Sunday 27 October 2013

The Adventure of the Blue Arrow!

Look out Austin, there's a large blue arrow looking at you!

 No! The other side!!!

 It's behind you!

Austin!!! Pay attention!

That's the thing about blue arrows! They're so fickle!

fickle - never trust a blue arrow

We are very sad that Benny the Frenchie has gone to the Bridge.
He fought (like a Frenchie) the good fight, but he got too tired.
We are sending lots of hugs and purrs to Andrea and Lily xox 

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Awards Galore!

Yes we have a few more awards and the first one I am really worthy of as it is the "Bring on the Nip" award and we received it from the Kitties Blue horde over at The Cat on my Head.

It is true I am a nip addict who is past redemption, so I just go with the flow now, to be honest!

What is required to accept this award?
1. Thank the blogger who gave you this award and link back to their blog.  Thank you Kitties Blue :)

2. Tell everyone something you want to celebrate: I want to celebrate not ever being caught in possession of illegal non-prescription nip by the nip police :)
3. Share the award with 1-12 blogs: Hmmmm? Shall I, shan't I? OK! I'll mention the other awards first ..

We also received "The Sunshine Award" from Jenn and the gang of My Furry Interesting Life

Although we have received this before, it was in another format and had different rules attached, so will address this also at the end of the post. Thank you very much Jenn for passing this on to us :)

AND we have received the "Shine On" award from Caspurr and Trixie of Purr-sonally Speaking

Thank you very much indeedy for thinking of us to be worthy of such accolades!
I feel quite bright and shiny after all these awards .. or it might be because I'm on a nip trip!! Who knows? Who cares? ;) Please go and visit these lovely blogs and say hi if you don't already know and love them.

Now, in listing these awards without detailing the specific requirements, rules and regulations for each, I could be making for myself a petard that's in danger of being hoisted. But out of consideration for my readers (and even though I've attempted it before) I am going to combine all the rules and regs into a simple equation that can be applied to all awards henceforth:

awards (σX = 3 ) ≡ x(11 ± 11  7 x 0) ≤  a10 = grateful thanks   

I hope this is clear! Please understand that this mathematical formula is the result of hours nanoseconds of no hard work and research, so please do not use without first seeking the author's permission.

illegal - a sick bird of prey

PS Please can you remember two blogging friends, Ginger Jasper and Benny the Frenchie who are both going through really rough times at the moment xx

Sunday 20 October 2013

I'm not snoring, I'm just breathing heavy!

You need to turn the sound right up. I promise no loud music, screaming kids or cackling humans :)

You can watch on YouTube here

Now you see me ...

… now you don't!
Happy Sunday :)

scream - the combining of the words "it is cream"

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Where to look?

Sometimes one just doesn't know!

acatalepsy - the incomprehensibility of a cat 

Friday 11 October 2013

I was kidding about #6

You might remember that in my last blog post I won an award from Texas. You might also remember there were some exacting and mandatory rules conditional to receiving this award. Most of them I ignored, but one of the rules was that I had to share seven interesting things about myself. Well, not having anything interesting to share, I just wrote seven random, though truthful bits of trivia for your delectation. However, The Staff someone has now pointed out that #6 ..

6. I very rarely hide behind anything. I like to place myself where humans can trip over me and cause the maximum amount of damage!

.. is not necessarily true ALL of the time. I maintain, though, that actually the word "rarely" inserted in there gives room for movement on this issue. Sometimes I do hide myself and I do so to avoid the hurly burly of (ab)normal human activity in what is sometimes akin to a madhouse.

It was on one such occasion that The (just call me Spielberg) Staff sneakily shot some candid camera footage and turned it into one of her poorly produced attempts at a blockbuster. Against my better judgement I am allowing it to be shown. Do you think I was wise?

If you really REALLY want to you can watch on YouTube here

I suppose it's a bit late to mention about the volume now?

footage = the foot age is quite often the same as the rest of the body 

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Austin the Scout and an award!

YAY! I'm a Cat Scout
Yep! I've joined up :)
I haven't really got all those badges yet. I'm just posing!

I'm a Tenderpaw, which is the beginner's badge, so there is much to do! Lots of my buddies are in it too - Sammy, Mauricio, Wally and Raz :)….. I will keep you posted as to my progress!

I've got another award :))))) It was from Texas, the cat who used to live in Paris and then New York and now lives in …… Austin in…… Texas! It is hugely confusing being Texas living in Texas and and also living in Austin. It would much more understandable if it was me, Austin, living in Austin, Texas, but I don't, I live in Wales! Confused? You will be!

Anyways it's the Dragon's Loyalty award ….

….. which of course is very appropriate for me who lives in the land of the dragon! So no one can say I'm not loyal to the dragon. I'd be kicked out the country!!!

"High five, buddy!"
There are of course rules attached to this award!!!!!!!!!! Do you really want to know what they are? I expect if you have read this far you are already cowering below the screen in the hopes that it won't be passed on to you!!

Fear not!!

I was born to break rules! But here they are anyway …

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
3. Present 15 or so awards to deserving bloggers
Okay, not done! Anyone that wants it can take it .. please!
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself - I can't think of anything interesting, but here are seven things anyway:
  1. I always like to run ahead of the human up the stairs so I can turn and give her the smacky paw through the bannisters. It makes me laugh!
  2. I let Tigger eat my food!
  3. My default look is "The Stink Eye"!
  4. I make noises in my sleep so the human goes "Awww"!
  5. Although I am a black and white tuxie, I have cinnamon underwear.
  6. I very rarely hide behind anything. I like to place myself where humans can trip over me and cause the maximum amount of damage!
  7. I'm not really bothered about boxes, so Maru has nothing to worry about!
Thanks very much Texas, a cat in ... Austin! xx

dragon = never-ending e.g. sometimes award ceremonies seem to drag on .. and on ..

Thursday 3 October 2013

CATachresis presents …...

Yes it is time for the latest film spectacular from the world renowned CATachresis Productions Film Company.

I'd like to thank the acatemy etc etc … Ahem!  Austin I think you are being a bit premature!

Anyway, it was an average day at Austin Towers' Towers:
The look of love!
The playful tackle tickle!

 And then ……….

NB Don't have volume too loud!
For full Dolby surround effect you can watch on YouTube here

We want to apologise for not visiting and commenting the last couple of days. For some reason our internet has been VERY SLOW, so much so that many sites wouldn't open at all! So we went off and made a video of Austin venting his spleen putting the luvvin on Mini-Me >^,.^<

vent one's spleen - to get rid of one's feelings of anger caused by someone or something by randomly attacking Mini-Me