Wednesday 13 December 2017

Don't faint ....... It's me!!

YAY!  We have made a card and just wanted to pop up to wish everyone Yuletide Felicitations! It has been quite a year one way and another with lots of "stuff" that The Staff  (aka TAT) has had to deal with and it has taxed her limited brain cells to the max! 😐

But you don't want to know about her! 😼 I have been very busy keeping things up to scratch around here πŸ˜‚   As you know there is always much to do to keep the humans in order and I have had to marshal the troops in order to accomplish this.....

Yep! All present, but not necessarily correct!!

Anyway, moving on! Ahem! 😸 *clears throat* ............

A Festive Pome

It's at that time of year,
When families do gather.
It's so much fun - break out the rum!
But please don't tell grandfather!

The children play and laugh with joy.
Their little faces beaming.
Then daddy steps upon a toy,
And everyone is screaming!

Grandma chokes upon a nut,
She coughs and splutters loudly.
Someone slaps her on the back,
The nut emits profoundly.

We wish you a happy Christmas.
We hope it will be merry.
But if the rellies get too much,
Start on that case of sherry!

Wishing everyone a terrific 2018


  1. So great to see you Austin! Wishing the you a wonderful holiday and happy 2018!!!

  2. Dang, it's nice to see you Austin, we've missed you pal! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Austin! I am so very happy that your staff has posted Christmas Wishes! Mommy misses you but Nellie (er Queen Penelope) stops by and lets us know you are well!

  4. AUSTIN! I will be over tunnel is in the shop but it will be out later today. Tell Tigger he is looking like a kitten again. Both of you are. Um...what's your waistcoat size these days?

  5. Nice to see you again, Austin ! Merry Christmas ! Purrs

  6. Just in from Christmas shopping and what do I see? I see Austin with a most excellent Pome! Merry Christmas Austin and a very Happy New Year! Scritches to you and hugs to TAT!

  7. OMC, that poem is awesome! It's a good thing my human wasn't drinking one of those energy drinks she seems to have around every morning, or she would have spewed all over her Macbook!

  8. Great to see you again, Austin! You are a good poet and made me laugh. Your card is lovely too and will go on my Christmas e Card page.

  9. Merry Katmass Unccle Austin an Lady Caroline an thee Gang!
    Wee did not send out many cardss this year. (Pleeze do not bee sad about that!) Wee are here to wish you a happy hollyday. An mee iss here to mee-yow to you!
    If you get a chance pleeze visit mee bloggie an see mee 3rd Gotcha Day post!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  10. Darling card and it is so good to see you (even if Mom DOES play WWF with your Mom!) Mom usually doesn't say much when she plays that game cause she is obsessed. Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. Austin, we actually dropped by yesterday to see if you had been around. It is thrilling to see you. We miss you bunches. You need to stop by when you have time and meet our new baby brother, Sawyer. Our humans are crazy...they just keep adopting kitties. We wish you a joyous and blessed Christmas, and we all hope to see more of you in 2018. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  12. So glad to get your card, Austin ! It is good to hear from you again. Sounds like my year has been a bit lie your humans ! Enjoy the holidays and the New Year !

  13. Merry Christmas! It's good to hear from you. That poem sounds like every one of my Christmases past, minus the alcohol.

  14. Austin, we were just thinking about you the other day. Great to hear from you. Wishing you and your human a very Happy Christmas...and Happy New Year. (The mom was binge watching The Crown on Netflix and she found it really cool that the English say Happy Christmas, not Merry Christmas like us Americans say. So Happy Christmas!)

  15. Nice to see you. Very nice card. Merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year to you all. XO

  16. It's lovely to see you. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018!

  17. Lovely to see you again!

    Your card is beautiful.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  18. Austin! How nice to see you at holiday time! Marshaling the troops is a BIG JOB but you can do it....and in fine form too I'd say. We hope the holiday is merry and perhaps full of sherry (or the kitty equivalent anyway). Here's to a fabulous new year as well.........hugs to you and your Mom!

    Love, Teddy

  19. Austin, it is so nice to see you back. We hope you will now be posting again regularly. We have missed you so much, especially Trixie (nudge, nudge! wink, wink!)
    Have a wonderful Yuletide (and if you like, you can teleport on over and celebrate Hanukkah with us).

  20. It's good to see you Austin. We think 'bout ya'll all da time and send up a little purrayer fur ya'. We purray ya'll have a very Merry and Blest Christmas. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  21. Sorry mate, your card sent off the day before you blog post. I can't get it back now MOL!!

    Merry Christmas!!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  22. Merry Christmas Austin and Caro! We think of you and hope you are well and thriving despite life's challenges. Thank you for the card. We will add it to our blog sidebar. Sending you love and all the best life can offer.

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  23. Austin you are looking mighty fine buddy. So happy to see you. Sending you and yours warm holiday paw pats and purrs

  24. Such a silly poem. And a lovely Christmas card. We hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  25. Hey there Sweet Austin and Gang. We hope you all are doing well. We stopped in to say "Hello" and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh, Chancy and Mumsy

  26. What a nice surprise! Merry Happy Christmas - hope those rellies behave themselves.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  27. Okay, we didn't faint. Merry Christmas to all of you, too!


    It's so great to see mew and here's wishing mew a furry Meowy Catmas!

    Best festive purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  29. How nice to see you, Austin, and to know you and your human are doing well. Happy Christmas, dear friends! Love and hugs!

  30. Mr Poo & your fameowly..., πŸŽ„ Meowry Christmas πŸŽ„

  31. So nice to see you again and what a wonderful Christmas card! From myself and the feline gang at Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles, wishes for a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

  32. Miss you a hundred times over Austin! So good to see your face.

  33. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  34. Hiya Austin - heres hoping you had a furry good Christmas! Hope to see you some more furry soon. Love the card with you as a Royal Guard!

  35. Austin loved the poem and Card. Hope things slow down a bit. Dad says when he Re Tires next year we will have more time too. I cant figure that as if he gets more tired???
    Thanks so much for the support when Mr Buttons had to go over the Bridge. It was very sudden and he was a big part of our family. He was our families official greeter and never met a stranger only new friends. We wish you all could have met him.
    Purrs dear friends
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  36. Thank you so much for your kind words when Smokey crossed over last week. We are so sad that he is gone.

  37. Still missing you! Hope you are well.


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