Sunday 31 August 2014

Sunday Selfie!

I can see myself in the lens!

We are joining in the Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by The Cat on My Head today, Though it is actually a bit more of a blog hope, as The Staff has never managed to get the linky thing to work before!!! Anyway, even if it doesn't work, I hope you will go over to The Cat on my Head and check out the links :)


caricature - the art and occupation of holding and transferring felines


Saturday 23 August 2014

The neighbours are leaving!

The neighbours are leaving.
They are packing their car.

I really do hope,
They don't go very far.

I like them a lot. 
They let me go in.

And sometimes, mum thinks,
they open a tin!

Please come back soon.
I'll be waiting right here;

But it might be good.... 

If you provided a chair!


This week the cat blogosphere lost one of its most beloved and long serving members. We are sad because Sparkle the Designer Cat who was a part of all our lives has lost her battle with illness. So much has been said already, that I don't need to say anymore. But we appreciated that Sparkle was always one of the first to visit and comment in her own inimitable way whenever a blog post went up. So in honour of her and her huge contribution to the wellbeing of kitties everywhere, we dedicate our word of the day.

Sparkle - a glittering and shining light that will be missed from all our lives 


Sunday 17 August 2014

Easy on a Sunday - starring Austin and Tigger!

It never happens in this house that both the resident kitty and the visiting kitty get the "easy on" together actually on a Sunday. But here is the exception that proves the rule:

I swear they are in the same room. Just not together! However this was the scene a little bit earlier
Austin: "Mum, make him get off!"
Tigger: "Not on your nelly!"
However, after bringing in the arbitration service who oversaw a series of meaningful negotiations aided by the enticement of Salmon Kit Nips treats from Wagg Foods (full review coming shortly), peace was restored and détente achieved.


détente - a French portable shelter made of cloth, supported by one or more poles and stretched tight by cords or loops attached to pegs driven into the ground. 


PS We really apologise for the fact that we have been very much absent from the visiting and commenting aspect of the Cat Blogosphere just lately. There just seems to be not enough hours in the day! But we really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to come over to CATachresis and laugh and comment and hopefully go away cheered :-)

Wednesday 13 August 2014

On the Bayou!

I was not napping much this last weekend as I've been on a trip up the Mississippi with the Cat Scouts. I do get around :) It was very ably organised by good buddy Sammy of One Spoiled Cat
First of all I met my buddy and roomie Spitty at Vicksburg airport. It was a bit nip and tuck whether we would even find each other as he was flying in from the west coast and I hitched a lift across the Atlantic on a passing Portuguese man o' war. I was misled about the type of vessel it was! I asked the waiter for a Stinger. Maybe I was unwise!

Anyway, here we are looking dapper at the airport.

Here is our boat to take our trip down the river!
(I shall say river from now on as typing Misisissisissippispi is a bit of a chore)

Ok, just kidding!

Here we are channelling the Blues Brothers on our way 
to check out the girls facilities before dinner

This was our luxury cabin

Then we reached some kind of swampy place with tents!!!!!

So we booked a cabin

And then all the Cat Scouts told each other scary stories around the campfire 
about monsters in the dark!

I wore my Yogi Bear onesie!

The next day we packed to go home (well, some of us!)

We collected together our souvenirs 

It was great fun!

The End

These were only some of the highlights. If you want to see more of the trip and the other stuff we get up to, then you should join Cat Scouts. All (well-behaved) kitties are welcome!


Today we have a guest worder! 
This definition comes from the delectable Miss Nylablue :)
Thank you and take it away .....

Diphthong: What a purrson wearz to go swimmin in
(ed: but preferably not in a croc filled bayou!)


Thursday 7 August 2014

The Real Secret of Happiness!

So now we know! There is a secret to being happy. Scientists at The University College of London have been doing research at great expense to someone (probably the taxpayer). There is even an equation!

Now loyal readers will know that I am a bit of an equation aficionado, so when I saw the write-up in the Daily Telegraph, I had to put it to the test.

Happiness = baseline average mood + what you can settle for (CR) + what you'll get on average if you gamble (EV) + the difference between that and what you actually get (RPE). The recurring ∑-function weights each factor in turn by its recent history

Ahem! Ok! Umm ...... ? I kind of lost the will to live around about CRj , but I think it all boils down to erring on the gloomy side of ecstatic. In fact they are really advocating an Eeyore outlook whose baseline average mood can be summed up in the following maxim:

Blessed is he who expecteth nothing for he shall not be disappointed

For me? I'm a simple kitty and after many years of painstaking research I believe I have found the real secret to happiness. It can be equated as follows:

H = ∊K + ∊SG x ⊃N∞→

Happiness = kibble + stinky goodness x naps to infinity and beyond


aficionado - an expert on fish


Friday 1 August 2014

The Wall

 What can you do when you are up against The Wall?

Get on top, of course?

I am sure there's a Tigger in there!
Now, I'm bushed!


insinuate - accusing someone of ingesting something they shouldn't
ingest - said for amusement