Sunday 24 April 2011

Friday 22 April 2011


cat sun bask roll stretch;
time has no meaning for him.
a dog would go fetch!

Monday 18 April 2011

In the Pink!

Edit: New blog header courtesy of the talented Sarah L-B. The post below was written before I added it and toned down the pinkness!

Ok so you don't like the decor, but once I entered the bowels of blogger I got lost and frightened and a little bit desperate when I found I'd fetched up in the reject template cellar.

I pulled myself together eventually and had a furtle around. To my horror this was the only theme, apart from the one by Jackson Pollock that was vaguely attractive. I will gird my loins and attempt another trek into the inner recesses once I've finished debriefing and therapy. Any advice from my loyal reader with regard to brightening the place up would be/might/is appreciated.

Last week Austin enacted another future blog post in front of Ma, Bro and Senior Neff, but I was elsewhere and only arrived in time to see our hero looking a bit like Tom after Spike had finished slapping him around the yard*. It turns out that Austin is scared of ........

No, not the sweet-old-lady! He knows her well enough without the straw chapeau. However, this sweet-old-lady avec straw chapeau was ascending the stairs in an unusually robust manner with son and grandson lolloping along behind.

Austin rushed to greet her as is his want (food was his "want") with back arched/tail up, but took one look at the headgear and attendant noisy entourage and morphed into Scaredy Cat complete with the optional Basil Brush tail accessory. When he realised his mistake he got all embarrassed and started vigorously to attend to his personal hygiene.

I couldn't find a decent scaredy cat pic on google images, so drew my own! I don't think Rembrandt's got anything to worry about!

Now this is my first post via the Blogpress app for ipad. I have no idea how, or even if, it will work. But what's life for if we don't take a risk now and then?

*It is becoming apparent that despite my abiding belief that cats can't write blogs, Austin does and I am just his amanuensis!