Friday 31 August 2012

Campaign for a Cause - Freshfields Animal Rescue

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Cat Ruler of The World Contest

Austin and I have given great thought to the subject of who will be the beneficiary when should he win the campaign for Cat Ruler of the World 2012.  He did a bit of digging around and after he had finished he decided that he would like to choose a rescue local to us - Freshfields Animal Rescue.

NB The reason Austin is so keen is that he was found sheltering inside a car engine, badly injured, and was taken to a rescue to be mended and re-homed. We have absolutely no idea where he came from, but he had obviously been fending for himself for a while. His age was somewhere between six and twelve months. That was nearly five years ago. I would get Austin to talk about this, but it still gives him nightmares to this day!

Freshfields was started by Lesley Tarleton back in the 70s who has eloquently written her story in a book entitled The Dog with No Name.  Yes, Austin, a d-o-g! :)  She came across what she thought was a bundle of rags in a yard but which was in fact, an Afghan Hound. His coat was so matted that he was almost unrecognisable as a dog, and he was so weak, he barely had the strength to lift his head when Lesley approached. From that moment both Lesley and Oskar had their lives changed forever.

Since that fateful day, in the 1970s, Freshfields has grown and developed into a rescue and re-homing charity for all kinds of animals. There are two sites, one in Liverpool and the other is near us in Caernarfon. There are also shops, support groups and various events organised, almost all undertaken by volunteers.

Every year Freshfields helps rescue and rehome well in excess of 1200 animals and birds across their two sites.  At any one time they can be home to 250 cats and Kittens, 60 dogs, 120 farm animals including ducks and chickens, 30 horses and ponies and 250 small animals, birds and wildlife.

There is so much one could highlight, but seeing this is a campaign about helping rescue cats, I want to concentrate on their current situation with regard to numbers and need. There are generally in excess of 200 cats across the two shelters, at all times, with that number greatly increasing during kitten season. It is their policy to TNR ferals that can’t be tamed and re-homed; and to treat, feed, medicate, love and socialise all the others that come into their care. From their 

"Every cat and kitten, just like every human has the right to a happy, loving home and for that reason we are thorough in our checks when rehoming.”

Among the many currently waiting for forever homes:
This is Smokey
He is an older kitty that needs a home


Ginger kittens

Just some of the many that are being cared for at Freshfields. I had the pleasure of meeting Lesley many years ago and was very impressed with her commitment to unwanted animals. At the moment she is on leave (bad time of year to catch folk!), but next week I hope to be able to talk to her and bring an update on the latest needs and success stories. Hope you will bear with us! :)

Meanwhile, remember:
if you would like to support our shelter
Vote for Austin
Austin’s Campaign Manager 
And all round good egg!!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a great shelter. I love that they do farm animals and horses etc. That is terrific. We sure do wish you tons of luck in the campaign.

  2. Me too think that sounds like GREAT shelters !
    Sooo many animals they are taken care off !

  3. That sounds like a wonderful shelter!! I'm so happy to hear about it :-)

  4. Lots of luck on your campaign!! You'll do great!

  5. What a great shelter to support! Wes will go to the wall for them!

  6. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeFriday, August 31, 2012 9:05:00 pm

    Oh, shiver. RC Cat is raising her voice in support. (Many - even those in the best of homes - have terrifying memories of trying to survive on their own).
    Freshfields need our support!

  7. dood, this iz a grate post N yur shelter iz WAY kewl helpin out all da animals like they due; we can see why ewe N yur mum are their best advoCATs !!! this is gonna bee one tuff vote decision for sure; hope full lee everee one wins :) enjoy yur weekend N eat much trout =^..^=

  8. Oh Austin
    We had no idea of your history. We are so happy that everything has worked out so well for you. *whew* what a cat story you could tell. What a wonderful shelter you have chosen. There are so many waiting for homes but we are so glad that there are people like Lesley helping.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  9. Austin, I didn'tt know of your history my darling boy. XXXOOO I will remember when voting time is near.

  10. Thank goodness you were saved Austin! Great post and a great cause!!

  11. Austin - Sassy here, What a scary beginning you had! But you turned into a fine mancat anyway!

  12. What a great shelter. We are glad you have gotten away from your beginnings. That was quite scary.

  13. Freshfields sounds like a great shelter! Great choice!!

  14. Freshfields sounds like an awesome rescue! I am so happy to see all the great organizations we Cat Ruler of the World candidates are supporting!

  15. They sound wonderful Austin and they a packed full of love for those in their care. They saved you and we all love them for that too.

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  17. You chose well, Austin. Hmmm....another point for you. Am compiling my own point system for all candidates to help me when voting time comes. har har har *evil laughs*

  18. Oh we know we would luff these wonderful Humans and Kitties at Freshfields. Even though I have found it necessary to endorse another, I will be very happy if you win and this great shelter gets a big boost!

    I dunno--I think Nellie MIGHT actually BE from Hell. Just sayin'. Don't turn your back on her.

  19. Hi! I'm your 100th follower :) Could you follow me too? Saw you at Spitty's! All of those kitties are adorable!

  20. Such beautiful animals and an amazing organization! 1200 animals and birds a year!!! WOW!!! That is very impressive. What a difference they are making.

    Austin, you've done an awesome job of choosing an important and deserving organization. We know too well how hard a choice like this is.

    We firmly believe that all the shelters are winners.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  21. We love your choice of shelter, Austin and that was a great post you did. We especially enjoyed learning about your past life and are so glad you have such a wonderful furever home now.

  22. Austin this was an amazing post. I loved learning more about this shelter and I love that they help so many DIFFERENT kinds of animals!
    We also have to agree with you about Nellie, she really isn't "The Cat From Hell" she is a sweet and caring kitty (but doesn't want everyone to know that) and her Mom TOTALLY ROCKS!!

  23. If I lived near you and wasn't allergic to kitties, I would so love that little black cat with the green eyes :)

  24. Austin, we are so proud you decided to share your painful past and select the awesome Freshfields. We believe adversity creates character. If we lived near you, those ginger kittens would be coming home with us!

  25. MOWZERS, Austin! A car engine?? *shudder*

    Something like that'll change a purrson fur sure. No wonder you want to support such a pawesome shelter!

  26. I'm afraid I was weak, Austin. I fell victim to those wily female pals Katie and CK--they bribed me, Mate. What can I say? I needed them brass ones bad.

    Yeah, I don't think Secretary of State is my kinda job--I might do okay as a 4-Star General or sumfing, though.

  27. This shelter sounds very nice too. It is going to be hard to choose!

  28. Those ginger kittens are like miniature Erics and Flynns!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Oh sweet boy Austin! I know another kitty who was badly injured and saved from being caught in a car engine too. I'm so grateful you were saved and you have chosen this admirable organization that has done so much to help all animals. I love the story behind it and how it shows how one person can make such a difference, inspired by true compassion and love. Good luck to you and all the CATabulous candidates! <3<3<3 Purrs and hugs to you.


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