Saturday 27 April 2013

It's very kind ……...


The Staff has very thoughtfully sprinkled this all over my al fresco privy. Have to say it's certainly enriched my bathroom experience. Makes the hole digging part of it very enjoyable indeed!

Don't forget, everyone is invited to my 6th birthday bash next Wednesday (1st May). There will be fun and frolics, as well as a niptini or two for the ladies and some brewskies for the chaps!

Al Fresco - A famous Italian painter and decorator   

Monday 22 April 2013

What on Earth Day?!!

Weelllll …

Here's some earth!
 To be honest..

..I am not quite sure what Earth Day is?

 But I am told we celebrate it today

I know it's nice for growing things

and for .. errr .. um ... en suite facilities!
but I think there is more to it than that!

I apparently need to reduce my carbon pawprint??
Mum says I could start my reducing the number of furs I leave lying around!

Happy Earth Day!
Let's be kind to it :)

If you want to know where I am today, then you need to go over to Nellie's place.  Me and a few of my pals have put a new spin on things!

shamrock, sham-rock - not real rock
shampoo, sham-poo - not real poo … (ahem!) a liquid preparation for washing hair :-)

Saturday 20 April 2013

Tigger the Tubby!

I don't often feature Tigger … well this is Austin's blog!! But for those who don't know, he is our daily visitor and Austin's corpulent buddy.  I have never seen them cosy down together and they often scrap, but from the day Austin ushered him in through the back door five years ago, they have been the best of pals. Today Tigger - if I had known he was a keeper, I would have given him a more exotic name! - has made himself comfy on Austin's pink blankie after he'd partaken of Austin's lunch. In fact I am thinking that my tuxie boy is far more tolerant than I've given him credit for.

Tigger is a good natured puss, but for a big fellow he only has a teeny itsy bitsy meow! While Austin sounds like the entire string section, Tigger would be hard put to get a squeak out of a kazoo! 

Anyways, here's a very rare glimpse of Austin and Tigger giving each other a mancatly nose kiss!

Awww! Look at the tails!

   beg (verb) of a dog - sit up with the front paws raised expectantly in the hope of a reward
of a cat(obsoletism) unknown orig.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

If I could just …..

…… ♬ reach out and whop this stupid thing,
the world would be a better place
for Aus…tin  

OK, give us a break! The typist has got the lurgy!

lurgy - (Brit.) what humans say they have when they sneeze and cough and complain a lot and they don't want to do really important things like blog and stuff

Saturday 13 April 2013

My Week - by Austin

Now look here…..

…….I've had a really taxing week, what with one thing and another! I don't really want to talk about it! No I really don't!!  Ok, so this is what happened:

From Monday to Wednesday there were several strange men in the garden splashing paint, stones and mulch around in equal quantities. It was quite unnerving and not an ideal combination of materials - unless you're Jackson Pollock !

nice and cream!
Need some bedding plants
Some signs of spring
a splash of colour
Because it's been so freezing cold till now, there has been little sign of spring, but things are now starting to look up!

Anyways, back to my dreadful interesting week. Where was I? Oh yes! Thursday, I was awoken from some very pleasant dreams and bundled unceremoniously placed gently into the PTU and taken to that terrible place of torture the vet. He grabbed me by my unmentionables and scruffed me up something awful examined me and found that apparently despite me being full of pain (but of course never complaining) that my health was much more tickety boo than I thought and therefore did not need to book a return match visit for three months. Being the sadist kind man he is, he still felt the need to wrench open my mouth and stick his finger down my throat pill me and stick the needle right through my neck inject me! I, of course, sang loud and long throughout the whole episode, thus making me a strong contender in the "Leading Actor in a Musical" category in the upcoming Olivier awards.

Then there was Friday!!!!! OMG!!! I hadn't even had a chance to recover from the rest of the week! The Staff really needs an intervention. What was she thinking? She invited, yes actually invited, two thugs to come in to the house and smash it up!! I understand she even paid for this.  Is she bonkers? I could have done it for nothing, nada, zilch! I have to say though, they were very thorough. I watched it all from the bunker in next door's garden. They removed the whole side of the house four windows and put in new.  Sadly, because I wasn't snoopervising one of the thugs workmen accidentally measured too short for the sill on one of the windows and this is what happened!

He has to come back with another bit of board! The rules say he's allowed three goes to get it right ;)

So really I am knackered a bit tired and quite glad the week is over.

Look at the mess. I guess someone had better clear up the detritus!

Hehe!!! Ciao! 

detritus - a disease spread by thugs and workmen

Sunday 7 April 2013


Austin is doing his famed impression of a bearskin hat

In fact he is so good he was conscripted to take part in the Trooping of the Colour on the Queen's official birthday last June!

Can you pick him out?
Yes, he is there!

catabolism, cat-a-bolism - the breakdown of complex molecules in living organisms (cats) to form simpler ones (humans). The proof, if proof were needed, that cats were here first 

Friday 5 April 2013

Austin's guide to the paparazzi!

That's fine! Just don't come any closer!

Perhaps if I take no notice!

Now you're starting to annoy!

I'm warning you! Keep away or…..

…..I shall turn into...


attack, a-tack - an aggressive nail

Wednesday 3 April 2013

My Brother!?!

Who's this?
Woddyameen, My brother?

::sound of thundering paws::
Can I be honest?…
..I think I prefer Blackie!
At least he moves a bit!
Ok, you can open the door!
It's really starting to freak me out!!!!!

catkin, cat-kin - feline relatives 


I have been having quite a problem lately getting all the blogs I follow into one place to make it easy for reading. Now Google Reader is finishing I have been trying Feedly and one or two other readers, but none are satisfactory when it comes to iPad (which is what I use, mostly)! So, while I sort this, if I miss folk out, please forgive me!

Monday 1 April 2013

High Noon!

What's occurring?
…..just a few moments earlier….

it was ...
…..The Face-Off!
(apologies for reflection!)

Austin is not exactly filled with the milk of human cat kindness, so when Blackie-the-Stray stuck his head out the summerhouse to enquire about a spot of lunch, he (Austin) had a conniption and morphed into a bawling banshee!  I swear it could be heard in Holyhead!  I now suspect that détente is not on the cards for the foreseeable, so I will only be able to sneak kibble to Blackie in the summerhouse after dark! I can see fraught times ahead!

conniption, con-nip-shun - when a cat is deceived into sharing some nip and then is subsequently rejected by the sharee