Austin came on November 1st 2007.  I didn't know how old he was at the time, but he looked about 8 months. He was very small and he was a bit of a mistake to be honest.

You see we went to the RSPCA at Colwyn to get a dog, as I felt that I was finally settled enough to commit to caring for one.  As I mentioned in the very first blog post way back in March 2008, all they had there at the centre were seven dalmatians and a suspect pit-bull-terrier-cross. This wasn't really what I had in mind. What I had in mind was a Bichon Frise, all curly, cuddly, cute and preferably pre-trained.

As you can see the above doesn't exactly fit the criteria! What went right?

Well, it was on the way out that we (I was with the materfamlias) passed the cat section. One of us (I don't know who!) said "Why don't we just take a peek?" It was noticeably quieter than the dog section. All I can remember of the experience is that there were a number of glass pens and each had a cat in it. I wanted to take all of them, to be honest, but right down at the end with his front paws up and scratching at the glass was this little tuxedo cutie.

He was called Austin because he had been found inside a car engine. He had quite a serious injury to his hip. The vet mended him very well and all that is left to show is a boney lump on his back at the top of his nearside back leg.

We took him home because he told us to!


After Austin had been with us a few months and we had finally allowed him outside, it wasn't long before he met the tabby, Tigger (name given by us).

I opened the door one day and in they both came. Austin made the introductions and said the tabby was hanging around and could he have a bite to eat?

That's it really. Tigger comes practically every day, eats, hangs around, sleeps, eats, plays and fights with Austin, eats and then goes off again to I know not where? He is a nice cat. He might decide to move in proper one day, who knows?


I'm Caro. I'm a woman in my "cardy" age and I've lived for the last few years with my mother on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. I spent over thirty years working in various establishments, mainly in and around London and Devon. Also I spent about eight years (altogether) pretending to be a student in the UK as well as in "foreign" parts!

I have M.E. caused by chronic Lyme disease which means I get to spend more time on the sofa than I would like, but hey, I'm practically an old lady!!! My ambition is to become The Crazy Cardy Cat Lady with just one and a half cats.


  1. Great gang!
    Austin looks very dapper in his suit! :)

  2. How did I miss these wonderful stories?!
    LOVED reading about you and your brood.
    ...cracked up about Tigger maybe moving in "proper" one day! haha!

    I can see how those cute feet of Austin's just opened up the door to your heart.

    ; )

  3. Wow your cat looks like my cat! Saw his pic on google images looking for a dog pic and I thought 'Hey what's Nugget doing there?'

    Tuxedo cats for life!

  4. Is Tigger wearing a collar? If so, and if you really want to know where he lives, wrap a small note around the collar giving your telephone number and say: "This cat comes to visit my cats every day and has practically become a member of our household. Is this alright with you? Please respond." You can give a phone number or address, whatever you feel is safest. This is a good way to find out of Tigger has a home!

  5. Hi Tinch, no he doesn't wear a collar, sadly! I am tempted to knock on doors, but would feel a bit of a fool! I have asked around, but no one claims him!! He could be a stray. He's definitely not feral though. He is getting quite fat, so I know he is fed!!

  6. Love your style! I have a real weakness for tuxedo cats, so I am loving Austin. And he is so articulate!

  7. Very nice to meet you. I am a crazy cat lady with eight and many who have passed to kitty heaven in the past 25 years. If you are on the sofa resting having a cat is essential. Happy New Year. Please visit my kitties at

  8. Very cute brood. How nice of Austin to share his food and comforts with Tigger.

  9. I I've getting your posts by email everyday, they make my day! Lyme disease is an awful thing, I spend alot of couch time too, with Fibro and Arthritis. I don't comment much, it's difficult with my cell phone. I love your blog,word of the day and Austin and Tigger and the videos.
    Have a Great Day!!!
    Hazel Marie

  10. I finally looked and what a little treasure this bit was to read!

  11. And good if he, Tigger, DID become a member of the family proper like.


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