Saturday, 21 July 2012

Professor Austein

Glogirly, of the famous Glogirly and Katie Design website, very kindly offered to design an avatar as one of the items in Cathy Keisha’s auction for Baby Patches. AND CATachresis won!! After some consultation between Austin and Glogirly, here is the result :)

Thank you Glogirly - with just a little help from Katie!

Those who have travelled with Austin and me down the years will know that the grumpy little feline has pretensions to academic eptitude. He has been assistant to both Schrodinger and Fibonacci. He's advised Sir Isaac Newton. He has even mediated at a mythical meeting between Occam and Gordias!

Now, finally, he has reached what I believe to be the pinnacle of his career. He has proved that Albert Einstein was probably on to something with this E = mc2 malarkey. However, all this stuff about energy, mass and speed of light squared is a load of dogwash! As you can see in the excellent representation above, Prof Austin shows that relatively speaking, strange things do happen when you move very fast. In fact the faster you go the slower time runs (Chariots of Fire anyone?)

However, the other day Prof Austin was able to test HIS hypothesis when he was caught in the canine upsurge of the eleven spitting dogs (that live next door but one, two and three). He, during this unexpected event, managed to mass his particles to prove conclusively that:

F^..^2 + MC⦉⦁⧭⦁⦊ = ⚔⚐☺
Austin squaring up to many massive dogs = the speed of light

And, because of the whole space time continuum thingy he was back on my bed asleep before he’d even woken up. Forget the large hadron collider, we’ve got the small cat on the soft eider. Job done!


  1. AHA! So the elusive Higgs Boson Particle--that must be what comes off his toes after a trip to the feline facilities, disposing some dark matter...EUREKA!

    LOVE the Avatar! The ladies think Mancats in spectacles are dreamy.

  2. Finally, a cat the Daddy can truly relate too... he knows from science. the Momma, she gets it, but doesn't want too. Us, we just hope that incessant meowing = more treats squared.

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  3. Austin - Sassy here. I love the avatar! You look very fetching in glasses! I have something to ask you (gulp!) would you consider being my date at the Spotted Airhead's birthday party on August 1st?

  4. Wow ! The old Joke Puppy is in way over his head in this academic discussion, but in my lame attempt to prove that I can run with the "intellectual big dogs", I maintain that, as I learned years ago from Jethro Beaudine when his teacher taught that pi R square, I will always argue that "No, teacher,,,pie are round !

  5. Dear Austin,
    The enhanced time-matter field seems to be overheating - you have to reverse the singularity before plasma catches the weak fluctuations to reverse. The aligned vortex crystal causes ripples within the special region energy plasma. This is what happens when you get there before you started!

  6. Einstein, Schmeinstein!
    I MUCH pre-FUR your theory of relativity.
    xoxo, Katie

    ...thanx for the shout out for me and my girl! Let's be clear though, she merely helped. A little. Barely at all.

  7. *wow*
    Dr Austin I am impressed and speechless!
    We loved the graphic you and Glogirl worked on, it's as they say purrrrrrfect.


  8. HUH? Too much information for this ghetto kitteh. Love the avatar that Glogirly designed.

  9. That's a cool avatar, Austin. But as for all that other went right over our little kitty heads.

  10. Austin my man! Whoa! Even I think you look soooo sexy. My sisfurs here are already fainting. har har har *evil laughs*

  11. So, during just that ONE nap, you could face down like elebenty-sebben slobbering hounds? Can I come hang out with you? Nuffing like that ever happens when I nap. ::sulks::

  12. Lovely avatar - so suiting to the scholar you are, Austin! And brilliant conclusion.... one that the cats in our house hope never need be proven in actual time...

  13. Truly, there are things we mere humans cannot understand that only the feline mind can comprehend.

  14. That's soooo cool :)Loves the specs !
    Have a great day
    Mollie xx

  15. Dats a beeYOOtiful job! You look pawsitively STUDIOUS, Austin!

    We wanna know if we canz borrow a pic of you for our upcoming post about tuxie moggies?

  16. Yeah, I'd love a quark or two. Can I come over tomorrow? I'll make sure I get a good furminating before then.

  17. I just feel so... uneducated while reading this... If a cat is smarter than I am, why in the world am I still considering that I have intelligent dogs?

    Hey Austin, Chooey challenges you to a dance duel! May the best species win.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  18. PS: I am giving you a little awardie Monday....if your Human is like mine she'll probably just sigh and say "Okay, someday" and then forget, MOL!!!

  19. MOL!!!!! Dr. Austin is an awesome cat dr. =)

  20. That is a wonderful Avatar Prof Austin. We feel very honored to even know you. Glad you traveled the speed of light away from all those dogs. Take care.

  21. Hey--I'll be in your gang anytime, Bro.

    Maybe you could explain the allure of boxes to me?

  22. Wow, Austin, we have synchronicity. Odin plays professor today at our blog but Austin looks smarter!

  23. You know, one of my favourite t-shirts is a cat physics joke (my sis is physicist she gave it to me) in the hello kitty style - it's a box with a bow on it that says hello shroddy. Confuses so many people.

  24. Glasses do emphasize the intellectual look! Quite elegant. (style and brains - who could ask for more?)
    We are in awe. (Oh, and RC Cat thinks maybe your portrait should hang in schools to inspire the little ones.) Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

  25. You are so lucky! We found your blog through tails from the foster kittens. Nice to meet you!


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