Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Nip-fest and some breakdancing!

Austin is a lucky boy and no mistake. He has won another draw and received some more lovely goodies; this time from a land far far away! Connie and the Crew from “tails from the foster kittens” sent a parcel which Austin and I fell upon (well Austin did, I just got out the trusty box brownie) and here is the picture story - with an academy award reject winning video at the end (turn the sound up!).

A lovely framed pencil drawing for the human :)

So there you have it. I am amazed the package made it unmolested through customs! It was a veritable cornucopia of catnip and as I have mentioned before, Austin is a catnip junkie!  To prove it here is the promised video, complete with added soundtrack! My first attempt and am quite chuffed! You can view on YouTube or below. It’s not very long!

Austin the breakdancer!

Thank you very much to kind Connie and the Crew xxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Professor Austein

Glogirly, of the famous Glogirly and Katie Design website, very kindly offered to design an avatar as one of the items in Cathy Keisha’s auction for Baby Patches. AND CATachresis won!! After some consultation between Austin and Glogirly, here is the result :)

Thank you Glogirly - with just a little help from Katie!

Those who have travelled with Austin and me down the years will know that the grumpy little feline has pretensions to academic eptitude. He has been assistant to both Schrodinger and Fibonacci. He's advised Sir Isaac Newton. He has even mediated at a mythical meeting between Occam and Gordias!

Now, finally, he has reached what I believe to be the pinnacle of his career. He has proved that Albert Einstein was probably on to something with this E = mc2 malarkey. However, all this stuff about energy, mass and speed of light squared is a load of dogwash! As you can see in the excellent representation above, Prof Austin shows that relatively speaking, strange things do happen when you move very fast. In fact the faster you go the slower time runs (Chariots of Fire anyone?)

However, the other day Prof Austin was able to test HIS hypothesis when he was caught in the canine upsurge of the eleven spitting dogs (that live next door but one, two and three). He, during this unexpected event, managed to mass his particles to prove conclusively that:

F^..^2 + MC⦉⦁⧭⦁⦊ = ⚔⚐☺
Austin squaring up to many massive dogs = the speed of light

And, because of the whole space time continuum thingy he was back on my bed asleep before he’d even woken up. Forget the large hadron collider, we’ve got the small cat on the soft eider. Job done!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Synchronised Sitting

I don’t usually do wordless wednesdays - I like to be free to do Austin’s own thing - but we thought this was a great shot. Anyway as I’m behind with the proper post, I thought this might be a good interim offering :)

BTW I looked and looked in the
Cat-O-Lympics itinerary for a category for synchronised sitting? Could I find it? Could I …...!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Parcel Post!

It’s not often Austin receives post addressed to him; in fact never before to my certain knowledge. But yesterday the postman delivered a parcel with his name on it! It was from Mollie and Alfie. He’d won a prize in their draw :)

There was even a note with their picture for him!


In fact the salmon treats proved such a winner, his greed joy has been videoed for posterity!!! You can watch below or view on YouTube
Did I actually see him kiss Mollie and Alfie’s picture?

Altogether Austin is a very happy and contented kitty :)

Thank you Mollie and Alfie. You are very kind.
Go visit their blog. Their Bean makes stuff :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Black is back!

You may remember the post about The Battle of the Black Cat in which Austin and Tigger, the dynamic duo, were victorious after a magnificent display of feline ferocity in conquering the mysterious Black cat who had taken up residence in the summerhouse! Or you may not!

Anyway, after a
gap of a week or two in which Blackie was obviously lying low somewhere else, I saw him by chance (when I also happened to have my camera ;) back in the summerhouse. And here he is:
Please excuse pic through mucky window. He looks a bit grumpy, that’s for sure! We did the slow blink thing to each other. It was quite sweet :) I then brought him some food and shoved it awkwardly through the catflap. He looked at the food. He looked at me. He ate.

While I was so occupied, the garden, which was catless
up to this point, suddenly became filled with other representatives from the genus Felis and the species catus - many thanks to Spittimus for the latin lesson!

My hero!!!

Sometime later …..

Sometime later still …..

Blackie's gone?

If nothing else, one thing has become very clear to me. The shed, formally known as "The Summerhouse" has now officially become “The Catio” and the Battle for the Catio is ongoing!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Extreme Sports!

Cats have been known to indulge in extreme sports and Austin is no exception. For him the activity that really gets his adrenalin into a rush is ……. "Extreme Wheelie Bin Watching"! Yep he can watch a wheelie bin for hours, days, weeks if necessary i.e. if there’s something of interest underneath. Of course the conditions have to be just right otherwise he could do himself a mischief. Take the other day. Starting at 09:00hrs ……..

It’s under the bin!

It is probably true to say that Austin is a whisker short of a full hump when it comes to some things! But he sure is a sore loser!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bloomin' Illumine!

Yes, you see correctly. This is an award. Another award. Austin’s got another award! He is so overcome with joy, delight and another emotion which he can’t quite put a name to.  What do you think? Ennui, malaise, languor? Personally I think it’s heatstroke!

OK, so he might not be jumping up and down, but I am - well, I am, inside. Though think it might be palpatations. I shouldn’t have scoffed down that lemon lush in Debenhams this morning. It was a gluten bomb just waiting to commit citricide in my innermost parts.

But I digress. It was
Glogirly and Katie who did the honours and passed this on to Austin and he really is chuffed and full of jubilant elation.
Well he is!

Glogirly has just won the Best Cat Blog 2012 award at BlogPaws! So we recommend y
ou visit her blog and meet Katie who I believe is even more sarcastic than Austin. It’s a tuxie thing!! Glogirly is also the power behind the hugely successful Real Housecats of the Blogosphere Series!

Now t
here are some things we are supposed to do like answer questions blah blah blah (see previous post), but as Glogirly and Katie mushed everything together, I don’t think I can unmush, so am not sure whether to make something up or just smile and back away slowly?

I know, I will get Austin to say something about himself that might not be generally known. Over to you Austin:

I am not saying anything without my solicitor present.

Fair enough!

Now, as it is unclear to us exactly how, and to who, we should pass this on to, I am going to freefall and make up my own rules as I go (isn’t this fun!). So, here are some blogs which I like, out of the many that I like, who I think are bloomin’ illuminating:

Rykers Boyz - A Tonk’s Tail ..
Katnip Lounge
Kjelle Bus
Haopee - My Dogs Love Me
The Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge
The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
Troublin’ Times

Finally, we would like to say thanks to Mollie and Alfie because we won a prize in their competition. A new experience for us and we like new experiences don’t we, Austin?