Sunday, 9 September 2012

Freshfields Animal Rescue - the human view!

While Austin and Nellie were checking out the animals at Freshfields, I managed to catch up with Lesley Tarleton (the person who started it all) on the phone and she brought me up to date with some of the current needs and activities of the shelter. Lesley comes over as a very warm caring person who is passionate about animals of every kind. This fitted very well with the impression I got all those years ago when I briefly met her at Freshfields.

She told me that at the present time they have about fifty kittens who urgently need loving forever homes. Here are just a few:

Also they have plenty of adult cats that need adopting as well as ferals that can't be returned to their previous environment. Unlike other similar organisations, Freshfields believes in TNR for feral cats - trap, neuter and return - the return part only being carried out when it is a safe environment for the cats. Otherwise they are re-homed where possible. Lesley told me that the best place to re-home these cats is on farms, of which there are many in this very rural area. The TNR programme is ongoing and a very important part of their overall strategy.

They is also a sponsorship scheme where people can sponsor a resident animal, or even an event or project. This would be ideal for anyone who would love to help and be involved on a personal level, but who cannot actually adopt an animal. It also opens it up so that non-local people can invest and be involved on an ongoing basis. Lesley told me there are even a couple of resident donkeys called Dibble and Wonkey who are looking for sponsorship. Any takers? :)

Workers and volunteers come up with ideas for fundraising and awareness raising, from coffee mornings to raffles to sponsored dog walks.

Open Day. Coming up on September 30th is an open day at the Welsh site from 11 − 4. Loads of activities, including a dog show, agility and there will also be a dancing with dogs display put on by the Ynys Mon Dog Training Society! So if you happen to be in the area ……!

Another important fund raising side to Freshfields are the secondhand (charity) shops they have in various places throughout Wales and the North West England. They are always in need of items for sale - good-as-new clothes, electrical goods, household goods. 

They also have links with rescue shelters abroad, particularly animal rescue in Greece and “Our Friends Dog Rescue” based in Slatina, Romania.

There have been so many success stories of animals who have been re-homed, too many to mention here, but I would thoroughly recommend Lesley’s book The Dog with no Name, which tells how an innocent remark made to a vet in Liverpool (you need to read the book) led to thousands of animals being rescued, cared for and re-homed through the Freshfields Animal Rescue. 

Lesley is a truly remarkable person and I hope the work she and many others do here will be able to carry on as long as it is needed. 

Voting starts in two days - Tuesday 11th to 14th September. I will put up the link and it will be very easy to vote. So remember, if you want to support the work at Freshfields Animal Rescue you should:
vote for Austin to be Cat Ruler of the World
He will be a very benevolent dictator!

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  1. it is sad to see so many kitties needing homes, but it is heartwarming to find rescues who seem to be doing it right.

  2. Sometimes it feels like it's never ending. Animals are neutered but more unneutered ones keep appearing. It's good to know of rescue groups such as Freshfields who just keep going. Good job!

  3. Aw, those kitten are too cute! Let's hope they all have good homes soon! Love your pink car. Make sure Glogirly doesn't steal it. Pink is her color!

  4. I'ts nice to know that there are so many people and organizations that dedicate themselves to helping homeless animals,,,but it's also discouraging to know that you can't help them all. Many thanks to Freshfield's for trying.
    Good luck, Austin !

  5. I like that idea of sponsorship from afar. Maybe our brood should sponsor other broods, eh? Will keep our options open. Good luck, Austin. har har har *evil laughs*

  6. it makes us sad to see kitties without homes, but our hearts are happy to hear that animal rescues are doing their best to find sweetheart kitties forever homes!
    PS love to the debate, Austin!

  7. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeSunday, September 09, 2012 9:19:00 pm

    Austin - am writing post about you and the contest to go up tomorrow morning ( and 2 others - none conflicting with yours: a free ebook and the Leggo library contest)
    I will link to your site (And steal a picture - either car or trust tux hope it's OK - I will remove if not.)
    The vote link will be easy to find? On right sidebar like the "follow the campaign cute square?

  8. That sure sounds like a great shelter. We especially the feral cat program. That is terrific that they help find the feral kitties homes. I am all for that. Good luck in the election.

  9. We support the TNR program and would LOVE to see it implemented in the shelter near our home. It is a high-kill shelter and they won't even consider releasing ferals to become much-needed barn cats. :(

  10. I love them all and am so glad they are getting the help the need!

  11. Oh dear....efurry time I read the cat-didates' bloggies I wants to vote for dem ALL. I really, really wants all the shelters to get the prize! XOXOXO

  12. Freshfields sounds like a great shelter! We 'specially like how they handle the ferals. TNR is the way to go...but only safely.

  13. Freshfields is an amazing shelter, we have a small one near us called Barbie keels..She takes in all the abandoned animals, and tries to re home them.. What great work these people do. I truly admire them :) xx00xx

  14. Freshfields sounds like a great shelter too. If only they could all win!

  15. Freshfields sure is a wonderful place. Thank you for campaigning for them and for teaching us more about what they do - they really have some great programs in place.

  16. dood, your rescue organization rocks, we will take all de kittehs N de donkeyz two and dai$y is lovin yur pink car !!!


  17. I LOVE that they have the option of someone sponsoring a pet. I think that is a fabulous alternative for someone who is unable to adopt. Thank you for sharing and I must read that book!

  18. What a beautiful organization, Austin & Nellie! Those kittens are adorable indeed. We wish that every single animal could find a forever family, but are grateful that the kind people of Freshfield's are giving them care and love.

    Um, Miss Layla beat me to the punch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the car!!! Don't you need another tuxie in there? Maybe in the back seat??? ; )

    xo, Katie

  19. Breaking news: Thousands who have Godaddy as their server/host for email, website, blogs etc. like me were hacked and have NO access to their email or blogs. The timing couldn't be worse with voting beginning at midnight. Please send purrs and purrayers to the cat gods for a miracle which ironically was the title of our blog post today.

  20. I'm so glad that these kitties are in the right place.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. I think Olive has the cutest markings EVER! This sounds like a great shelter.

  22. Dear Austin,
    Mes is all set for tomorrow! Me thinks we will soon crown yous as the Cat Ruler of the World 2012 and that Freshfields gets the goodies!

  23. What a great thing you are doing. In spite of how busy you are you're taking time to showcase some needy cats and kittens. I sure hope they find forever homes.....

  24. Thanks Austin for supporting this good cause! We hope the kitties find good homes and we'll come back and vote tomorrow!

    Gronk and Izzie

  25. Yes, Kozmo *was* kind of a substitute for you, Austin! I'd really like to Pal around with you, Buddy, but you might be too busy for me if you become the Ruler of the World and all. Sigh.

  26. Austin,
    You and Nellie did amazing job on the campaign and Freshfields Animal Rescue is very deserving. Although I have to question where you got that pink car--that's such a Katie accessory! No worries. Being resourceful is important in campaigning when there are no funds--it all must go to the shelters! Good luck!

    p.s we trust Tuxs!

  27. Fifty kittens--that is a lot. But you are all doing a good thing in spreading the word.


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