Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Totally Confused Award goes to ...

that thicko human at CATachresis!!! YAY!!!!!!

Now here’s the thing. Every now and then folks pass on awards to other folks and there could be conditions attached or sometimes not! And because there are links and pictures and questions and sometimes they are specific questions and sometimes they are requiring facts or secrets or nothing at all, I get very frightened of doing it all wrong and upsetting the applecart. I don’t want to be the one who causes gridlock in the collective karmic process!

However, it so happens that we have received a few awards recently from some very fine folks, but because I didn’t act immediately, I’ve got a bit backed up. And with the backing up I have confused myself and Austin with the conditions and requirements. It’s a bit like chinese whispers. It could start off with the simple request of citing three interesting hitherto unknown facts about oneself or one’s cat (the cat in question refusing to participate in such plebeian activities as blogging) or it could be ten things or a hundred and ten by the time you’ve added them all together, divided by the number of awards and, for good measure, multiplied by the number of times the cat has spat out a pill!

And …. breathe!!

So I am willing to make a deal so that I can ret
ire injured but still with some of my pride in tact. I will display the awards and name names, if you forget I ever did this blog post. OK? Have to say, though, we are chuffed to bits that we’ve been picked on :)

The Sunshine Award was kindly given to us by Gronk and Izzie and also Repositório da Marilia and K9 Katastrophie who also gave us the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

From Mollie and Alfie we received the: 
 and the:

So here are some questions I’ve managed to salvage from the various blogs above (which I hope you will go and visit as they are brill and triff :) Answers are done by me on behalf of Austin who is in serious training for the Cat Olympics marathon napping relay event! NB please note I have spelt “favourite” correctly ;)
Favourite colour: Austin sees everything in black and white!

Favourite number: Pi

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Eau de puddle

Facebook or Twitter: Twitbook

My passion: Passion takes too much energy

Favourite pattern: The pattern of my day, which never changes - eat, sleep, kill

Favourite flower: Chrysanthemum - try saying that with a lisp and a mouth full of kibble!

Favourite day of the week: What’s a day? One doesn’t do days!

I believe the rules state that one has to pass this on to x number of other deserving bloggers who bring love and light into one's life. But really really can’t choose, everyone is deserving, so anyone who has managed to read this far and wants one, please take …… oh please?


  1. Congratulations on all the lovely awards! Austin looks overwhelmed, bless him...

  2. We don't have many so we are free and out of the loop. Austin, you and mom did a grand job! I do love the ones where we can learn tidbits about our furriends.

  3. This is our favORite diatribe on awards, ever. We think we'll go invent a few faux blogs to bestow them upon you, just to further twit your wit.

  4. Oh My Hellishness!
    Me LOVED what yous has to say! TwitBook! Makes me laugh out loud!

  5. Best award acceptance EVER. : )
    I especially like your fave number, Austin.
    Strawberry-rhubarb please. Slightly heated with a bit of cream poured on top.
    There you have it. Pi. The perfect number.

    xo, Glogirly & Katie

  6. Congrats on all your awards, Austin. Don't worry about all the rules that go with the awards...rules were meant to be broken!!

  7. Concats! So, in a way, you DID participate in Senile Saturday. HAH!

  8. We don't get many awards and I think with seven cats, I would go mad as a hatter pulling my hair out trying to answer questions, cleverly, about each of my seven cats... PHEW!! I'm with you - after a while it is just one big confusing cat at a podium meowing an acceptance speech of thanks.

    Since it appears that Austin will continue to be bestowed with all these lovely honors, we give a blanket congratulations here and now in case we miss one!! xoxo

    As always, Bravo Austin!!

  9. you have my sympathies completely!!!!!!!

    I know of some who have designated their blogs as "award-free zones" just for this reason. While it is flattering to receive one, the "pressure" sometimes is daunting!!! lol

    I think you should start the "totally confused award" for real and I will jump on the bandwagon!


  10. LOLOL Thanks everyone. I have a feeling awards will be not coming my way in the future!!! Though it really nice to be noticed and appreciated. It is an excuse for an Austin type post though, so it is all fuel!!!

