Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Synchronised Sitting

I don’t usually do wordless wednesdays - I like to be free to do Austin’s own thing - but we thought this was a great shot. Anyway as I’m behind with the proper post, I thought this might be a good interim offering :)

BTW I looked and looked in the
Cat-O-Lympics itinerary for a category for synchronised sitting? Could I find it? Could I …...!


  1. I love this picture. They both look so elegant! Great shot, and it's clear the Cat-O-Lympics is missing the boat. :D

  2. What a great shot!!!!!

    And I love Sarah's garden gnomes comment!

    I know...NONE of the Olympic categories fit my "brand" of talent. I either don't have a suitable partner for these synchronized things or fighting battles....OR I simply do not allow myself to be caught photographically in compromising positions.

    ; ) Katie

  3. LOL much more attractive than garden gnomes!! Maybe I could hire them out?

    Yeah! Who needs cat-o-lympics?? lol

    Katie you are certainly unique ;) xox

  4. There SHOULD be Synchronized Sitting! What a great IDEA! Austin and furriend, I'd hire you in a flash to sit in my garden. Of course I may just invite you inside to stay IF you are gentlemen and don't scream at me.

    There was only one category that *I* could enter.


  5. There should be a synchronized sitting category. That would have won the gold medal. That is a great shot. Are they looking at the bad black cat?? Take care.

  6. Austin looks like quite the athlete. He could also compete in the Shot--Purrrr--t.

  7. oh there obviously must be some mistake. Synchronized Sitting is most DEFINITELY a category...isn't it?

    Excellent form, Austin, BTW!

  8. Fabulous!
    This was the "money" shot.
    Just love it.


  9. What about the balance beam? You can always do what I do - just make up your own event. Lawless - that's me!

  10. I know what they are doing. They are looking for movement re the food bowl in the kitchen. Am I right or am I right?


  11. Austin, Sassy here. I love this shot. Are you and your brofur watching out for Blackie?


    P.S. Your fur looks so handsome here (blush)!

  12. Wow, we are hosting Synchronized Snoozing, but that's definitely a gold medal performance for sitting!

  13. I am pretty sure it was the rattle of food dishes they were waiting for!! lol

    Sassy xoxoxox from >^,,^< (he's come over all shy!!!)

  14. That photie is soooo cool, that one should goes up on the wall:)
    Missed yooo's, been poppin over but yooo's been out. :)

    Hugs Mollie and Alfie x

  15. Thanks for visiting Sheba's Life Story. Great photo.

    This is the Botanic gardens we went to.


  16. Who needs some ole committee to decide if you're Olympic worthy?!?!? I give the team a 10.0 for form, synchronicity and stillness!!!

    Gold medals!!!


  17. What a lovely photo! The composition is just perfect and it is a bit ironic that I just posted about cats and pictures for my Wordless Wednesday!!

    I'm sure no one would object if you hosted a Synchronized Sitting competition on your site - in the meantime, you hereby win the Gold Medal!!

  18. Such natural talent! I'm sure they planned it, and waited for you to show up, and then to notice.

    We have a lot of synchronized sitting around here, and synchronized sleeping, with all these related cats who tend to look the same. Wordless Wednesday comes in hand for when you have an extra photo, as I often do!

  19. Now your talking synchronised sitting :)
    The category synchronised sitting MOST be a category for next Olympics !!

  20. Hmmm. We think maybe this is a picture of two stuffed cats, as they are toooooo perfectly situated in purrfect synchronicity or somefing. C'mon, they can't be real!!

  21. Maybe my mousie *IS* a Stepford Mousie. Oh noes! It's's eyes....they're all dead inside! Great, now it's too skeery to kill.

  22. Well I definitely think they deserve joint gold medals!

  23. Definitely competition worthy! Extra points for shiny coats...and such intense focus! Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

  24. Synchronized sitting at its best! How long did they pawticipate in this event, by the way?

  25. TTP - I think they pawticipated for all of 2 seconds!! lol


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