Saturday 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

Just popping by to wish everyone a very Merry🎄Christmas
 and a happy and peaceful and healthy 2017! 😻😺

The Staff, under my strict supervision, has put together a slide show of the cards we received (some were snagged!!) and it is dedicated to all those woofies and kitties who are looking for forever homes at this time! 🐱 🐶  May they all get their hearts desire! 💖🐾

Sunday 11 December 2016

Our colourful Christmas card!

(We seem to have one or two interlopers, but hey! It's the season of goodwill and all that 😻)

We would like to wish all our friends and readers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy 2017.  We have not sent too many snail mail cards this year, but please take this e-card if you would like it, with our love, good wishes and heartfelt thanks for sticking with us this year when we have not been blogging and visiting as much as we would've liked! xx

Note about Thomas

The Staff here! Some of you asked if Thomas was a new addition to the family or just a visitor? Truth is, he belongs to a neighbour of my uncle and lives over 400 miles away!  My uncle is the original cat daddy as all his life he has cared for kitties, hardly any of them were his own, but they came to him anyway!  Here he is with another "visitor" called Mouse.

And finally it's selfie time!

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Thursday 8 December 2016

She did not smell right!

When mum came home from her sojourn away.
She did not smell right and to my dismay,
I detected a pong that was far from alright!
In fact it was stinky, but I was polite 
And didn't let on what I felt was the fact,
that she had been cuddling a foreigner cat.

Yes it is true, I suspected as much,
that she is in fact a very soft touch.
So when this intruder approached with a purr,
she gave in completely and did not demur.
He stared at her hard and gave the slow blink
And before she knew it, on her lap he did slink.

Meet Thomas!
Dash it all! He's a handsome cove!

cove - Brit. informal, a man
(mid 16th century: perhaps from Romany kova ‘thing or person’)

Sunday 4 December 2016

Sad Sunday Selfie!

It has been a particularly hard week for Blogsville as we have lost many of our blogging friends! Some I knew and loved and some I didn't know so well, but we grieve for them all in their passing today! 

You can link to the blogs if you click on their images.

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Friday 2 December 2016

Sammy comes to Wales!

We are very excited, as we are joining in with the mammoth trip around the world for Sammy today. He is a gentlecat of a certain age and uncertain health and not only that, he is a very kind kitty and a great friend to many, including me! So today we in Blogsville are giving him a trip of a lifetime, showing him the sights of where we live, so he will have lots to remember and reflect on.

I thought long and hard about what to show Sammy of the beautiful place I live and decided the best place was right outside the window of my house!

Pretty, isn't it!!  In the distance is the Snowdonia mountain range and just in front of that and behind the trees is the Menai Strait.  So I thought Sammy would like to go for a ride on the water :-)

We have, of course, used body doubles for the photo shoot, as the real Sammy and Austin are napping after a few celebratory niptinis ;-) !!! 

That bridge you can see is the famous Menai suspension bridge which was built by Thomas Telford in 1826 to connect the Isle of Anglesey (where I live) with the mainland.

Next I thought Sammy would like to trek up Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon. Unfortunately, the body doubles got a bit lost!

And they had to call out the RAF!!

But all's well that end's well! 
I love you, buddy!

We hope you enjoyed the trip! Keep smiling, Sammy, we all love you! xx

❤️ Today is the day Sammy also takes his final trip and we will miss him so very much ❤️

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