Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Austin meets Team GB - Voting day has arrived!

Yesterday the victorious Team GB olympic heroes paraded through London. It was a magnificently joyous occasion. And guess who was there too?

On top the bus

On top the roof

And even in among the bigwigs!
Is that the Prime Minister wearing his badge?
and the Mayor is obviously a big fan!
Yes, Austin was there canvassing for votes!
  Did you see him? ;)

Yep, the voting starts today (Tuesday) for Zee & Zoey's Cat Ruler of the World Campaign for a Cause. You have hopefully seen all the cat-idates and read about all the well deserving shelters that each one advocates. We hope that you will vote for our shelter Freshfields Animal Rescue

It is very easy to vote. Please click here to take you to Zee & Zoey’s page and see the closing arguments from all the cat-idates. There is a link on that page that if you click, there will be a pop up window which shows all six names.  All you have to do is choose Austin’s name and that’s it. The winning shelter receives a whole bunch of goodies!

Happy voting and here is the link once again 


  1. Very impressive indeed, Master Austin!!!
    That medal is a purrfect accessory.

    Congratulations on a spectacular campaign!
    Can we nap yet???

    xo, Katie

  2. Good luck, Austin - we have all forged great campaigns!

  3. Austin, we are proud to have run in this race with you and wish you the very best! Peace,love & purrs,

  4. Going over to vote now Austin...What a great campaign you and Nellie have done :) xx00xx

  5. Let the best Cat win :)
    Your Campaign have been awsome !

  6. Austin – we have thoroughly enjoyed your campaigning and are so proud you were one of the Cat-idates for Zee & Zoey’s first ever Cat Ruler of the World Contest (and our only international one, at that). Freshfields Animal Rescue is a wonderful organization and we are happy to have helped more people become aware of this great place.

  7. Woot! Just got back from voting...good luck, Austin!

  8. Am about to go over and vote now for Austin, who I not only read about on here constantly but have actually met in the flesh & fur so to speak. I feel he's the purr-fect cat-idate to win the 'Cat Ruler of the World' competition altho, the others are very worthy cat-idates too but somehow, for me - Austin seems to head the list by more than just a whisker!!
    Lots of luck Austin to you and to Freshfields Animal Rescue centre if you win, as they will all benefit by receiving some lovely goodies for their ever-growing family of abandoned kitties, catties, puppies, doggies and other animal friends.

  9. Dear Austin
    Me is just now heading over to votes and on my way me is stopping by to visit all the Catidates and tell them how much me ejoyed their competition and how worthy all their causes are.
    All the Cats is winners!

  10. I've been lurking and following these campaigns for weeks and voting day is finally here! Great cause, and good luck!

  11. Oh these pics are so funny, I love them! You go Austin, woo-hoo! :)

  12. What a fabulous post!!!! We just wanted to tell you we love you and wish you the BEST of luck!

  13. dood..yur bus pick sure iz rockin; we hope they letz ewe drive it thru de streets....

    a grate campaign N best fishes ta all de catidates...

    we hope everee one wins !!

  14. best fishes two ewe austin N all de catidates N a grate job runnin a burd free campaign !!

  15. Lots of luck to you. Hope you win that election. Looking good Auston with all those big wigs. Take care.

  16. Most excellent Austin!!!
    Good luck!!!!
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  17. Wow, Austin. You really know how to schmooze.

    Good luck in the election!!

  18. Austinyou are one class act pal and I am thrilled to have gained such a wonderful friend! Good luck to you too!

  19. Austin,
    Great final statement. I loved the "microcosm of Global plan" part--such vocabulary worthy of a leader!!!!
    And you embrace dogs too! I have dog and six cats. While I generally believe that cats lead and dogs follow, in my home, the eldest rules--in this Ma Cherie is QUEEN--much like in England.

    Regardless of outcome, we hope this campaign attracts more donations, volunteers to Freshfields Animal Rescue and more cats are adopted!

  20. Thank you so much! It's blogs like yours that made me want to come back and write more. You and Austin are awesome. A shout out would be greatly appreciated....


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