Wednesday 31 July 2013

Mini-Me (again)!

Me, myself and I and Mini-Me (aka Doctor Weevil) were featured on Dip Dip and the Bridge's blog a couple of days ago, but The Staff didn't get my memo (so she says!), so she forgot to highlight it!!! I am seriously thinking about either retraining or retrenchment for her!  I think some time spent up to her sodden neck in a boggy trench might stimulate a few neurons back into action! What do you think?  Well we can hope!

Great excitement here at Austin Towers' Towers as we are expecting a furry important visitor at the weekend! Not saying any more now *taps paw on side of nose* but you should put a date in your diary. There will be fireworks for sure!

If you have a moment please remember Abby over at Manx Mews as she is going through a really rough time and she and her mom need your purrs and prayers!

highlight - the sun is an example

Monday 29 July 2013

"The" String Theory!

Austin gets his teeth into particle physics!

To get a more satisfying filmic experience you can view on YouTube here!
video clip courtesy of Tarvi Enterprises ;)

particle - to make one's father itch

Saturday 27 July 2013

Austin plays on Towers …. and announces the winners!

..and books!


Thank you everyone for all the fabulitious and groovitilious comments about my blog makeover. I am certainly already feeling very much at home and eager to continue my life's work perusing ancient literary works to find the pre-evolved meanings of words and phrases.  If you look down below, today's is a doozy!!

Now on to business.  The results of the commentathon are in! If you remember, there are two prizes in the draw:
1) goods to the value of £30 ($45) from the wonderful Mollie and Alfie's shop
2) a set of the latest Amazecats playing cards featuring some of our greatest friends from the cat blogosphere.

First prize winner according to is: The Paw Relations
Second Prize winner is:  Speedy

ConCats to both and you will be hearing from me very soon!

floccinaucinihilipilification - pilification is the act of trying to pill a cat. Floccinaucinihili is what humans mutter as they try to do it

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Austin Who?

Welcome to Austin Towers!

What? No! That's me! I AM Austin Towers, International Cat of Literary Intrigue - The Staff has added the subtitle "The Cat who Nagged Me" for some unknown reason?! 

Anyways, because of my ongoing and relentless search for those word definitions that've hitherto escaped the warm embrace of the lexicographers at the Oxford English Dictionary, I have moved into these new premises which are nearer the kibble cupboard and have more facilities. 

The Staff and I had an argument discussion about the direction of the operation and I won so I went ahead and engaged the inimitable Katie and her design team (aka Glogirly) to .. errr ...... design! And so they did! Don't you love what they've done to brighten the place up! Thank you both xx :)

So let's take a quick tour. Tickets are £7.50 ... nah, just kidding! ;) But first pull up a comfy chair, break out the popcorn and watch the film:

You can watch the video on YouTube here

Ok, so moving on! If you take a quick look up to the top of the side bar on the right, you will see the little flower buttons. Each one is a petal portal to another room where you will find all kinds of delights! Some of them are still a work in progress, so be patient! Just hold your nose and jump through!  In particular I will highlight the facebook portal petal and would beg ask that as many of you as possible will "like" my new page!

There is food and drink around here somewhere and there will be dancing later, but let's get on to the main event. THE PRIZES!

To celebrate our new home everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a draw (unless they indicate otherwise) and the first two names picked by will receive a prize: 

1) goods to the value of £30 ($45) from the wonderful Mollie and Alfie's shop
2) a set of the latest Amazecats playing cards featuring some of our greatest fiends friends from the cat blogosphere.

This is open to anyone worldwide who wants to enter and you have until Saturday 27th July midday (UK time).  Please leave an email address or blog link if we don't already have it so we can contact you.  The winners will be announced shortly after.  Finally, we will end with a good old favourite in a new frock .

conflagration - an international gathering of flags

PS Many concats to the royal couple on the safe delivery of their son. 
King Austin I has a nice ring to it. Just meowing!

Monday 22 July 2013

Mancats Monday!

Warning! Gratuitous bikini shot!!

What do you think about the body language between Austin and Tigger?
I think one is the boss and the other isn't!

