Thursday 31 March 2011

I bet you thought ........

...... I'd never get round to announcing:

a) Seven things about me that the world really should know and
b) Who will get the prestigious .........

So first things first.  Seven Things!

1) As previously mentioned I am not left handed (but Austin is definitely a bit ambiguous in that area. .... or do I mean ambidextrous? No. Right first time, I think.)

2) It is becoming more apparent that I am ageing faster on the outside than I am on the inside - this is proved by the fact that I have white hair on the outside of my head and grey matter on the inside. Austin, on the other paw, is black and white all over.

3) I can ride horses, but choose not to because of personal issues with gravity!

4) I love reading and am delighted to own a Kindle (other eReaders are available) so I can pretend that I'm gripped by Goethe when in reality I'm captivated by Christie.

5) I've never been able to see the point of tights unless you're a two-headed bank robber.

6) At the ripe old age of 39½ (of course you must understand the mathematical symbol "½" used here is an example of a variable and as you know, all variables have a tendency to vary) .. at the ripe old age of 39½ ...... ... I've forgotten what I was going to write!!!!

7) Here is the real gobsmacker.  Austin was an accident! Oh yes he was.  To my shame.  He wasn't meant to be.  We went to the RSPCA to get a dog and, to this day, I have no idea what happened!

Now on to the wonderful Stylish Blogger Award.  All I can say is, if I follow your blog then you are STYLISH and some of you have already received the accolade. If you are mentioned below and you would like it, then please accept it from me.

Sarah L-B you are a remarkable young woman, very creative and extremely talented writer.  It's a pleasure to know you. I hope one day you will be able to move in with your Mr Mistoffelees.

Jan Mader I love your blogs and appreciate how you combine your love of animals and writing. I hope you will keep on blogging.

Angie at Catladyland you are very stylish with the camera and wicked with the humour. You crack me up.

Fin over at Housecat Confidential you are a very stylish cat indeed and your book is a triumph of claw over keyboard.  Take care of your mom and her "itis".

And last but not definitely not least Cat Chat with Caren and Cody. I found you as a blog of note and ever since I have continued to note your blog. Caren you are a class act and Cody is a cool cat - not forgetting Dakota the Sheltie of course.

You might note that I've restricted my choice to blogs with an animal/pet theme. This is deliberate as my blog is of that ilk. The only exception is Sarah, but she is a tuxedo fanatic par excellence and was the one who raised Austin to digital greatness.

Thanks again to Ann at paper bag & string for encouraging me into the bowels of blogger dashboard. You might live to regret it!

 Finally (as it's really all about him) this is Austin in his "collapsed headstand" mode, which only happens when he's very excited. Getting cuter by the minute!

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Just been into blogger dashboard.......

..... it's not something I do very often because it frightens me!!  I wanted to add my lovely award to the sidebar (I think it's called) and I was astounded to find all these gadgets and wotnots one can add to their blog!!!!  

So I backed out very quickly and decided to show you Austin trying very hard to "do cute" instead:

What do you think? Hmmmmm!  Not convinced myself.

Also, as it's such a rarity these days, here is a picture of Austin and Tigger actually in the same shot.

Bless.  What is occurring here is an exhibition of synchronised waiting.  You see there are two chairs behind the camera being occupied by a couple of human b'tomes, when they should be being occupied by a couple of furry feline fundaments!  It's a tough old life!

NB I'm still working on the "seven things" list.  As I know the world will stop spinning on its axis if I don't divulge, here's one to be going on with:

1)  I am not left-handed.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

The Oscars have got nothing on this ......

I've gone all Gwyneth Paltrow.  I'm all over the place.  Thank you Ann over at paper bag & string for awarding Stylish Blogger to me (and several others).  It is my first award *grins* and I am determined it won't change me (well maybe just a little). By the way, if you are owned by a cat, I can highly recommend Ann's blog and book for advice on how to get your feline gainfully employed.

When I told Austin he jumped up and down with excitement:

Ok he's just taking a moment to inhale before he jumps up and down with excitement. 

To be honest, he's far too much of a kewl kat to make an exhibition of himself in this way unless catnip or, even better, COMFORT fabric softener is involved. Then of course it takes a while for his eyes to come back into the same orbit and his nose to detach itself from the object of his addiction before he can "do" any kind of spontaneous show of emotion!

Anyway enough about that. I understand the rules are that I should divulge seven things about myself that you don't know and also pass this award on to several other worthy bloggers.  However, before I can do that, I need to go and have a lie down in a darkened room as I'm a bit tired and emotional. So watch this space .......

*Runs off to put a call in to Gwyneth's agent*

Wednesday 9 March 2011

If you want cute ........

I've been trying everso hard to get a really good picture of Austin when he's outside, but getting this cat to pose is well nigh impossible, especially as he is one who likes to swing on the dangly bit off the end of the camera!
His attention span is enough to give gnats a fighting chance and I had to put the kybosh on his tendency to attack innocent blades of grass.  

"Austin, look at the birdy ...... NOOOOOO ... not THAT one!  Over here."

So maybe we should go inside. Less distraction?

"Ok mate, Let's talk about demeanour? Can we forego the usual smug 'n supercilious for the more appealing cute 'n cuddly that every other cat blogger manages without even trying?

So you're feeling a little dyspeptic!  You should've had less gravy with your rat d'eau frais avec pond weed!

Ok Austin here's the deal.  You sit and smile sweetly for the camera and I'll be your body slave for the next five minutes!

Right! That's it, I'm going elsewhere for my cute 'n cuddly !!!!"

Thanks Mr Google :>)

Austin, as always, has the final word:

"If you want cute, get stuffed."    That's my boy!