Friday 31 August 2012

Campaign for a Cause - Freshfields Animal Rescue

Zee & Zoey's
Cat Ruler of The World Contest

Austin and I have given great thought to the subject of who will be the beneficiary when should he win the campaign for Cat Ruler of the World 2012.  He did a bit of digging around and after he had finished he decided that he would like to choose a rescue local to us - Freshfields Animal Rescue.

NB The reason Austin is so keen is that he was found sheltering inside a car engine, badly injured, and was taken to a rescue to be mended and re-homed. We have absolutely no idea where he came from, but he had obviously been fending for himself for a while. His age was somewhere between six and twelve months. That was nearly five years ago. I would get Austin to talk about this, but it still gives him nightmares to this day!

Freshfields was started by Lesley Tarleton back in the 70s who has eloquently written her story in a book entitled The Dog with No Name.  Yes, Austin, a d-o-g! :)  She came across what she thought was a bundle of rags in a yard but which was in fact, an Afghan Hound. His coat was so matted that he was almost unrecognisable as a dog, and he was so weak, he barely had the strength to lift his head when Lesley approached. From that moment both Lesley and Oskar had their lives changed forever.

Since that fateful day, in the 1970s, Freshfields has grown and developed into a rescue and re-homing charity for all kinds of animals. There are two sites, one in Liverpool and the other is near us in Caernarfon. There are also shops, support groups and various events organised, almost all undertaken by volunteers.

Every year Freshfields helps rescue and rehome well in excess of 1200 animals and birds across their two sites.  At any one time they can be home to 250 cats and Kittens, 60 dogs, 120 farm animals including ducks and chickens, 30 horses and ponies and 250 small animals, birds and wildlife.

There is so much one could highlight, but seeing this is a campaign about helping rescue cats, I want to concentrate on their current situation with regard to numbers and need. There are generally in excess of 200 cats across the two shelters, at all times, with that number greatly increasing during kitten season. It is their policy to TNR ferals that can’t be tamed and re-homed; and to treat, feed, medicate, love and socialise all the others that come into their care. From their 

"Every cat and kitten, just like every human has the right to a happy, loving home and for that reason we are thorough in our checks when rehoming.”

Among the many currently waiting for forever homes:
This is Smokey
He is an older kitty that needs a home


Ginger kittens

Just some of the many that are being cared for at Freshfields. I had the pleasure of meeting Lesley many years ago and was very impressed with her commitment to unwanted animals. At the moment she is on leave (bad time of year to catch folk!), but next week I hope to be able to talk to her and bring an update on the latest needs and success stories. Hope you will bear with us! :)

Meanwhile, remember:
if you would like to support our shelter
Vote for Austin
Austin’s Campaign Manager 
And all round good egg!!

Thursday 30 August 2012

Campaign Manager for Austin!

Just now hot off the press. 

Nellie from The Cat from Hell blog has come on board as Austin’s campaign manager. This is so exciting!  Austin says “Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz” Which roughly translated means “Behind every successful mancat there is a lilac point siamese called Nellie doing all the hard work!” She is one stylish and energetic ladycat!

She has made posters
 and buttons
 We are “made up” :)

Austin has finally awoken from his nap and says:

"I am very excited about this development. Until Nellie came on board I was lacking focus. But with her on my team I am now certain that we can run a fun and fair campaign on behalf of my shelter, which is Freshfields Animal Rescue.  

This is a rescue that is local to me (but not to Nellie, so even more kudos) and does have a lot of kitties that need homes as well as other animals (like dogs!). Tomorrow I will get my staff to write a more comprehensive post and am sure you will be as enamoured as we are!

Being a cat-idate who believes in inclusion, I did not feel that we could discriminate on the basis of species (even if dogs are more likely to be found under the table than on it!). See you soon. Regards, Austin  >^,,^<

PeeEss As Nellie and I live on opposite sides of the world (practically), we think we have the 24 hour period covered with regards to important things like fitting in the nip and naps. One of us will always be awake and doing the biz … well hopefully!

Hiatus with Haiku

Cat of principle.
Practicing what he preaches!
Austin is napping.

