Friday, 15 June 2012

The Metaphysical Mancat

 I am pensive
and preoccupied
 so please leave me alone
to ponder the meaning of life …..
…. and stuff!

Austin’s existential angst is the direct result of the application of the bi-monthly deflea gunk. This regular anointing has confirmed his belief in the concept of "eternal recurrence" within the broader purview of logical empiricism. To Austin gunking brings out his logical skepticism.

"What is it for?”

He can’t make the connection between wet sticky stuff on the neck and his flealess fur. An Überkatze he is not, though at one time I seriously considered changing his name to Zarathustra, which I think is an ace name for a cat!

Well enough of the Nietzschean nihilism. Austin doesn’t know what’s good for him. Sometimes we humans
understand a little bit more about the interconnectedness between two seeming random events. Jung had something to say about that didn’t he? Synchronicity - temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events within a larger framework! Well in the larger framework of Austin’s furs, we want an absence of fleas! Talking of larger frameworks:-

Did you see the wall? 

It’s up! No arrow needed as the gap between sill and wall is less than the length of a cat :) Result!


  1. Well that would make me pensive and reflective. Thank heavens we don't have to do that here. Knock on wood.

  2. What would you call this wall, Austin? Surely not the Hadrian Wall or the Great Wall of China? I'd call No Need Wall. purrr....meow!

  3. That wall looks nice tho. even if it is a pain in the neck!

  4. But...what if he WANTS the fleas? Perhaps a flea-y existence is needed to suffer, and pass onto another plane in the next incarnation.


  5. Nice wall!! I really hate that gunk but sometimes it is necessary because those fleas are so evil and pervasive. It's too cold here for fleas, so I guess there is one good thing about living in a frigid climate, lol. In Cali, the fleas were horrendous!

  6. We can certainly see that you are very deep thinking mancat Austin!

    Gronk and Izzie

  7. We hate that flea stuff too Austin. We should put some on your Mom's neck and see how she likes it but she probably doesn't have fleas.
    Like the wall.
    So, why are you having trouble leaving a comment?? I have to have the word verification since I get 200 spam comments of I don't have it. I wish I could make it better. Have a great week end,.

  8. Heehee! Austin sounds like he is very smart!


  9. I've learned to give the flea stuff when they are asleep and it's over and painless for them and they seem much happier that way.
    Great wall Austin.

  10. We hope this isn't a case of what doesn't kill us makes of stronger. We love Nietzsche, existentially speaking ;-)

  11. You know I've always said that gunk makes me ponder the meaning of life. Dare I say that Austin and I have something in common? At least I don't let the camera flash with my tongue out.
    heh heh

  12. We never get the flea gunk, thank cod. We don't wanna have to think about it.

  13. with a minor in Philosophy this post was right up my alley!!

  14. Your Lucky, you get flea thingy at home, were draged off to that vet place for ours.We alway's know when were going Mum says " We are off to see aunty Suzie" in that happy voice they do. I do like your new wall, you can hang yourself over it and sunbath! lol
    Big hugs flea-less Princess Mollie and that Fur ball xx

  15. Hmmm... very interesting Austin! I know as a human, when I have to suffer the evils of bug spray for an outing, it does not make me reflective.... now I do understand the synchronicity and why my cats all run under the armoire when I get out the flea gunk!!

  16. I don't know how Nietzsche would have reacted to that flea stuff, but my cat agrees with Austin- it's nasty.

  17. So Austin, is yous going to call it the Zarathustra wall? And Me hates the flea gunk too! Why does it has to be, well, so gunkie!

  18. Austin, you are one spoiled kitty. Keep up the good work.

    We want to thank you for your kind comment. We miss our Cotton!

    Jan & Funny Farmers

  19. It's obvious that he's a very deep thinker!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  20. Isn't that much the same with humans and God?

  21. Of course , Austin is a deep thinker !
    Wich cat isn´t that :)

  22. Why don't you post more often? I demand more snooty cuteness from Austin.

    Wow, there were a number of words in that post that I had to Google! Fortunately, I had my beau by my side who was laughing at it whilst not informing me what had been funny... nahhh, just kidding. He told me what it meant.

    I was wondering how you were able to go to Israel. Where else have you traveled?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  23. Austin, you took Mom back in time to the 70's when she accidentally depressed everyone but herself with her deep study and commentary on Nietzschean nihilism. She spouted existential "stuff" for a solid year! She got fascinated with it.

  24. Hey Austin, you still sittin on that window sill? You haven't shown us any pickies of you on that lovely wall.Thanks for the comment on the BANDANA dude!I was hoping I'd got away unnoticed.

  25. MOWZERS! Mommy thinks that new wall looks pawesome! We just glad it's jumpable!

  26. The subject of incomprehensibly erroneous items like fleas, mites, and ticks has come up elsewhere in the blogosphere this morning. I commented there, and I'll say it again here: The Deity was not paying attention to Her work the moment those nasty little insect items morphed into existence. Behind Her back, doubtless. Unlike Mr. Austin and his attentive attitude to the wall, Deity needs to snap out of it, focus, and learn from her mistakes. Firmly shepherded along the way by Austin. Everybody knows that if The Deity -- excuuuuse me -- would just move over and cede The Kingdom to The Cats instead, the world would be a much better place. As for us beans -- for our sins and omissions, we need Nietzche. With a moniker like that, which nobody in their right mind can spell properly, what else needs to be said.

  27. Oh such lovely window Austin. RC Cat is very jealous! Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

  28. Oh such lovely window Austin. RC Cat is very jealous! Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge


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