Friday 28 February 2014

Mooning around!

To catch up with the moon story so far you need to go visit Sammy here

So here I am with my sweet Sassy Silvervine in our suite at the Moon Hotel. She came along as excess baggage support for me on this intrepid adventure and she prettied up our room while I was busy doing intergalactic stuff. Wasn't that sweet!

Here I am trying to find the bathroom!
I find that having the laser eye option switched on is helpful in such circumstances. It keeps one's electron flux stabilised and nebula emissions under control!

While I was engaged in these rather mundane pursuits, over in the Starlight Lounge there was an awards ceremony taking place with all my astronaut buddies in attendance.  AND it appears that while I was absent, Miss Sassy and I received an award!

YAY! Thanks to all Miss Sassy's hard work, we were voted Best Decorated Hotel Room by the acatemy! My five hour long speech of acceptance can be found over at Sammy's. So please go over and join in the fun and celebrations and see what else we are all getting up to.

PeeEss from The Staff. Thank you everyone for your purrs and good wishes. Austin is back to his usual chirpy self today. We are doing the happy dance around the moon :) 

Thursday 27 February 2014

What a trip......!

...... in more ways than one! After my eventful outing to the vet the other day, I was feeling a bit rough to be honest. In fact yesterday I was feeling decidedly bleeaaaggghhhhh!

This is me feeling bleeaaaggghhhh on mum's lap last evening (She's called mum when I am sick and in need of TLC).  I couldn't move very well and jump up like I usually do and was crying. In fact I was being a right crybaby. Mum was worried, so much so that she rang the vet, and then asked some of her my blogging friends what it could be? The vet said it was not uncommon reaction to the annual shot and her my blogging friends were extremely helpful and supportive and, in fact, mum learnt some stuff she didn't know. So thank you everyone x :)

Well, after a quiet night in my own compact and bijou residence I went outside to carry out some important business in the shrubbery and jumped (yes JUMPED) up on to the window sill to be let back in again! While I am going to milk this for all its worth not out of the woods yet, it has been agreed that I can join in Sammy's much heralded trip to the moon, which I am glad about as I went to a lot of trouble to get my old space suit renovated!

And here we all are :)

To be continued


Tuesday 25 February 2014

A whole lot of BIG!

I had to go to The Stabby Place yesterday.  I had absolutely no warning about this. I woke up from my nap to see "Her" looming over me being all sweet and nice and coochy coo! Before you could say "nip sausage" I was unceremoniously stuffed gently placed into the PTU and imprisoned for ten hours minutes while she drove me to THAT place. Needless to say I sang the song of my people all the way there and even wrote a couple more verses for good measure!

When we arrived we had to wait for another ten hours minutes and do you know what happened? I was still singing the refrain for the umpteenth time when the door opened and THE BIGGEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD came in! I knew it was going to eat me there and then. You just know these things! "She" said "It's going to do no such thing." But I knew. I just knew! How did I know? You may well ask!  Oh, you did!  Well, it was licking its ginormous lips AND it was looking at me at the same time, proving what we already feared, that dogs CAN multitask! THE BIGGEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD looked like this....

"She" said it's a Saint Bernard!!! I said no way was that thing a saint. Oh No! It was going to eat me. As far as I know saints don't eat kitties! Maybe someone can put me right on this? Anyways, it was a very narrow escape as THE BIGGEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD was quickly taken into "The Back Room" and a short time later came out again wearing the BIGGEST cone of shame I'd ever seen. How I larfed! Now try and eat me, Bernie old chap!!

Then it was my turn in "The Back Room". "She" had to scruff me to come out of the PTU, but I didn't bite or scratch. I even allowed myself to be cuddled by the nurse for, like, forever. I am not an ignorant peasant. I know how to behave. I will gloss over the indignities administered to me, but enough to say that I was greatly discomforted!

The ten hour minute journey home was substantially quieter. Once back I realised I needed some succour so sought out BIG Nippage (Nip Sausage. Geddit?) who has come to me courtesy of Mollie and Alfie's shop and cuddled him a bit. "She", who has nothing better to do, has shamelessly videoed our private moment and turned it into a movie with music and everything! Ladycats might need to avert their eyes!

You can view on YouTube here

The Staff here. Austin has had his annual shot, but also as he has had problems with feline stomatitis, I have to take him regularly to be checked. A while a go the vet did a procedure using cryo freezing (tautological!) to remove the lesions and was quite successful, meaning his teeth have been ok. This time he could see signs that it might be returning, so will have to go back in a couple of months to check again. He might have to have another procedure! :( Happily his teeth are still fine and he does not seem to be in any discomfort. I am watching him like a hawk!


Bigamist - comparative adjective, e.g. today's mist was greater than the one yesterday


Wednesday 19 February 2014

Olympic Dreams!

Here I am practicing for the luge ... or is it the skeleton?
(Did someone tilt the room? Those ornaments must be blu-tacked!)

View from the top. Pretty good technique, though I say so myself!
Negotiating the bend. Nice whisker control and paw positioning!

Note from The Staff. This is now Austin's favourite relaxing and napping place. There will be another elebenty million photos taken of this from different angles until spring comes and we can go outside in the daylight :)


million - lots of mills


Sunday 16 February 2014

An award and a shout out!

First of all, thanks to everyone who organised the Queen of Hearts Ball. It was great fun to participate in, even if the most fun was had by a certain Monsieur A. Photoshop ;)

Today, I am recovering!
Thank you to my sweetheart, Sassy Silvervine, who accompanied me and made sure my glass was always spiked full!


