Thursday, 12 July 2012

Black is back!

You may remember the post about The Battle of the Black Cat in which Austin and Tigger, the dynamic duo, were victorious after a magnificent display of feline ferocity in conquering the mysterious Black cat who had taken up residence in the summerhouse! Or you may not!

Anyway, after a
gap of a week or two in which Blackie was obviously lying low somewhere else, I saw him by chance (when I also happened to have my camera ;) back in the summerhouse. And here he is:
Please excuse pic through mucky window. He looks a bit grumpy, that’s for sure! We did the slow blink thing to each other. It was quite sweet :) I then brought him some food and shoved it awkwardly through the catflap. He looked at the food. He looked at me. He ate.

While I was so occupied, the garden, which was catless
up to this point, suddenly became filled with other representatives from the genus Felis and the species catus - many thanks to Spittimus for the latin lesson!

My hero!!!

Sometime later …..

Sometime later still …..

Blackie's gone?

If nothing else, one thing has become very clear to me. The shed, formally known as "The Summerhouse" has now officially become “The Catio” and the Battle for the Catio is ongoing!


  1. This is an interesting development. We have so many questions. What is the purpose of the catflap in the summerhouse? Is it a U.K. thing? Blackie is adorable and does not appear feral. Is he neutered? Might he be just neighbourhood opportunist? Austin wasted no time making his territory ;-) Where does Tigger live?

  2. Layla, The catflap in the shed isn’t a UK thing I don’t think, it’s just a crazy CATachresis thing!! It seemed like a good idea at the time lol. No I don’t think Blackie is feral, but not seen him before a few weeks ago and he’s probably not neutered. He looks like another one we used to see, but that had just a tiny bit of white on it! With regard to Tigger, despite asking around I can’t find out where he lives, but he is obviously cared for by someone apart from us!!

  3. I so love the catio!! I like the cat flap, lets the cats in but keeps the weather and the worst of the bugs and other critters out..

  4. I love what I hope will continue to be each and every telling chapter in this continuing saga!

  5. Some cats just don't understand territory. Sigh.

  6. The Saga continues! Please keep us updated.

    P.S. Austin - you might want to consult with your bromance partner Spitty - calling the kitty you are flirting with a "cheap date" may not be successful!

  7. I'm intrigued by Callie's comment. I believe I shall have to investigate this apparent breach of courtship etiquette!

    Hey--Black looks just like ME. Are you sure it isn't me? I mean, maybe I'm sleep-teleporting? Ya think?

  8. Oh Austin, don't get in any more Kitty fights!!! Perhaps yooo's could try and be furriends wiff Blackie :) Has you noticed, he's slowly moving in!! Using your Catflap, eatin your food. Meeeow :)
    Happy Friday
    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Who knows, Austin,,,,you & Black may become good friends. It's always a good idea to be willing to share what we have with others,,,,as long as the other party does not take advantage of the situation. Joke Dadddy has a favorite gentle warning he likes to extend to those who might try to take advantage,,,"Do not mistake my kindness for weakness,,,you will end up regretting your mistake".

  10. Whoa, Austin! You may want to pee-mark your territory, my friend. har har har *evil laughs*

  11. There's a heck of a lot of feline communication happening in those few photos! Blackie is very handsome, and I'll bet he's just trying to expand his territory, at least for food if not for, well, opportunities of the sort neutered cats don't normally pay attention to.

    I can't wait to hear the next developments! And I wish my shed was as nice!

  12. It might turn into a CATrio in a Catio. LOL.

  13. Oh dear, sounds like someone's fighting over another parcel of land. Forget about Spratley, there's a nuclear war going on at the Carolyn Summerhouse aka "The Catio".

    Poor Blackie... unjustifiably booted out.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. this post was thoroughly enjoyable!! GENIUS!!

    Your photos, captions, EVERYTHING!!

    I was laughing the entire way through, ohhh how you convey Austin's personality!!!

    Thanks so much for such a fabulous post!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Brilliant, I ditto Caren's comment totally. You are great.

  16. Pawsome!!!
    We love the "battle of the catio"
    It's such a cool catio.


  17. Another brilliant storytelling with photos, Carolyn!! Love it! It seems you might have a third cat... just saying...

  18. Hey, Buddy! I'm surprisingly chuffed (did I use that word correctly?) to know you think I am handsomer than Black! I'll drop in for a brewski sometime this weekend, eh?

  19. This is the start of the end ! Slowly slowly Blackie will take over the summerhouse, especially if he gets fed, then slowly slowly he will start to flirt with the others to make friends and one day .... he lays in your bed !

  20. Loved the play-by-play!!!
    Especially Austin's "call of nature" haha!!!

    So I think the Cat Flap thing IS a UK thing. I did a guest post for SureFlap, which is a UK company...something about the product not yet approved in the US? I can't remember.

    Anyway, it appears that Black Cat knows how the flap works. So although Austin may feel victorious at the moment. It is just that...a moment.

    Better start working out in that boxing ring, Austin! Black Cat may try to take the title away from you.

    ; )

  21. So what is wrong with three cats as long as they sorta get along. WE think it is great that Tigger and Blackie get some food. Austin seems to have gotten used to having guests and who knows, maybe he likes it. We think the cat door to the new catio is a great idea. Just hope you don't get a possum or any other strange animals. Good job.

  22. Skitteh?? I dunno what that is, but I guess I'll take it as a compliment.

    What??? I **am** gruff!

  23. Let's hope that news doesn't travel fast amongst the neighbourhood cats! Sit here = get free food...

  24. Oh!
    Me is waiting with baited breath for the next installment!

  25. Well, ya know what they say..... if you feed them, they will come!

  26. hrm, not that we'd ever call the "Call of nature" CONVEEENIENT or anything, but...MOL!

  27. so, no spitting or hissing felines with outstretched claws seeing off the intruder then! just a rather genteel acceptance that there's more than just two moggies allowed in the Summerhouse....oh, my mistake, Catio!!!


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