Will catch up with Austin later …. after his nap!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have not been able to post about our shelter today. Please bear with us as we have had to change our nominated rescue/shelter due to technical and timing issues. We will be posting about our shelter tomorrow (Friday) and Austin hopes you will forgive his staff for her total ineptitude in this matter! 

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Cat Ruler of the World - Week 2. Cats v Dogs!

Debate topic: It was supposed to be about who is more qualified to rule the world; cats or dogs?  Dogs are apparently more popular? But lets be serious here. It all comes down to who can deliver. Left to their own devices, dogs will deliver balls, bits of tree, a chewed slipper. Only if they are trained do they bring lunch. We cats, on the other paw, instinctively know when to bring tasty morsels and pile them up outside the human's door. You don’t have to ask us to, we just know what to do. We are natural born hunters leaders.

Dogs aquiver
Cats deliver 

So the actual debate topic is: 

How do the Cat-idates for Cat Ruler of the World 2012 respond to critics who would say that it is impossible to rule the world with any credibility if you nap over 16 hours a day?  

You can see my (Austin’s) response and the full exchange with all the cat-idates HERE.

The issue of what we call serial napping is indeed a very impawtant subject and Zee & Zoey were quite right in bringing it to the attention of the world at this stage of the campaign. Being a true politician of course I will resort to sound bites in place of to encapsulate my policies. Also being a poet of some renown, I have devised some rhyming sound bite couplets in true Shakespearean fashion:

Nap for sixteen, nip for six, 
Delivering lunch will give you ticks! 
Nap for sixteen, nip for eight,
No more time to fight your mate.
Nap for sixteen, nip for four
You can choose to nap some more.

Voting starts on September 11th

Monday 27 August 2012

Winner of the "Cat and Crow" giveaway is …….

The lovely tortie Willow


Well done to you! Expect an email from Austin and myself anytime now :)

Willow’s name was picked by, so it was all above board and kosher! I was going to ask Austin to do it but he is so busy napping at the moment, I couldn’t even squeeze a moment from his packed diary!

Speaking of which, please keep your eyes peeled for the next thrilling instalment in the Cat Ruler of the World saga campaign. Tomorrow is the day for the first extremely important debate between the six cat-idates on a particularly thorny issue. … but you need to tune in tomorrow to find out what it is!

Here are the six Cat-idates who are campaigning
They are a motley crew principled public servants canvassing for your vote!

The winner wins not only plaudits and power but also piles of goodies for their rescue or shelter of choice.

Austin’s chosen rescue is The Original Cat Action Trust of which more will be said later on in the campaign. Meanwhile you can..

Friday 24 August 2012

Cat and Crow - book review and giveaway

I don’t think there are many people who use social networking who have not come across the wonderful true story of the the cat and crow who become best friends. If you have been hiding in a cave for the last few years, here is a reminder:

Now there has been a book produced for children based on this story and Austin and I are the lucky recipients of two copies! Yes two copies!! What are the chances that?  But more about that in a minute.

The book is a beautifully presented 48 page soft cover published by Collage Books. The author is Lisa Fleming and the illustrator is Anne Marie Dominik-Harris. 

Photo taken from Barnes and Noble website

Just in case you do need updating on this story. Briefly, Cassie was a kitten who wandered into the yard of the home of Ann and Wally Collito one day. Moses is the crow who befriended and protected the kitten and they became inseparable. The Collitos watched this amazing friendship over the following four years.

This little book tells their story in a way that grips you whether you are three or eighty-three. And the illustrations are very well done and delightfully endearing - in fact the words and the artwork complement each other beautifully. There are also photos of the redoubtable duo and fun facts about cats and crows in the back of the book.

The author, Lisa Fleming, saw the You Tube video and was so enamoured of the story that she contacted the Collitos who welcomed her into their family and encouraged her to write the story.

Lisa, Wally and Cassie
picture taken from Lisa’s facebook page
The book is in memory of Ann Collito

Austin and I thoroughly recommend this book - although Austin was initially a little sceptical because of past experiences with another member of the genus corvus!

But as you can see, he is loving it now!


