies!!!!

I especially love Mr Turtle!

Her lovely Momma sent The Staff this beautiful window hanging:

What a couple of sweet kitties! 

Thank you Katie and Mommy!

AND that's not all! I have even been immortalised in a Christmas bauble!! 
This is from my good friend Miss Pix

The light reflected off the glitter, so the photo doesn't do it justice, but you can see my green eyes and my tux and white toesies!
The Austin glitter ball came from Mollie and Alfie's Etsy shop! Go visit!

Thank you Miss Pix

Sunday 20 December 2015

Caturday Art/Sunday Selfie 2-4-1

The Staff says she has finally lost "it" .... whatever "it" is! But in its place she found this app for her phone called Enlight which is supposed to be a photo editor that does everything! Well, as she's just found it, she has not had much time to ascertain that fact. But she did find that having fumbly fingers sometimes can be quite artistic - see above! 

So we are submitting this first attempt to both the Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena and Marie AND the Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by The Kitties Blue. :-) 

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If you haven't received our Christmas e-card, you can grab it from down below or from the sidebar if you would like to have it. Although we did not add ourselves to any Christmas card list this year we were still delighted to receive some snail mail cards from all corners of the world, which gives us warm fuzzies deep inside. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to send to us. We really appreciate the kind thoughts :-) We I have also received some beautiful gifts, which we will write about after Christmas!

Finally, we will do a slide show this week of all the super e-cards we have received so far. And today we are determined to catch up with blog visits as The Staff I have been a bit lazy diverted!


Sunday 13 December 2015

Selfie taking for dummies - lesson #6298

When it comes to selfie taking, Austin is on the button ... sort of!

1) Find the button
2) Press the butt ... Oooh look!

3) Get someone else to press the button!
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Saturday 12 December 2015

Our Christmas Card!

We have gone for colour rich this year MOL.

We will send/have sent this e-card to those on our mailing list, but please feel free to take it if you would like :-) We know that we don't have everyone's email addy!

For this year we were very behind *glares lovingly at The Staff* in getting organised, so there are no Austin snail mail cards! We also didn't get onto any card exchange lists, but we have received a few lovely cards in the post and have sent a few out, but not many. I have given very clear instructions that the money saved will be donated to a rescue shelter here in the UK, so that the anipals there can have some Christmas cheer :-)

This year, once again, we have so much enjoyed being a part of the wonderful Cat Blogosphere and want to thank everyone for their friendship and support ❤️❤️❤️ You mean the world xxx

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Thursday 10 December 2015

Austin Thumbles!


Young Austin is having a grumble.
As he's prone to fumble and stumble!
He got quite frustrated,
And most agitated,
Cos he's missing the humble thumble!


Sunday 6 December 2015

Sunday Selfie with poem addendum!

originally on Instagram
 Can you catch me at this angle?
It's hard to let your paw just dangle!
I can almost touch the floor
With my purrfect cute white paw!

Come on mum, and take the pic!
My paw's gone numb and needs a lick.
All this faffing around is boring.
I could be fast asleep and snoring!

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addendum, add-end-um? - add to the end and then reconsider



Wednesday 2 December 2015

Working Wednesday!


hamlet - a small ham
armlet - a small arm
chaplet - a small chap
(and so forth)