Thursday 30 June 2011

The Window Cleaner Cometh and other Miscellany

Danny the window cleaner came today. This, in itself, is not a particularly noteworthy event (except he is a bigger and better looking version of Tom Cruise .. ... with Bermuda shorts and shades!  Be-still-my-beating-heart).  But after the magnificent exhibition of bravado Austin displayed a day or two ago, he seems to have reverted to type!

You might have noticed I did a quick scan over the quilt (moving into Max territory here!) because it is one of the dozens made by my Aunt over the years and is gorgeously splendid. And this is where Austin goes when he is really "scareded".  Bless!

By the way, just in case you're thinking what's with the sudden mania for video clips? It is because:

a) I've discovered the video button on my iPad2 and
b) I've finally managed to gain entry to my YouTube account.

There were one or two false starts with the camera thingy.........

...... but there is quite a bit to get to grips with! After a lot of poking around and a few (hundred) accidental splodge pics added to my album, I realised there were two tiny, itsy bitsy cameras and it all started to become clear. I mean, it doesn't make sense to just put one on the bit you look at on the front? Unless it's for the narcissist who only wants to take photos/videos of himself all day long? Wouldn't have thought that was a particularly good marketing ploy, myself!

Anyway there are two. One on the front and one on the back. So that's all right. Excellent for looking at yourself (if you want to check your lipstick or pick food out your teeth) AND at the same time if you happen to be in the mall you can quickly scan the immediate vicinity for a potential flashmob or some other annoying public nuisance and take the necessary action. Smiles all round :>)

Talking of smiles, if you would like to see the ultimate in digital photoframes - and missed it on facebook, here it is:

Just in case there is any doubt, I'm the hirsute one in the middle ....... I think? :~}

Monday 27 June 2011


...... in which Austin discovers his inner warrior and contrives to overpower and subjugate a big, nasty, bully of an armchair .....

...... and succeeds!!!

Sunday 26 June 2011

Keeping Close

I don't know why, but Austin is sticking very close at the moment? There was a Big Ginge incident the other morning; in fact several mornings. That could be it! Big Ginge is the only creature with fur that seems to frighten him and the other morning he actually had the temerity to come in the conservatory window! Austin was sitting on the fence and playing it cool. But he wasn't cool. I could tell because he'd got that stary look he gets when he's all of a flummox.

All cat people recognise that look. You know, the one where the cat is seemingly mesmerised by something just to the right of you and down a bit. Only the cat knows what horrors are there.

Therefore he's been spending a lot of time looking over his shoulder and of course as looking over one's shoulder AND eating is not possible without doing oneself a mischief, I've been seconded yet again as watcher of back and lookout during meal times. I've even been considering laying a place for him at table, but am afraid his table manners might be too refined and genteel for the likes of us.

Actually, Austin, I said lay a place "at" table, not "on" table!

So everywhere I turn now I trip over a small black (and white) furry rug.

He looks kind of small and vulnerable :(

Even in the garden he has his hidey hole:

Oh there's that look again!

However he's not the only one to be afraid of Big Ginge! The hebe bush is a place of refuge for the hunted.

One of these days I'll be up early enough in the morning to catch sight of the ginger striped menace.

Seriously, do any of my cat blogger friends know how to reassure a 4 and a bit year old nervous cat?

I have also been considering getting another rescue cat, a younger one :)) I thought perhaps a young adult neutered female?

Input would be very much appreciated :)))

PS I'm getting obsessed by stats again. Why would someone in Iran be interested in a cat blog from Wales? The world is so small.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Me Me!

What the turkinall is a me me?  Where do you go to get answers about such knotty issues of egocentrism and existential soul searching?  

Wiki of course!  

So after a good deal of umming and ahing and fumbling with the keyboard, I accidentally stumbled across "meme".  That'll have to do.

a me me (or "meme" in some schools of thought) is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture (bit like the plague). While genes transmit biological information, memes are said to transmit ideas and belief information  >^ʘʘ^<   It's from the ancient greek word μίμημα apparently!

