Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Nip-fest and some breakdancing!

Austin is a lucky boy and no mistake. He has won another draw and received some more lovely goodies; this time from a land far far away! Connie and the Crew from “tails from the foster kittens” sent a parcel which Austin and I fell upon (well Austin did, I just got out the trusty box brownie) and here is the picture story - with an academy award reject winning video at the end (turn the sound up!).

A lovely framed pencil drawing for the human :)

So there you have it. I am amazed the package made it unmolested through customs! It was a veritable cornucopia of catnip and as I have mentioned before, Austin is a catnip junkie!  To prove it here is the promised video, complete with added soundtrack! My first attempt and am quite chuffed! You can view on YouTube or below. It’s not very long!

Austin the breakdancer!

Thank you very much to kind Connie and the Crew xxx


  1. Oh my COD, that was great. It made Mom laugh out loud. Love the music to go with it. Just perfect. And the pictures are terrific too. Thanks for the great laugh. I am coming back to see it again.

  2. LOL.. I'm so glad Austin enjoyed his goodies! I LOVE the tail of disinterest!!

    Great video too!

    Thanks for the smiles!

  3. Bravo! Bravo! I woulda been into the tissue and not the nip. HAH! Austin is having enough jollies for both of us.

  4. JUST what I needed to circumvent a crummy day. Austin, you are CRAZYPANTZ!

  5. That is excellent! And I love that you are enjoying your part!

  6. Austin
    You would make John Travolta jealous.



  7. AUSTIN! I totally absolutely LOVED every SECOND of this and the music! Tell your mom great job!!!!!

  8. Hey Austin, that was one great video. Have you considering taking your act to Vegas?
    We love Nip too!
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  9. We loved your video Austin. And Sassy wants Austin to know that after seeing this video she is really looking forward to dancing with you at the party!

  10. Wow, Buddy, you can really bust a move. I am flabbergasted at your skill with the bunny kick--do you think if you went to London you could still get on the Olympic team? I'm sure there MUST be a bunny-kick event!

  11. Me cannot get over how much yous looks like Kozmo! Especially when yous is such a great kicker - Wow!

  12. MOWZERS! That's some serious kicky moves you got going there Austin!

  13. Wow that was soooo cool ( the vid ) and what great prezzies yoo got :)
    Well done Austin..
    Big hugs
    Mollie and Alfie xxx

  14. Austin, you sure know how to have a good time...

    you are one loved cat, dude!!!


  15. Ohhhh Austin how Mom and I smiled and smiled with your video!!! The music your Mom chose was brilliant and you really went to town with your toy!
    Since Mom loves to do pencil drawings she was enthralled with the beautiful gift that you received.
    Mom and I are sure you will cherish that forever!!
    Have fun my friend!
    Love, Cody and Mom

  16. How cute ! lol ! My cats are not interested at all in catnip ! Strange isn't it ?

  17. Your stage name might be "Awesome Austin". Is there any entertainment venue that you have not mastered ? Your break-dancing & Hip Hop moves are impressive, Grasshopper,,,you are indeed light on your paws.

  18. Austin - we were just as impressed as everyone else with your moves!! We must admit, however, that Zoey and the human were very distracted with all the leopard print stuff in your house!!!

  19. I love to see cats with catnip! I've tried sniffing it, but maybe I need a much higher dose for it to work.

  20. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeThursday, July 26, 2012 3:03:00 am

    So many entertaining toys - so little time. Only a leisure expert could manage such a performance! Excellent. ( and such a great portrait also!)

  21. Whoa, Bro. Sorry to hear you had a dirty test. Couldn't stay off the Nip, eh? Well, it happens to the best of us.

  22. ...on balance maybe the great public should decide!??? --- ewwww, you played the cat card. That's so mean. LOL.

    Just dropping by to say hi.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  23. Austin gets more freebies than I ever do, haha!

  24. ork scratchings--that you EAT? Hmmmm. In the American South (where I don't live) there are pork rinds which are fried, puffed-up, crackly snacks you buy in a bag like corn ships. Is that what you mean? Or do you mean you could just scratch the bacon right off the piggy, which sounds kind of mean, even to me, MOL!!

    PS: I bet you could put the fix in about that drug test, ya know. There are "ways."

  25. Oh my gosh how adorable. I love the tail of disinterest LOL.

    You're such a doll, Austin! Enjoy your goodies! :)

  26. Who am I ? I guess I'm Mr. Poot, and Hello Mr. Poo.....HA ! No wonder why you won. LOVE THE VIDEO !...me and mom laugh out loud cause I love to do that too but not quick like you do I'm 8 kg ( 17.6 lb ) now..if I do must only see the fur black ball...MOL

    Miss you MR. POO

    MR.POOT POOT .....POOOOOOT ( can you smell it ?...tee..heh...heh )

  27. Go Austin, Go!
    That was a great nippy inspired performance.

  28. OMC!!!!
    I LOVE the video...the music is PERFECT!!!
    Austin is to bunny kicking what Michael Jackson was to moon walking!
    ; )
    Katie & Glogirly

    (we're so sorry we haven't visited for a while...the girl has been trying to find a job. Yeah, a job OTHER than being my purrsonal assistant and blog slave.)

  29. Hey, I'd LUFF a beer! Can I teleport ofur? The Human has left me high and dry for the weekend and it would serve her right if I were away when she finally waltzes back in here calling, Oh, Spiiiiiitttttttty!!?

  30. Weee's just had to pop's over and tell's yoooo...we hasn't laffed so much in a long time...that comment yooo left us.. like your primary teacher!! Fank yooo for makin our Sunday.. xxxx000xxxx

  31. You sure know how to show that catnip who's boss Austin!

  32. HI AUSTIN!!! I just found your follow by email button!!! YEA!!! Your video was so much fun!!! I wish I like nip! But it is like treats, I have zzero interest...but you sure had fun!! paw pats, Savvy

  33. What a great drawing!

    -Suki (Siamese Cat)

  34. Goodness gracious, that video made us LAUGH! Austin sure loves his nip!

  35. Excellent, Austin! Drum licks and other kinds of lickin' too!


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