Sunday, 2 September 2012


Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest
See the debate here

Austin makes the cover of Pet Fancy magazine!
Pictured, Nominee Austin and his loyal campaign manager, Nellie

Austin says:

"While I have been napping in keeping with my election manifesto, my campaign manager, Nellie who is The Cat (who’s not really) From Hell has been extremely busy knocking on doors, pressing flesh, cuddling babies (goes against the grain, so we are very grateful). But her biggest coup so far is to get my handsome debonair face cause, Freshfields Animal Rescue, onto the cover of this prestigious magazine. Well done Nellie!

We are very grateful to Nellie for her continuing hard work and in particular as she herself is rather diverted these days!! Check out why, here! I think ConCats are in order for Nellie and Allred YAY! :-) Still not quite sure about the eggroll, though?”

Please come back on Tuesday for the final debate with the six cat-idates. It should be a doozy!


  1. Wow, you guyz are working soooo hard :) Love it that youz made it in the front cover :) xx00xx

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm proud to say I know you.

    Hey...please ask some of your friends to come and write with me. I'm posting quick easy writing exercises!

  3. Austin - you sure are one fine and dapper looking cat when you are up from your napping! Concats on the cover!! Job well done, Nellie!!

  4. Whoa! You're getting really famous now, Austin. I'm still split between you and Katie. If I could trust a tux, that is. har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Nice press, Austin!!!!
    I'm loving the hat...but I can't help but wonder what you might be hiding underneath it.

    Waffles the intern and Cathy Keisha are out in the field, digging up, um... well let's just say they're digging.

    ; ) Katie

  6. Austin, you are looking good! Careful getting into any political or or purrsonal hanky panky with Nellie. We're running a clean race but I have a feeling there's going to be lots of press and watch out for dirty politics from you know who!

  7. Wow Austin! Looking going on the cover of Cat Fancy!! You are doing great!

  8. Austin, we are sold on the red hat...but we too ask: What's underneath? Brains?

  9. You sure got yourself a fantastic Campaign Manager in Nellie!

  10. I want a REAL campaign manager! I am so sick of my human and her excuses - this is not supposed to be some part time job, done between her new book project. Sheesh.

  11. I love it! You were already famous in our eyes but now that you are on the cover of a magazine you are at the top of worldwide fame!

  12. I'll bet when I read the article, they'll be lots of dirt to uncover. TW works in magazines and they don't put you on the cover unless they can DISH!

  13. You are always cover worthy my friend!

  14. Get ready for more votes for Cat Ruler Of The World, Austin, because you're going to get more visitors because you won another great prize --- you are the winner of the Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest! Yeah!
    So please send your mailing address to my mom at misskitty32504ATyahooDOTcom, okay?

  15. Austin, good luck. Have a delicious week. Kisses!

  16. That Nellie is working her paws off for you, Austin!

  17. Dear Austin!
    Waits until yous sees what me is getting ready for tomorrow!

  18. You ROCK MR . POO !!!
    Paws Up to you and Miss Nellie !
    Well, let's talk straight ! 3 September, which is Today. I would like to hear from you dude ! You are one of my best friend !
    Miss You

  19. This is going to be a great campaign.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. Concats to the both of you!
    That's a very good job you're doing!

  21. Concats and bestest wishes....this is an amazing campaign! (I'd much rather concentrate on this than the conventions here in the US! LOL)

  22. You look great in the hat on your "cover shot". Campaigns can be ruthless, so I suggest that if you have any skeletons in your closet,,,you reveal them yourself,,,it's always better coming from you than your opponents.

  23. Oh Austin, Pal--I think I am going to have to learn to cheat in this voting. It isn't fair that I can only vote one time. After all, I am a KING. I should be able to vote as many times as I want, right???

  24. OMC! this is such a hard choice. I luv that this shelter saved you Austin, you are one of my dearest furriends, and yet I really appreciate Katie's Blind Cat Rescue, such special work.....must decide soon...sigh...Savannah


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