There you go. Now we are all informed and can enthrall folk at dinner parties for the forseeable.

Anyway Austin has been tagged to take part in a me me by the guys and gals over at The Meow Factor. Thanks :D.  So after plenty of meaningful negotiation and interventions by the arbitration service and as it's all about me me me me, he has agreed to do it!  There are six questions. So here goes:

1. Where do you like to hang out?
Wherever my blanket is, of course

2. Who is your kitty crush?
I only have eyes for my decidedly inferior, two legged (mostly) hairless senior staff member who panders to my every whim.
NB that's what she told me to say ......  more-or-less!

3. What is your favourite scent?
Comfort™ infused blanket!

4. What is your favourite TV show?
Top Cat (what else?)

5. What is your favourite movie?
The Dogs of War

6. What is your favourite feline wisdom?
Always be dignified

And for free, my final bit of Forrest Gump wisdom is "Life is like a big itch, you never know where it's gonna get you next!"

Now in order to play this properly, I am supposed to tag some other poor unfortunates, but as I don't want to stress anyone unduly, I'm just going to shout out some names and see if any mug mog who's not already been memed to bits wants to take it up:

Max of the Quilt fame
Wally and/or Ernie the Island Cats
Mr Puddy ♥♥♥xx♥♥♥

Ok so you don't want to do it! But hey just think of the free exposure you're getting! My following is massive: I have a reader in Uzbekistan

Saturday 11 June 2011

A Day in the Life .......

..... of Austin the put-upon cat!

I accidentally deleted this post!! Can't believe I did it???  Anyway I've retrieved it as best I could, but alas without the lovely comments :(((((

PS If anyone remembers a different time scale, please feel free to interpose! Although thanks to the guys over at Katnip Lounge, Austin has now introduced scuffling into his daily itinerary at around about 14.28 !!!

04.29 Where is everyone? I'm good to go here! Sun's up, bird's are lining up for breakfast. Bam bam bam let me outta here!

07.00 Lost the will to live now

07.14 What time do you call this? If you think I'm going to do the I'm-so-glad-to-see-you all over body rub you've got another think coming!

08.05 Ok how many want to chase the light around the ceiling?

08.07 Bored now

09.14 Goody .. foooooooooood!

09.15 Nap time!

10.15 Leave me alone!

10.16 Brushhhhhhhhh!

11.15 Leave me alone!

11.16 Brushhhhhhhhh!

13.15 Don't even think about it!

14.15 I do not want to be cuddled!

14.16 Brushhhhhhhhhh!

14.17 Please put your lap in the horizontal position, thank you!

14.19 Why! Don't you like being massaged?

14.20 Oh for Pete's sake!

16.29 I love you so much!

16.30 Foooooooooood

16.31 Brushhhhhhhhh!

16.35 I'm not sitting here for my health you know.  Open the door! Woddya mean, it's raining?

16.36 It's raining at this door too?

16.38 ... and this one .... Why don't you have a door where it's not raining?

16.40 Wanna play tag?

16.41 Bored now

16.42 Nap time

20.29 Out!

20.31 In!

20.33 Out!

20.35 You coming out or what?

22.36 Not coming in

22.37 Not coming in

22.38 Not coming in

22.43 Ok no need to get violent!

22.44 Brushhhhhhhhh!

22.45 Lap

22.46 Fooooooooood

22.47 Wanna play tag?

22.48 Don't wanna go to bed!

22.51 Ok nap time

00.01 That's long enough. You can let me out now!

00.02 Bam bam bam Pleeeeease!

00.03 Well I didn't really want to anyway.

00.04 Nap time

04.29 Where is everyone? I'm good to go here! Sun's up, bird's are lining up for breakfast. Bam bam bam let me outta here!

Aaaaargh! Sometimes I just wanna eat my own paw!