    Caren, THAT is a great idea, will get onto it immediately! …. or maybe not ! lol

  11. Hi Austin, we knows how you feel and your Mum did such a good job. We've got a couple backed up, by the time Mum get's them on there, she would of forgotten, why, who, where!! It's great though because it show's your popular!
    Big Hugs
    Mollie n "Furball " x

  12. ConCAtulations to all the awards , Austin !
    I have never tryed to say Chrysanthemum with my mouth full of cibbles , maybe shall try that *MOL*

  13. Oh Goodness Austin, you do have one good sense of humor. That was terrific. We cannot wait for you to get the next award to see what your favourite something or other is. But conga rats on all these awards. Better you than us. Well done Austin. Take care.

  14. Hiya Austin, I have a bit of the same conundrum, had several awards passed to me over last week, now have to remember who, what post date, so I can do the linky thingy, and the rules, etc. Think I will do what you did...I am so appreciative that others find my little daily bloggy fun, and just by visiting, and especially if they leave a word or two, I know they care. And I thought I was following your bloggy, but guess not, so have tried again today, will see if it takes. paw pats, Savannah

  15. Lovely awards all over the place today. Enjoy! We'd like to join Austin "we don't do days!"

  16. Thou shall not trick us with your Machiavellian ( I had to Google this spelling) begging and green seemingly-bright-and-innocent cat eyes! I will not take such as I have a stack of my own I need to deal with.

    Congratulations on your awards and the petty yet convincing attempt to create a formula to quantify passing it. LOL.

    Note: I think I've overdone this one.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  17. Sorry for the confusion. =)
    But only a very dear blog earn enough awards. It's your case!
    I loved the answers and learn a little more about you.
    Excuse my bad English.
    Hugs and Kisses
    Marilia & Bavarescats

  18. Congrats on all the awards! I've often found myself confused trying to follow the rules of such things so I'm glad I'm not the only one. :D

    Love Austin peering out from the covers, too cute!

  19. Glad you got so many awards!


  20. Austin
    Those were all such lovely awards.
    We are like you in regards to how to do them correctly and we noticed we did "mess up" our last award. Not following directions!
    You did superb.


  21. Good work Austin! Your human and our human can get together because our Mom gets hopeless overwhelmed and worries about doing awards right too. We wish she would just calm down already and take a nap, don't you agree?

  22. How do you know that Austin sees only in black and white ? I realized that Rosie sees colors, because she prefers her green mousies to the red once, lol !

  23. Ha ha ha meow! I luff this. My Human is a (shhh) procrastinator and we has two awardies sitting in our draft folder. We *think* we a-member what we haz to do, but we feel quite liberayted by reading your post today!! With my Human, if we do not do the award post **right** **away** we keeps putting it off and then we feel guilty and ungrateful! We think we'll do a simple post later this week and be all caught up and we'll post any new ones as soon as they arrive!! (If I ever get another one, ha ha)!

  24. Yoooo deserve all those awards!Pain in the fur, sortin em all but it's nice to know furriends luv's ya :)
    Big Huggies
    Mollie n "Furball" xx

  25. Hello! First of all, congrats on all your lovely awards! Next I want to say sorry I've not been by, but the last few times I tried I got a message saying your site was infected by some blogarama virus. Glad to see Google got it all fixed up and that you're back! Take care!!!

  26. That's a passel of awards and such witty answers to the questions. I think you more than made up for letting them back up, MOL

  27. Just stopping in to say hello! Oh, and sorry about the whole revolution thing. We're such a mess over here, you wouldn't want us anyway, MOL! XOXOXO

  28. Well now we're going to make your heads spin. Maybe just cover your eyes when you read this.
    :: We gave you an award today! ::
    Oh, the pressure...
    Katie & Glogirly

  29. Hay Austin, get your lazy BUTT over tooo our's. There's a suprise waitin!! Yooo's gotta read the post!
    Huggies Mollie n Alfie xx

  30. hahaha. We love you got backed up and confused because the same thing has happened to us in the past. Of course, now we don't have to worry about it cause everyone knows they'll be lucky to ever see their award again. :) Congrats on receiving them.


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