Monday 27 January 2014

A big thank you!

It's me, Austin! I've been allowed back in my own blog YAY! What a relief! The Staff's turning into a bit of a Moaning Minnie if truth be told. Come on! Chillax baby! Take a pill!!

I just want to say that I am cock-a-hoop.  Yep, my hoop is indeed cocked that so many folk now like my facebook page. It's now reached ..... runs to see ..... 119, nearly double :)

Ok, I know I'll never reach the dizzy heights of megastars like Sparkle and Glogirly who have thousands of fans and acolytes, but for this little Welsh unwanted stray, who was found inside a car engine, skinny and starving, badly injured and covered in grime and dirt, *sound of violins* it does my old tuxie heart good to know that later on in life I can add a little joy to the lives of various kitties around the globe and their hairless bipeds!

Thank you to everyone that gave a plug and bludgeoned encouraged their friends to click the like button. I promise that I will hardly ever post anything and clutter up your newsfeed.

Now it really is about time I showed my appreciation by listing some awards that have come my way in recent days weeks months.

from Nerissa

from Nellie and from Kitties Blue I received a star for my blog of the year award, but as I can't remember how many I've already received, I'm rounding it up to six ;)

from Kitties Blue and Miss Nylablue (no relation!)

from Miss Nylablue

Thank you all so very much :)

Are you still with me? *Hangs head in shame* I am really sorry I managed to accumulate so many without thanking the kind bloggers who gave to me! And even now I think I missed a couple! Now I know there are rules. Mouses! There are always rules. But as I don't want to detain you any longer I will just employ my specially devised Award Equation which has been adapted from Einstein's lesser known Theory of Thankability..

several awards + good friends = glad heart

aco-lyte - the opposite of aco-heavy

Thursday 23 January 2014

What to do?

The Staff here:

You know what it's like when you go from one room to another with purpose, but as soon as you get there you forget why you went? Well, it's a bit like that with blogging at the moment. I open up new post on blogger and I immediately lose focus and wander off into Google to ask questions like "who was the mother of Richard the First?"* Before I know it I'm deep into the bowels of the internet researching Wittgenstein's Tractatus. No focus. See!

And Austin is no help! He does all these cute things like napping and playing and napping and eating and napping and napping, but he's so super quick that by the time I've lumbered over to the camera or picked up the iphone he's moved onto something else equally as enthralling and I've forgotten what it was supposed to about anyway! And why is it he looks his cutest and most gorgeous when the light is bad and I am practically comatose?

Here is Austin napping in a riveting way in bad light on a dark blanket taken at a very bad angle.

It is such cutting edge filmature that I daren't upload to YouTube for fear the whole caboodle crashes with the bazillion hits it will get in the first hour.

We haven't seen Tigger very much over the winter either, so I can't even post assorted pictures of him eating Austin's food - Tigger eating from the left. Tigger eating from the right. Tigger eating upside down. The possibilities are endless, if only Tigger would turn up!

And then I forgot that yesterday was "Answer your cat's questions" day. Austin doesn't have any questions to be fair. He only has instructions - feed me now; get DaBird; scritch my chin; let me out; let me in; let me out ....

Which reminds me (though don't know why it should!). Austin has received one or two (or more) awards just lately and I am aware that he hasn't gracefully accepted them .. or even ungracefully! Please bear with us while he and I negotiate a deal where he can display all his bling without responsibility. It's an ongoing discussion.

One other thing. Austin would be so happy if more people would "like" his facebook page. He is getting very depressed at the stats he receives from facebook every month which basically say nobody likes him. I tell him that it would help if he posted some interesting status updates now and again. He's thinking about it!

* Eleanor of Aquitaine

despot - to remove a mark or blemish

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Is it me?

No. Really. Is it?

Just a bit puny looking!
Tell tale giveaway. I don't wear a collar!!!??
So WHO is this?

All I can say is "she-who-is-generally-ignored" came back reeking of alien tuxie the other day! 

It took me absolutely ages to get my stinks back on her again! If anyone out there recognises this interloper please call the Tuxie Doppelgänger Helpline immediately.

Meanwhile here is the original for comparative purposes

interloper - someone who lopes inter your life uninvited

Wednesday 8 January 2014

No rhyme or reason!

You think you're so terribly clever.
You take photos all of the time.
But one thing - it is clear - you will never,
Is get me to pose for a rhyme!

I like long words that mean something,
like hyperbole, frowsty and squinch.
But if you continue to bug me,
I'll turn into Austin the Grinch.

So now that we've had this discussion,
I trust you now understand,
that rhyming is not so important
As making sure that all the words like sorta scan ... kinda!

hyperbole - hyper.bowl.lee = an unusually energetic dish 

Saturday 4 January 2014

My New Year Resolution!

I am going to do more exercise.
Look! I can touch my toes already.
But doing too much is prolly not wise,
Especially in my leopard fur beddy!

exercise - the action that does not speak louder than words