Now the reason we have two copies is because we won a copy in two different draws from two of our favourite blogs! The first was with Layla at Cat Wisdom 101 and the second was with Cat Chat with Caren and Cody. Now because we are not greedy and want others to have a chance to have a copy, Austin has decided to do his first giveaway!

If you would like to have a copy of the book (and one or two other goodies!) all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post saying that you wish to be entered. If you belong to facebook it would be really good if you could “like” the facebook page :) The draw is open to anybody, anywhere in the world and will close on Monday 27th August at 12 noon BST. The winner, drawn at random, will be announced soon after. Happy commenting!

Update: Thank you very much to all of you who have entered the draw. It has now closed. The result will be announced shortly.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

An Announcement - Cat Ruler of the World 2012

If you can think back a few days, you will remember that Austin was in receipt of a not quite pink rather fetching hat and a ring and was being very secretive about it!
So what is it all about? 

You may well ask!

It seems that he has decided that in this very important election year, it is incumbent upon him to throw his hat into the ring …….
…and declare….
….. that he is a cat-idate for Cat Ruler of the World 2012.

His campaign is being overseen and monitored over at Zee and Zoey’s headquarters. You have to check it out and also Austin will be soliciting your vote (you only have to vote once and at a specified time. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of warning!).

There are six cat-idates in the contest and the winner will receive a whole pile of goodies for their cause i.e. the rescue/shelter close to their heart. So ……

May Austin the best cat win >^..^<

Sunday 19 August 2012

Now you see him ….

Tigger is afraid … he is VERY afraid!!!
Something is not so much afoot as “apaw"……

speaking of which …
why has Austin got his crossed?

Friday 17 August 2012

On tenterhooks!

As the following pictures show, Austin is very excited about something!

As you can see he’s a bit antsy and in a state of what I can only call lethargy agitation!!


I’m not really sure what it can be? But this morning in the post he received …….

A hat and a ring?
What can this mean?
What is he up to?


There’s some strange stuff going on at Zee & Zoey’s too? 

Check out the billboard. Do you recognise anyone?
Curiouser and Curiouser?
I would watch this space if I were you…….!

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Two cats, one book and some dogs!

Austin and Tigger are awaiting a delivery….. 

The winner takes it all!

There is just one book
And Austin does not do sharing!
What’s it about?

Get real! Why would I want to read about an inferior species?

Hehehe! Well I thought it was funny! as you can see, he is really tickled pink! The book is a gift from the lovely Savannah, and as Austin’s stunt reader for when things get too difficult for him, I am absolutely delighted with this gorgeous book and will enjoy reading it. Thank you Savannah and your super Mom :) xx

Sunday 12 August 2012

Summer Sunday Snooze (with limerick!)

When I'm dreaming of chasing a mink.
I don’t need people to think..
That a mancat like me
Who’s tough, you’ll agree,
Is also a lover of pink.

There’s no need for you to go snitch,
As I search and hunt every ditch.
In my dream it is mink,
But in truth it is pink!
So scritch my itch now, you old … nice person!  

So, Austin’s good mate Spitty isn’t the only mancat who has discovered his inner pink! Austin and Spitty are pinkaphiles. The big softies!

One day Austin will get his very own blog and facebook page and then it will be payback time! But until then …. *sniggers* … 

Which leads quite naturally to Austin’s apophthegm of the week. "Revenge is a dish best served cold …. early in the morning, on the bed, with a side order of hairball"!

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Narrow Escape!

Terribly sorry! Just been for a short walk!

Right, I’m coming!

Hang on! I’ve got half the number legs you have!!!

*Puff puff* I’m moving!

*Wheeze* Right behind you!


Ok Austin. Now you’re pulling my chain! Is this your way of telling me I need to go a on a diet? 

I have to laugh at him sometimes … well quite often actually! He doesn’t mind at all when he sees me coming and going in the car, but when I go for a short walk up the road, he doesn’t like it at all. He follows close behind, meowing and generally moaning until he thinks I’ve gone far enough. Then he either sits and waits for me to return, or he hops into a neighbour’s strategically placed bush (still meowing) and I retrieve him on the way back!

PeeEss He probably wanted to show me his morning tally of dead things!