Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Battle of the Black Cat

We’ve been visited by a long haired black cat for quite a few weeks now. I think he is a stray and I know he’s been sleeping in the summerhouse because I’ve seen him there. What’s more the towelling covers on the chairs are bestrewn with dirty long black furs and some drops of blood!  Tigger is more than a bit put out by this as he likes to sleep up there during the day and, as the saying goes, "this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”. Also I’d put some kibble up there just in case Black (or anyone else) was peckish.

I’ve not seen Austin in the vicinity of Black -- not until this evening that is!

There was caterwauling of spine chilling intensity coming from the back garden. Not unusual, but this one sounded like the fat lady was finally singing! Rushed to window. There was Tigger with his back to me and Black creeping away from him up the grass. Suddenly Austin leapt out of the bushes screaming like a banshee. Fur and claws everywhere! Black on top, then Austin on top, then Black on top, then Black on top, then …….. Tigger, realising his buddy was under some stress went to help. He approached from behind. Black skewed round, biffed Tigger on the nose, Austin recovered and attacked from the rear. They moved together in a co-ordinated pincer movement worthy of Monty at El Alamein. Black, realising he was strategically outmanoeuvred, beat a hasty and rather undignified retreat. The boys were triumphant!

State of play now. Tigger is having a debriefing in Austin’s food bowl and Austin is over the way terrorising some very small wild animals. Life goes on!

Of course I was nowhere near a camera, so sadly there are no pictures of the Battle of the Black Cat.


  1. Austin - Sassy here. I hope that you are okay! You were very brave to take on that mean intruder. Do you need a kiss on your mean intruder boo-boos?


  2. Hi there !
    I sure hope you both are OK after chasing that black cat away !
    I´m not going to offer either of you any kisses on your boo-boo´s , just so you know ;-)

  3. Be careful, Austin. Mr Black will come back....for revenge. purrr...meow!

  4. OMC! That musta been some fight! Austin, we think you may have won this battle...but the war may not be over yet!

  5. Austin honey, and Tigger disengage if you can. But I am very proud of your battle strategy and the Pincer Movement thaat you two incorporated into your repetroire.

    I heard my mom murmer however that she was concerned for Blackie if he had blood spots to leave.

    He must be battle weary and tired and possible wounded.

  6. Yikes - that's what I call a real cat fight. Just so no one got hurt M says. There have been a few times when intruders have entered our backyard and believe me, I want to get out there and take care of them@~!!! But, sigh, I'm not allowed outside unless I'm in my harness and leash or in my KritterKondo.

  7. Wow, sounds like a rumble. They should have been brought to Caesar's Palace. You'd make a great commentator/announcer. It was so descriptive.

    Oh, that was nice, I mean about the book and stuff. It gave me a big laugh today.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Sassy, Austin accepts your kind offer ;)

    Kjelle Bus, Austin is relieved about that! ;)

    Angelina, he is being vigilant!

    Island Cats, We are very much afraid that is true!

    Katie and mom, It is a situation I am monitoring. If I could get anywhere near Black, I would try and catch him, but he runs as soon as he sees a human :( xx

    Mario, you are truly a gent x

    Haopee, lol thanks. The big bucks are calling ...... not!! xx

  9. Good for you two,,,Austin & Tigger ! We all have to protect our personal turf,,,but,,,I sure hope that Blackie is okay,,,,and it also sufre sounds like he could use a helping hand from your Momma, if possible.

  10. Way to go Austin but we do hope you are all right. It sounds like you are. And Tigger you are the best for jumping in there too. Hope the black cat has left for good but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Take care everyone.

  11. Please check Austin for even tiny nicks. When Domino would get into fights, small wounds can turn into abscesses. Any idea if this is a feral cat or just a visitor passing through?

  12. Austin, we didn't know you had it in you! Great work in tandem with Tigger!

    That would be the fate of 320 Cat here when he comes to court Mewsette if I let them outdoors--imagine the Four Housecats of the Apocalypse taking him on all at once! Judging by their collective reactions at the doors and windows it would not be pretty. But do check him for scratches and bites as Layla suggested.

  13. just saw Layla's comment and it sounds like she gave you some great advice! Be careful Austin!!

  14. Yes thanks John, Marg, Layla, Bernadette and Caren. I inspected Austin very closely when I gave him his brush and all over body scrunge lol. He is fine. As he is an outdoor cat I have to be vigilant anyway.

    The black cat does not want to be approached, so he could be feral, or at least been a stray for a while. I will keep an eye on things!

  15. WOW!!! No pictures needed, the reporting was ACE. And Mommy loves the word "pincer". You made her day!

    She is weird.

  16. Hi Cat... you sure did an excellent play by play call of the evening's top event!!! I was on the edge of my seat throughout it all!!!
    Glad no real harm was done, except possibly to Blackie's pride...


  17. Me thinks Austin and Tigger is a pawsome duo! Me would loves to come over and check them both over for any nicks!

  18. Oh Dog! So I wonder what made them decide after a few weeks to attack.

  19. Austin your a hero!! Hope you didn't get hurt. I've got something for you!
    Pop over and grab it as Mum doesn't know how to pass it on. Der! :)
    Big licks
    Mollie and Furball xx

  20. Austin, check out my posting for tomorrow. I left you a kiss!


  21. Austin, are you OK now..where you had your hurty places? xox

  22. Oh my! This was so exciting, just like the movies!! You need to set up a web cam out there to capture a return engagement, MOL! Congrats on defending your turf, Boys!!

  23. We've only just heard about this evil intruder - what brave mancats you were to see him off.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. Holy CAT, Austin!!!!!!!
    That intruder clearly didn't know what he was up against. A regular Rumble in the Jungle. ...or at least an Altercation in Anglesey. hehe...

    Better check your email.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  25. so nice of them to work together..

    and I can understand your feelings about not having a camera :) but I bet you hope you don't have another opportunity for that photo shoot any time soon.

  26. Hey Austin! We've missed you. Wow! What a brave boy you are. Hope you are OK.
    So nice to see you again!!!

    jude,poo,babybella,piper & marley

  27. FaRADaY: *wide eyed look* a neighbor kitteh??? MOWZERS are you brave!

    Maxwell: uh, could you teach us the Banshee move? Sounds kinda cool!


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