Second of all I would like to give a shout out to (fairly) new best friends Loupi and Zorro and their mum Claire over at the Swiss Cat Blog.  Now I don't know about your humans, but mine just loves Switzerland ever since she was sent there as a kid of eight years old for several weeks.  Ok, so she caught German measles (not Swiss measles) and nits, but that was nothing to do with the country. That was the English kid in the next bed!! Anyways, please go over to their blog and say hi, and if you go now, you will find they are holding a giveaway, so you might even win a prize :) They are a multi-lingual blog, which is very impressive!!


Third of all, we (well, I) have received another award. This time from my good friend Nellie, The Cat from Hell who has awarded the Sunshine Picnic award to ten of her bestest friends. We each of us were instructed to bring something to the picnic. I was asked to bring some pysgod a sglodion which I was happy to do. It makes my day when I can go into a shop and say "May I have some pysgod a sglodion please!"  :)

Doesn't it look jolly! Now I am not sure whether I am supposed to pass this on, but I think that many others have already been invited to a sunshine picnic. Now let's face it, sunshine is in short supply in a large part of the northern hemisphere at the moment! Some of us are snowed in and some of us are under water and many of the rest have been buffeted around in hurricane force winds. So a buffet al fresco in the sunshine is an exciting prospect. Thank you Nellie! You can come and buffet my buffet anytime :)


pysgod a sglodion - (Welsh) fish and chips which can be taken to a buffet or eaten at a buffet or bought in a buffet on a train whilst being buffeted


Friday 14 February 2014

The Queen of Hearts Ball!

Mr Austin Towers and Miss Sassy Silvervine
channelling Brangelina on their way to the most prestigious event of the year!

Please go over to Miss Madi's to see the rest of the A-listers and check out all the activities!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a wonderful day everyone! xox

Don't forget to check out the day's events over at Madi's

Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Date!

You can read the first part of our Valentine's adventure here!

Well, after I arrived in my super fast jet .....

I picked Miss Sassy up in the Rolls Royce that I specially hired for the occasion

We went for a nice drive in the country

and stopped for a lovely picnic.

After we had sufficed partaking of the magnificent feast we lounged around and chatted and napped.

Then later on we finished the day at Sassy's favourite restaurant "Le Chat Mange" (The Mangy Cat) sharing her favourite dish - sea food platter.

It was a wonderful day!

Thank you Sassy ❤︎xoxox❤︎

Tomorrow we are going to rest up so we are ready for Miss Madi's Queen of Hearts Ball on Friday

It was great fun. Thank you for stopping by :)

Monday 10 February 2014

Valentine's Ball ..... the week before!

Hi everyone :)

So there I was just minding my own business and the postie came. He said he had something for me! And slap me vitals with a wet haddock! He did!

"Here you are, Austin" he said. And there it was!
A package?
 Interesting whiff!

There's a letter!!??

"Dear Handsome Austin   ........ " 
(for the sake of propriety I cannot reveal anymore ;)

Just a gosh-darned minute! I know who this is from!!

It's from the long haired beauty, the lovely temptress Miss Sassy Silvervine! She has sent me a present for Valentine's Day. For those of you who don't know, she is Callie aka Trouble's much more angelic sister and my girlfriend for.... like..... forever!

She sent me a nip mousey!!!! YAY!!

Now, The Staff tried to take lots of pictures of me playing with it, but I was faster than the speed of light.....

... in fact I reached warp factor 5

So in the end, she made a movie which I now present to you!

You can get the full dolby surround by viewing on YouTube here

All I can say is..
Miss Sassy Silvervine
on Friday
You SHALL go to the ball

Put on your posh frock Miss Sassy
I am on my way!

To be continued

Saturday 8 February 2014

Mini-Me Olympics

In memory of sweet Bridget of Dip Dip and The Bridge many of the mini-mes that her mum made are entering into the Mini Olympics (absolutely nothing to do with the debacle spectacular taking place elsewhere!)

It is being organised by Frankie and Ernie, who, I am ashamed to say, I don't know!! Because of that oversight I didn't get the memo about where to send Mr W. Eevil so that he could take part!

So here he is arriving somewhere with snow in the hopes that it is within the vicinity! I told him when he gets to Siberia, turn right at Bratsk, left at Ulan Bator and then keep going. *sniggers*

Here he is, ready to go!

Here he is in the big race!

Do you think he wins?


Actually, it turns out that bloke he was racing was just nipping out to pick up the papers and some yak milk in downtown Vladivostok!

Tehehehe!! Better luck next time little buddy!

NB. Next Friday is a special day!! It is Valentine's Day :) Do you think I am going to the Valentine's Ball? If so, do you think I have a date? I am saying nothing *taps nose* but watch this space!!

NB again. Please forgive lack of blogging and visiting once again! The silly Staff who as you know is a techno-idiot has been trying to get her head round Photoshop Elements 12.  Have to say it has not been a pleasant experience for any of us! The results (above) were only achieved after many hours of furrowed brows and some, frankly, shocking HBO language!

Have a great (rest of the) weekend! xox

sublime - underneath a green citrus fruit 

Sunday 2 February 2014

I don't know what you're doing .......

but I am taking it easy!

Gratuitous bikini shot >^,,^<

I understand that in America some people are getting very excited about something called "the supper bowl"! Well, here is mine....

Ok, I admit supper is kind of exciting, especially when there is trout involved, but the BOWL?? What's that all about?

catacomb - a comb for cats