Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bloomin' Illumine!

Yes, you see correctly. This is an award. Another award. Austin’s got another award! He is so overcome with joy, delight and another emotion which he can’t quite put a name to.  What do you think? Ennui, malaise, languor? Personally I think it’s heatstroke!

OK, so he might not be jumping up and down, but I am - well, I am, inside. Though think it might be palpatations. I shouldn’t have scoffed down that lemon lush in Debenhams this morning. It was a gluten bomb just waiting to commit citricide in my innermost parts.

But I digress. It was
Glogirly and Katie who did the honours and passed this on to Austin and he really is chuffed and full of jubilant elation.
Well he is!

Glogirly has just won the Best Cat Blog 2012 award at BlogPaws! So we recommend y
ou visit her blog and meet Katie who I believe is even more sarcastic than Austin. It’s a tuxie thing!! Glogirly is also the power behind the hugely successful Real Housecats of the Blogosphere Series!

Now t
here are some things we are supposed to do like answer questions blah blah blah (see previous post), but as Glogirly and Katie mushed everything together, I don’t think I can unmush, so am not sure whether to make something up or just smile and back away slowly?

I know, I will get Austin to say something about himself that might not be generally known. Over to you Austin:

I am not saying anything without my solicitor present.

Fair enough!

Now, as it is unclear to us exactly how, and to who, we should pass this on to, I am going to freefall and make up my own rules as I go (isn’t this fun!). So, here are some blogs which I like, out of the many that I like, who I think are bloomin’ illuminating:

Rykers Boyz - A Tonk’s Tail ..
Katnip Lounge
Kjelle Bus
Haopee - My Dogs Love Me
The Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge
The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey
Troublin’ Times

Finally, we would like to say thanks to Mollie and Alfie because we won a prize in their competition. A new experience for us and we like new experiences don’t we, Austin?


  1. Oh thank COD we are not illuminating. But we are thrilled that you won that award Austin. Good job. Looks like you are ready to go out the outside world. Have a great day.

  2. Very good Austin, we see LOTS more awards in your future!!!


  3. Austin, Sassy here. I know that deep, deep down inside you are thrilled with your award - you are just very good at hiding it! Plus a manly, cool cat like you must be used to receiving alot of awards! Thanks for passing it on to us, I will post about it next week.

  4. FaRADaY: ooh CONCATuLATIONS on your award!!

    Maxwell: Oh my CAT! I'm jumping up & down with excitement - thanks so much for passing it to us!

    Allie: *OOF!* Yes, Max, I noticed. Now GET OFF ME! *huff* Boys.

  5. Congratulations on your award. Very well deserved.

  6. Concatulations you great handsome hunka hunka burnin' Tuxie Kitteh!

  7. Congrats on your illuminating award, Austin!

  8. Austin! We can tell you are OVERCOME with emotion! Just like we are, receiving it from you...heh heh.

  9. Errr....Aunty Caro, this tuxie it good or bad? We are having trouble figuring out know....the rest of us are tabbies. Anyway, what an illuminating way of interpreting the award requirement... purrr....meow!

  10. Austin, I know you're a ManCat and all, and I only mean this in the most Platonic way possible, but I think I LOVE you, Man. Seriously.

  11. You never fail to illuminate us, Austin.
    And this tuxie thing you speak of...I concur.
    The sarcasm is obviously in our DNA.
    xo, Katie

  12. Well done Austin, Meeeow! We was lucky enough to get that award and some others. The staff here are useless! Humom can't remember who sent them or what she has to do.MOL!
    Humoms off to buy the prezzies today :)
    Big Hugs
    Mollie n Alfie x

  13. Congrats, Austin ! You are on quite a roll with all the awards coming your way.

  14. Concats on your award - we love your standing at the door picture.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Congratulations, AGAIN, Austin. Hit enter. Repeat.

    We shall have to get you a wheelbarrow to hold of your awards, as I am sure they are starting to clutter your shelves and you will be getting many more!!

    Thank you for giving us the award as well. We appreciate your kindness and will hold it in the highest of regard!!


  16. Congrats on another award Austin! I think after winning that fight with that stray kitty, you deserve to be illuminated!

  17. Haha I love Austin's elated expression. :D

    Congrats to you both on the award!

  18. total concatulations!!! You do Illuminate for sure!! paw pats Savannah

  19. I'm still thinking about the gluten bomb, but concatulations anyway, Austin!

  20. Oh, I'm so relieved you're up to be Pals Austin. Maybe I can teleport over and we can prowl around lookin' for introoder cats?

  21. Austin -- erm -- we really hate to point this out, especially given you've done us such a great honor -- but -- should you not pull up your socks? Specifically, your left sock? What have you been doing, wearing those kinds of shoes that pull your socks down under the sole of your foot, where you can't fish them back again and then have to walk around limping because your sock is all bunched up? Are you still reading? The Bean over here is addled. We (Bugs and Fang) think it's the heat. She'd probably say she's overcome with excitement at getting a cool award like this. Whatever. She's the excitable type. We, however, just wanted to drop a line before we caught back up on our power-snooze. So we can raise hell around 3:00 am, like we did yesterday morning. Cheerie-bye. (We think Bean may also be drinking too much, since seeing this. "Celebrating," she calls it. Whatever. She will be mean when it wears off. Are you ready to answer for that? Cheerie-bye for now. --Bugs & Fang

  22. Austin, we're singing... for he's a jolly good fellow...You brighten our day!

  23. Concatulations on your award and your prize win!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. We really liked your match-up of Jane and James. I sorta think Jane mighta been, uh, dead by the time Jimmy was writing Ulysses. Maybe she dictated it to him from the Spirit World though? Huh.

    So I can't wait to read about your next adventure!

  25. Austins enthusiasm and gratitude for another award truly shows and explains why he refuses any statement without his lawyer ;-)

  26. ConCATulations to the award and thank´s a lot for giving it to me :)
    My mom and dad have been on the run since thursday and came home real late last night.
    But I shall try to do a post tomorrow , OK :)


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