Friday 29 March 2013

Funnovit Films presents ...

…. their latest blockbuster movie!

You can view it on YouTube here

Happy Easter

counterintuitive, counter-intuitive - this is when a cat who has not been showing the slightest bit of interest and who is sleeping in another part of the house, suddenly appears and scoots across the kitchen counter when the chicken is taken out of the oven.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

A narrow escape!

What are you doing?


You coming out anytime soon?

Come on! Breathe in!

 Someone needs to cut down on the gravy!

catastrophe - a cat❛⩄❛s attempt at punctuation

Saturday 23 March 2013

The Creative Cat - goodies from over the pond!

We at CATachresis are huge fans of the work of Bernadette Kazmarski. She is a very talented artist and I am often to be found having a stroll through her website or Etsy shop. After many months of window shopping I fell in love with a particular painting, so decided to put in an order for a print and also some other items. A couple of weeks ago the package arrived. Austin was very intrigued:

A great deal of inspecting was necessary

there was definitely a certain whiff about it!

"Can you tell me why I detect strange kitty odour?"

"Ah! this is more like it…..

….this I understand….

…though I'm having a bit of trouble as….

…'s rather a snug fit!"

Ed's note: I suspect he wants a closer whiff of the tantalising eau de kitty!

After much effort….
… it became all too much!" 

You might remember the video of this:


...This is what we got :)

And here is a close up of the picture that I particularly love ❤
Isn't it great!

Austin and I can highly recommend you go take a look at Bernadette's work both at The Creative Cat and also Portraits of Animals where you can see some of her beautiful commissioned paintings as well as her Etsy shop.

eau de kitty - smelly fragrant cat

Monday 18 March 2013

I'm now a statistic!

It's the human here! I'm just having a whinge ;)

We were picked (our household) by the Office of National Statistics as one of the 130,000 "lucky" ones in the UK this year to be visited and have stupid questions asked about life, the universe and everything!! You can't refuse apparently!! 

The government official chappy made an appointment and he came along last Friday. He said it would be only twenty minutes seeing we just had one cat and not eleven children in the house!! Well, he actually stayed an hour and twenty minutes as Austin turned out to be more complicated than he thought! 

You wouldn't believe some of the questions - or maybe you would, if you know this government! Among all the usual stuff about education, work and health there were these four questions: 

1) How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10? 

2) How satisfied are you with your life ….. ?
3) How happy were you yesterday ….? 
4) How anxious were you yesterday…… ? 

I HAVE NEVER, IN ALL MY BORN DAYS, HEARD ANYTHING SO @*£$%^ STUPID!!!! Austin said his thoughts on the matter were completely off the scale!

I told the government official chappy that I couldn't even remember what I had for breakfast let alone my emotional state yesterday and please could I get back to him after I had consulted my regression therapist? Austin was in tucks!!

Austin declined to answer any questions regarding his mental state, but when pressed, on the subject of education he revealed he had a Dogtorate in CataNOMics from the University of Catatonia.  

However he conveniently forgot to mention the ASBO* he received from the local Magistrate (me) just the day before.

When the government official chappy left he seemed to have acquired a bit of a facial tic!

*ASBO = Anti-Social Behaviour Order

government/governmental - govern-mental - a form of collective mind control

Saturday 16 March 2013

The Cat, the Hat and St Pat!





I so wish I had thumbs!
(sorry, pics are from iPhone and taken with a shaky hand that does have thumbs!)

Most of you will have heard that Google are discontinuing their reader on July 1st, so trying to be ahead of the game, we at the cod end of CATachresis are trying out different readers for all the blogs we visit! It's such fun … not! Anyway at the moment it is the turn of which works well on Macbook Air so far, but on ipad? Not so much ….. unless of course the stupid human has missed a trick, which she probably has! Also receiving blog updates by email is clogging the inbox, so these are also being incorporated into Feedly. We are NOT unsubscribing, just subscribing differently :) 

If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to shout! Thanks :)

Google - a search engine that's more than the sum of its parts even though some of its parts are missing

Monday 11 March 2013

Bad trip?

Let me in! I swear I'll never touch nip again!

dormant, dorm-ant - small insect that didn't pay the single room surcharge 

Thursday 7 March 2013

CATachresis presents………..

OK, so I am just messing around with iMovie!
You can also view the video on YouTube here

The shy star! 

thesaurus - a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary
(the word today courtesy of Nadbugs from catself :)

Sunday 3 March 2013

Shadows and haiku!

Me and my shadow
Scrabbling around in the soil
Which one has the tail?

karma - feeling a bit more karm than you did before