Sunday 27 February 2011


This is what greets me through the bedroom window most mornings.  It's no wonder I'm a basket case.  It's all part of his daily going-out-and-coming-in ritual. Go out conservatory window, come in bedroom window, go out utility room door, come in front door, go out bedroom window, come in conservatory door. By 8 a.m. I'm exhausted and ready for a few days in respite care. Oh and in case you're thinking "why doesn't she get a cat flap organised?"  It has been tried!!!

On another note I have discovered that Austin has become hardcore - not sure what it is, but hear it used by the young things :)  Anyway, forget catnip.  It's for the kids.  Austin has developed a craving for a certain fabric softener. Shall I name it?  I could be sued? Oh well, never mind. It's called COMFORT. It's not even the normal one, but the concentrate! Shock, horror!  So when his blanket is newly washed, he kind of goes all psychedelic. He sniffs it and rolls in it, purring loudly all the time and even cuddles it for crying out loud!  Eventually he is overcome by euphoria......

.......... and has to rest his nose!

I my cat :>)

N.B. Perhaps the nice people that manufacture COMFORT will read this and give me (and Austin) a lifetime's supply :>)

Wednesday 16 February 2011

The words "rod" and "back" come to mind .......

It could be because Austin's an only cat that he can be (is) quite demanding! I've only got myself to blame. I've spoilt him. Of course, when he adopted us, he laid down the ground rules, but I had no idea that compliance could bring so much grief. The thing is ...... well the problem is .... I suppose what it all comes down to is "routine".

If I'm not at the right place at the right time for him, it becomes a major issue and I've never known a cat who can be so affronted and whose looks could be so LOUD!

Admittedly I tend to do the same thing at the same time. So after I've done the same thing at the same time a few thousand times, he gets lulled into a false sense of security.

Picture the scene (1):

He comes in from out. He has a bite of FelixChickeninRichGravy. He goes and sits in the window-behind-the-curtain for two-and-a-half minutes. After exactly two-and-a-half minutes he rushes out from window-behind-the-curtain, chirrups loudly and leaps from about six feet into my lap for cuddles and snuggles. We do this twelve-hundred-and-forty-two times in a row. On the twelve-hundred-and-forty-third time, I am not there. I am elsewhere. He screeches to a halt mid air and executes a purrfect Tom'nJerry type flop onto the poof in front the chair.

Oh the humiliation, the mortification
, the perturbation, the ..... cheek!!!!

So moving the action along, we are now agog to know what happens on the twelve-hundred-and-forty-fourth occasion?

Picture the scene (2):

He comes in from out. He has a bite of FelixChickeninRichGravy. He goes and sits in the window-behind-the-curtain for two-and-a-half minutes. After exactly two-and-a-half minutes and, remembering the previous embarrassing occasion, he sticks his head out tentatively and looks at the chair-where-I'm-supposed-to-be-sitting. He looks at me ensconced in an unauthorised chair, humming to myself and buffing my nails. He strolls to authorised chair where we have cuddled and snuggled on twelve-hundred-and-forty-two occasions. He looks at the chair. He looks at me. He looks at chair again. I submit to superior feline will and move to authorised chair where cuddling and snuggling proceeds in the accepted manner. I jiggle around uncomfortably trying to (unsuccessfully) remove the rod that's sticking in my back!

 The "Look"

Sunday 6 February 2011

Immortalised ...... "I just like to thank my agent ......"

WOW! Austin's fame is now such that he's reached iconic status!  

Good blogging friend and Tux lover extraordinaire Sarah L-B has created this portrait of His Lordship:

Isn't it brilliant!!!!

It's just too good.  Now, of course, we have a problem ... or rather I do.  Austin's gone all luvvie on me.  He's now demanding an agent, a yacht and his own condo in Malibu!  He's already packed up and moved out of his compact and bijou residence in the conservatory. And he got quite sniffy about his supper of tuna marinade.  In fact I swear he tossed his head. Good grief!

Thanks Sarah ;>) You can also catch some of her work here  ... oh and Austin can also be found again here the poseur!

*goes off to take a call from "Hello" magazine, who are talking big bucks for something they call "a shoot". Hmmmm! 8~l*