Saturday 25 February 2017

CATachresis Presents .......

Austin's New House!






NB A few nights ago whilst I was minding my own business at 3 a.m. A hairy biped said they caught me trying out my new house for size. They said I was fast asleep and snoring! However there is absolutely no visual or audial proof of this, so I will leave it to you dear reader to make up your own mind as to its veracity!

In other matters ...
Spring is sprunging in the field opposite. The lamb was only just born and mum was bathing it in front of an audience! 😹

veracity - A city made up entirely of women called Vera

Sunday 19 February 2017

Can anyone here speak Meow?

Hi everyone! It's me! Do you remember? I don't blame you if you don't! Here's the thing! It's been a trying few weeks with The Affiliate Typist getting a bit lackadaisical in taking down my blogging ruminations!  Anyway we did eventually have a chat about it! But there did seem to be a communication problem, though! 

Please could you watch the following and tell me how we could both get on the same page?  Blimey! It's only been nine years since I moved in. It could be crucial to any future we might have in the blogosphere!  But you'd think we understand each other a bit better by now! 

You might need to turn the sound up!

Well, there you go! Any advice will be thankfully received!

While we are here, we would also like to join in and introduce everyone to Teddy Kimmell. He was chosen by Angel Sammy to go and live with his Mom and Dad and keep them from being lonely. And it looks like he has settled in very well already. You can click on his picture below to pop over and say hi! There is also a blog hop hosted by Friends Forever and Madi and Mom, which you can join in here.

Finally I am submitting a selfie for the Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the Kitties Blue.

I seem to be getting a bit thin on top, but I'm not proud! Actually it's just the light! MOL 😹
You can click on the badge below to join in.