Saturday 31 August 2013

Just a very, very bad …...

…… video clip with some music and text

If you are really bored/daft/insane you can watch it on YouTube here

afoot - that thing that dangles on the end of aleg


Wednesday 28 August 2013

Wordy Wednesday!

Tigger is in the building!

The Staff here.  Austin and Tigger have known each other for over five years. In all that time they have scrapped and hunted and played together - albeit sometimes a bit roughly! Tigger would come in mainly because he wanted a bite to eat and possibly a nap in one of Austin's many napping places.  Austin would be edgy and anxious the whole time, which is why we didn't encourage Tigger to come inside very much, though it was difficult to stop him as he comes with a built in battering ram.  There isn't (as far as I have seen) any mutual grooming or activity associated with felines who are at ease in each other's company.

Until recently that is!  The last week or so Tigger has not just come in to see if there is anything to eat. He has come in to play and chill AND AUSTIN HAS BEEN LETTING HIM!  In fact Austin seems quite happy about it, even when Tigger is playing with his toys and scratching his scratcher and getting his smell into every nook and cranny. Austin just looks on quite relaxed and (almost) genial! 

So after all these years of being mainly outdoor buddies, have they, at last, taken their relationship to the next level?

I am starting to think now that it would be awful if Tigger and his pawrents moved away!!!!!

paltry - pal-try - when a friend gets on your nerves

Sunday 25 August 2013

Spruce up Sunday!

I use my little pink tongue
To clean my little white sock.
And when that is dusted and done,
I make a start on my tock!

callow, call-low - vocal endeavours in order to get a cat to come in at 2.30 a.m.

Friday 23 August 2013

Tigger, the clubber !

Despite the fact that he is a bit of a mystery and doesn't have official papers, Tigger has been accepted into that exclusive organisation, the Tabby Cat Club! To celebrate he killed The Fatted Mouse and threw a banquet for all his friends:

You might need a microscope!! You planning on feeding the five thousand, Tigger?

From his lofty perch Austin proclaimed the glad tidings of great joy!
Turn the volume up :)

altercation - a cat fight

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Austin's Speculative Look .. and some special kitties needing a forever home!

I wouldn't close your eyes, Tigger!
Ah! But the ears have it!

Please could everyone take a minute to read about Ray and Rachel, two sweet black kittens who are being fostered in North Carolina. They desperately need a home and they are very special kitties.

This is Ray on the left and Rachel on the right and you can read about them here and here. You can also read about their very sad beginnings here. The humans of Selena, Brian and Savannah have been working very hard to try and put the word out about these two sweet kitties, so please help by tweeting, blogging, facebooking etc. Thank you.

speculative - looking before you leap

Sunday 18 August 2013

Tigger on a Sunday….

… getting the easy on …...
. MY bed!

AND parking his gargantuan girthness  ….
…….. on MY chair…..

AND getting his nasty gnashers round ..
…. MY nip sausage with the fluffy tail!

Sulking is my only option!

option - the place where you have your eyes tested

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Pining for some apple!

It's ok, but a bit samey!

What? *sniff sniff*

You're 'avvin' a larf!!!!
Young Austin was bored with his food,
So he moaned and said it's no good!
But as he did grapple
With a spikey pineapple
He took on a whole different mood! 

supervision, super-vision - having excellent eyesight

Sunday 11 August 2013

Breaking News! Austin jumps fence to receive award!

Caught on camera! It's very exciting! 

Austin has been notified that he has been given another award and 
true to form, he will go to any lengths to make sure he avoids receives it!

For a more fulfilling cinematic experience
you can watch it on YouTube here

Yes, we have received another award :)
This is from Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.
Thank you very much indeedy :)
The rules stipulate that one must ask a rhetorical question
and pass on to some loyal readers of this blog.

So here is the question:
Austin: "Am I the smartest tuxie in the world?"

Now as to whom to pass it on to; I consider everyone who visits more than once a loyal reader and I really don't want to choose just a few for fear of making them feel a bit paranoid! Please will you accept this if you would like it and then go and look up what rhetorical means! Taeverso :)

rhetorical - of, relating to, or concerned with the art of rhetoric
ORIGIN Middle Englishfrom Old French rethorique, via Latin from Greek rhētorikē (tekhnē)(art) of rhetoric, from rhētōr rhetor.

Lexicographer's note: Was there ever a word that was more confused about its identity? ;-)

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Pot Purree!

Look what I got from Nellie!!  Isn't she a polite kitty! This is because of the great visit we had and I showed her a really good time! ;)

And from the Stunning Cathy Keisha I received this award:

which I also received from Sammy a while back, so I am doubly honoured! Thank you CK xx

Puzzle of the day:

Can you detect a furry stripey snake in this picture?

Do you think it could be an adder? ;)

adder - a snake that's good at sums

Please keep sweet Abby at Manx Mnews in your thoughts. She is home from you-know-where, but needs a lot of purrs and prayers ..

Sunday 4 August 2013

Guess who's flown in?

Iiiiiiiiitttttttt'sssss Nellie! Yep, she's come for visit and a sleepover. She's arrived here after her visit with Speedy on the other side of the country ;)

Nellie was my right paw cat during the Cat Ruler of the World contest. We didn't win, but it wasn't for lack of trying on her part. I lost count of how many paws she greased shook to try and solicit votes on my behalf! Thank you Nellie, you are an excellent campaign manager xx  Go read her side of the story account of the visit here :)

We had a lot of fun and Tigger came over and we chilled and hung and messed around. We even played hide and seek!

"Cooeeey, Austin! Look behind you!"
We boys had a little discussion..!
A ladycat sometimes has to avert her eyes!
...which led to ….
… a game of extreme pat-a-cake in front of an appreciative audience!

After some delish Fancy Feast and a nice cup of nip tea...

..we settled down for a quiet nap!
Ok, who's the joker?
Then Nellie had to leave to go visit another really good mancat friend and one of my best pals, Sammy at One Spoiled Cat. I hope she doesn't get stopped for flying under the influence! 

Thank you for flying by, Nellie! We had the bestest time, ever :) xx

sorry - which is what I will be when Sassy sees this post!