Wednesday 13 December 2017

Don't faint ....... It's me!!

YAY!  We have made a card and just wanted to pop up to wish everyone Yuletide Felicitations! It has been quite a year one way and another with lots of "stuff" that The Staff  (aka TAT) has had to deal with and it has taxed her limited brain cells to the max! 😐

But you don't want to know about her! 😼 I have been very busy keeping things up to scratch around here 😂   As you know there is always much to do to keep the humans in order and I have had to marshal the troops in order to accomplish this.....

Yep! All present, but not necessarily correct!!

Anyway, moving on! Ahem! 😸 *clears throat* ............

A Festive Pome

It's at that time of year,
When families do gather.
It's so much fun - break out the rum!
But please don't tell grandfather!

The children play and laugh with joy.
Their little faces beaming.
Then daddy steps upon a toy,
And everyone is screaming!

Grandma chokes upon a nut,
She coughs and splutters loudly.
Someone slaps her on the back,
The nut emits profoundly.

We wish you a happy Christmas.
We hope it will be merry.
But if the rellies get too much,
Start on that case of sherry!

Wishing everyone a terrific 2018