If you can't see the video above then you can see it on YouTube here

Don't forget to come by Wednesday when we are having open house :)

tower - someone or something that tows

Friday 19 July 2013

The Tigger Interlude!



Oh! OK!

Mmmmmm! Nice! :)

I want MORE!!!!!!!!


A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY! Please note that CATachresis is having an open house next Wednesday, with prizes, surprises and plenty of fun all in aid of …….. ?  well you will have to come along and find out ;-)

cross-stitch - a very angry small person

Tuesday 16 July 2013



…98…..99….. 100!
…coming, ready or not!!

I give up!

Where is he?

vol-au-vent (french) - a small round case of puff pastry filled with vole

Friday 12 July 2013

Feeling Frisky about Awards!

Our good friend Glogirly has entered The Friskies this year with this great video called Air Waffles. What an acrobat that orange boy is, but Katie is obviously NOT impressed. The "The Stink Eye" has a subtext which threatens world security ! You lucky peeps will be given a chance to vote for Waffles, Katie and Glogirly very soon :)

In other news

You lookin' at me?

A couple of awards have come our way and you must all know by now just how much Austin loves awards!
⬅ eyes left

I'm Mr Goody Four Paws

There is someone waiting in the wings, who would be very happy to accept every award going. Just saying!
eyes right ➨


Austin acquiesces with good grace! 
⬅ eyes left

So moving on…… :)
We have received from our good buddy Spitty

I'm taking a punt here, but am guessing the originator of this award doesn't live in the USA (Pssst! I think it was Nerissa!) and that Austin needs to identify some favo(u)rite things?

Six in fact!  OK Tuxie Boy, it's over to you …….

…… I'm on it :) 

1) Being brushed to order
2) Chicken and cheese treats
3) Discussing philosophy with the ladycats ;)
4) Nip to help me discuss philosophy with the ladycats
5) Organising the Staff in every minute detail of her dull and boring life
6) Finding out what words mean so I can educate, elucidate and lots of other 'ates

The other award came from another good pal Sammy

I don't think there are any rules attached to the Bestest Kitty Blogger in the Cosmos award. Well, if there are, I have conveniently forgotten them!!

Thank you very much Spitty and Sammy xx :))

Breaking news
Just now coming in under the wire is ….. The Super Sweet Blogging award from those sweet kitties at "The Cat on My Head"

There are some super sweet questions to answer. Now "sweet" is something outside my experience and as The Staff and her entire household are on a permanent diet (conveniently forgetting the scone and jam on Wednesday she thinks I don't know about!) there might be a delay in finding someone who will admit to being in the vicinity of "sweet"!

This is also where I conveniently forget that I have to pass these on to a specified number of other gullible deserving suckers bloggers, but as everyone is deserving and I'm not sure who's already had them, I will just say thank you for being my friend/buddy/pal. I appreciate every one of you and love that you come visit and say funny things on my blog :)

gullible - gull-libel - damaging the reputation of a seabird

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Austin hedges his bets!

What was so compelling?
Perhaps he's got a hedge fund stashed somewhere!
Nice stretch though!
Bloglovin - The Staff here. Just to say that since Google Reader's done a runner, I have transported all the blogs we follow to Bloglovin. The journey was not without its difficulties and I fear that some blogs might have fallen off the back of the lorry! So if Austin hasn't commented in a while and you feel maybe he should have, then please let us know :)

bikini, bi-kini - bi = two, kini = kini, therefore "two kinis"

Sunday 7 July 2013

Introducing Austin Mini-Me!

Austin here!

At last the time has come. I would like to introduce you to …….. Mini-Me!

But it seems that already the young whippersnapper is trying to stage a coup!!!


This is outrageous! You can hardly tell the difference ;)
It's called ruling by stealth!
Here is the culprit

I am told he is the spitting image! Even to the extra long sock on the off-side rear leg!

The Staff keeps laughing to herself! It's a bit unnerving!!!

And there's more…….

A mousie and a fish in a bowl :) I am warming to them!! 

NB from The Staff. I took the above video by using the new Takes App. It has a novel way of taking images and making videos.  If it doesn't work, then here are some stills …...

Austin is fascinated by the little bell on the mousie. He doesn't know what to make of it!!!

A BIG BIG thank you to Lynne of Dip Dip and the Bridge for volunteering to make a mini-me for the auction for Benny.  Despite Austin's initial doubts and fears, we absolutely love him and the little toys :)))) BTW Lynne is an excellent artist as well as a crocheter!

PS Thank you very much for all the positive comments from Austin's Mousebreath interview. If you haven't read it yet, you must! It is very good especially if you suffer from insomnia ;)

minimal, mini-mal - could be a very small animal or possibly a tiny shopping centre. I need to do a bit more research

Friday 5 July 2013

I can haz Mousebreath!!!

Oh yes! Dr Austin Tuxedo (aka Killer!) is featured in that esteemed cat magazine Mousebreath this week.  He was interviewed by the fabulous Funny Farmer Felines.

So if you would like to be bored silly by yet another z-list wannabe celeb spouting on about themselves, then you can read every self-absorbed and hyperbolical word of it here ;)

Many thanks to the Funny Farmer Felines and Jan for making it such a fun interview and also for the super graphic :)

It's Austin here. Guess what?
I received an award from from my buddy Sammy
Errrr.. thanks Sammy, I think??
I have to say that he seems as bemused as I am!

“In their infinite wisdom, the Purrime Ministerettes have made seven rules with which we have to comply to formally accept the award:”
1.  Bow for your Purrime Ministerettes and confirm on your blog you have done so.
2.  Show a picture of you watching Purrime Ministerette movies.   Pictures or it didn’t happen.
3.  Tell Planet Purrth that it needs a change and explain what kind of change you have in mind.
4.  Ask your Purrime Ministerettes what you never dared to ask before.
5.  Bow again for your purrime Ministerettes and confirm on your blog you have done so.
6.  Forward the Purrime Ministerette of Planet purrth Award to at least 3 other blogging anipals.
7.  Do not change the rules without explicit written Purrime Ministerette purrmission.
OK! Can I just say that I have complied with all of the above to the letter, except no. 2 as The Staff says the kind of movies I watch contravene the British Board of Film Censors classification for Bird TV. Apparently there is too much blood and guts! Sheesh! Oh and I pass this award on to ……… *clang* sorry time's up …….!
So, I did my best and if the authorities wish to veto my acceptance of this prestigious award, then I shall be heartbroken, but saylarvee!! ;)

In other news
There is great excitement here at Austin Towers as Austin Mini-Me has arrived!!!! YAY!! He is having a bit of a lie down as it was a long journey from the other side of the country (prolly all of 200 miles!). Anyways, when he is refreshed, he will be making his debut appearance at CATachresis :) 

Also, and very importantly, Leo is looking for his furrever home. A castle in fact! If you know of anyone who could give Leo a loving home in the northern California area please contact Savannah. You can read about him here.

hyperbolical, hyper-bolical - extremely bolical (bit like The Staff!)

Monday 1 July 2013

The Big Softy!

I don't know how I am supposed to retain my street cred with videos like this! But this is how I practice my world renowned shiatsu technique without any blood-letting - "SHE" wouldn't let me post anything with blood in it! If you want to hear the famed Austin megapurr, you'll need the volume up a bit more than usual!

If you can't see it above, you can watch the video on YouTube here

My furs are a bit dishabille because I'd just been out on patrol and hadn't had time to spruce myself up. The Staff likes to think I am gazing adoringly into her eyes, but come on!!!! Would I do that? Nah! I was gazing at myself in the camera lens ;)

Yesterday I was honoured to be featured on Molly the Wally's Share it Sunday. Nellie The Cat (who's not) from Hell nominated me! I chose a post from several years ago, but it's a bit long and rambly (well The Staff did it in those days!) so you don't have to plough through it if you don't want to, but I will be expecting 100% from you all in the quiz later! Anyways you can read it here !
Today sees the demise of Google Reader and if you relied on it to get round blogland, then you are probably not reading this unless you have made alternative arrangements! There has been a lot of discussion about various alternatives (other than email) so if you have a reader you've found that works well, especially on ipad, please could you let The Staff know. It would do me a favour as she's done nothing but moan about it for like forever! Thanks x

dishabille, dish-able (from the French) - can be dished