Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Aftermath, Algebra, Apology and Awards

OK! Here we are! It was hard work after such a mega pawty, but when I eventually came to got The Staff out of bed, we counted up all the comments on Blogger and Facebook and the total number of comments was 82.

So we've looked in our wallets and piggy banks and checked down the back of the sofa and we have managed to cough up £41, two cat toys and a fluffy throat lozenge. We had to apply some algebra and this is how we reached our final figure:

82 × 50 ≍ w + pb + 2ct - ftl = (41 + 2ct)

Simples!?  So many thanks to everyone who took the time to come and wish me a happy birthday. £41 and 2 cat toys go to Freshfields. Your participation counts :) 


I do believe I need to upbraid and then possibly upgrade my Staff Person. Ages ago I won a contest at Mr Puddy's, but I didn't know this as she kept it from me! The prize she chose was a specially designed birthday card for me!

Isn't it great! I love the little sheep dancing :)
Thank you so much Mr Poot, you are one of my oldest buddies and I can only apologise for the complete lack of office skills and manners on the part of my menial!


It has also come to my notice this very same menial has been accepting awards on my behalf and then stockpiling them "somewhere safe" and consequently forgetting about them!!  This is unacceptable! So she has been duly chastised (she was shown the Rump of Retribution) and will now try to rectify before she is upbraided and upgraded.

We are indeed honoured to receive:

initiated by Nerrisa




There are rules attached to these awards and again I had to apply some algebra to solve the math involved

x = 5 x 11 + 7 - y²

However, I am guessing, that even if you've managed to read this far, you've probably just about lost the will to live! The main thing is I have linked back to the kind people who awarded us, so now all I am going to do is thank everyone very much and go and see about a replacement menial.

aftermath, after-math - a moment of relief following the completion of a complicated mathematical problem


  1. Paws up on your donation, and concatulations on all your awards, Austin!

  2. YAY for all the money your mom-person will donate to Freshfields !
    The Birthday card from Mr Poot Poot is furry cool :)

  3. Yep, we've lost the will to live. Sounds like a great donation but, er, what happened to the fuzzy cough drop?

  4. MOL!! Your staff isn't that bad Austin, at least she can remember WHERE the awards came from!! Mine forgets all the time. Concatulations!! And APAWS for raising some cash for Freshfields!! woo hoo!!!

  5. What a fantastic donation.

    Our mom has been hoarding our awards too. Congratulations on receiving yours.

  6. THAT was a great donation Austin. You and your mom are very generous and you know, when my birthday rolls around I may force mom to do the same.

    I love your math skills. Mom nor I are able to count on our fingers and toesies. We rely on others kindnesses. (KATIE! She forced me to write that, There is a claw at my back).

    But as I was saying Austin, I find your math skills exciting. I will tell you what I will do. I will show you MY bikini if you show me yours again. Don't mention this to anyone however. They make get the wrong idea. XXOO

  7. We all get behind sometimes Austin. that was great donations; the card was...made for you! As far as all those awards...Congrats on receiving them...enjoy!!!

  8. Great donation Austin, that is wonderful! That card is so you! Congrats on the nice awards too pal, you need a bigger trophy case.

  9. Wow - you're really good at math! Lol, I think I'm a little lost with that part but very awesome donation from your party.

  10. Oh my COD that is funny. Do you thunk you got enough awards. Your Person is as bad as ours. But congrats on the awards and you really should get an award for you math. Who could possibly figure that out. Take care and have a great night.

  11. Wow Austin, birthdayz, donayshunz, a kazillion Awardiez.... You seem to be quite da Man! ^..^ We mus say, Happy Bithday!, and Concatulationz on All countz! ^.,^

    We came by to Fank You fur stopping by with your comforting purrz on acounta Penelope'z leaving fur da Bridge so suddenly. You helped to make da dark dayz ahead a little more bearable ^..^ ♥xo♥

    Soft Purrz ~
    Sunny, Gabriel, Larry, Lolly, Ana & sad sad mommeh


  12. That is so nice of you and your menial to make that donation! Congrats on your many awards and that card is awesome!

    I'm having aftermath after reading these algebra formulas.

  13. Many congratulations again, and most especially kudos for your donation to a worthy cause...my furry brain hurts after all the math. Purrr....catnip makes everything better.
    Moses the Studio Cat

  14. Austin, Sassy here. Great news on the donation. Now about you seeing another cat's biniki......

  15. That is one awesome donation, Austin. And you've got some cool awards there. Congrats.

  16. Sheesh, Austin, Pal. You've gona all ADHD on me, Buddy! Really generous of your Mom to make such a nice donation in honor of your Birfday.

    Say, Austin, since you sought out my counsel on the topic: I think a little less Katie Bikini and a little more attention to Sassy's beauteous floofy gray furs would be a mighty fine idea right about now.

  17. We is so sorry we missed your birthday! Our human has been bad, bad, bad about taking us to visit our friends!! We need to find a more helpful one.

    So here we is wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!! How old is you now? We hope you had a wonderful day and that your human gave you lots of yummy noms and loves.

    Congratulations on your awards!

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  18. I like your kind of math, Austin.
    Makes complete sense to me...though Glogirly is still scratching her head.

    What a wonderful gift for Freshfields!!!
    You have a beautiful and giving heart.

    Now onto menial replacement.
    ; ) Katie

  19. concatulations on your awards, austin. your momma has a big heart. bless you and your momma for those awesome donations.

  20. Whoohooo on your donation Austin, our staff have stock piled our awards too..BOL Have a wonderful rainy day xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. Austin - my buddy - LOOKIT all those awards! Concatulations all over the place...couldn't happen to a nicer friend....and that special card you got is a real "wowzer". You know, good staff is hard to find so you might want to consider just a bit of "retraining" of your current help there rather than searching all over again for replacements. It's the KIND thing to do - humans are (after all) only HUMAN.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  22. Well, the menial means well ...

    And MomKatt says SHE tries to avoid "Beforemath". Much less "Aftermath"! ROFL

    Sexii purrz,

  23. Concats on your awards - Mum always tries to hide ours under lots of papers as she's generally forgotten who sent them to us and is too ashamed to ask us if we can remember for her!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. dood...after math came lunch brake at de skewl oh trout... N trust uz...we did WAAAAAAAY better in lunch brake than we did at math... coz we wood knot noe which al wuz wearin a bra ore even why...way awesum oh ewe ta makes a donation ta yur shelter !!

  25. Wowzers! Is this Thankful Thursday? Yous gived a whole bunch of wonga to Freshfields (me LOVED that place) and look at all the awards! Yous deserves every single one of them!
    Now can mes comes over and helps yous beat that mat into submission?

  26. Wow a lot of awards!!! Congrats!!!
    Austin don't firer your Mom person please!!! She is doing her best for you!!!! Just think what my kittes have to put up with and they still love me real good!!!
    Their person is over half blind and can't remember things too good any more!!!! But Austin she is trying!!!! Your Mom is trying!!!

  27. Our menial keeps whining about keeping a roof over our heads and food in our bellies but that's not what she really does all day long. Let us know how it goes with your new one.

  28. I've been crazy with the equations.Gatikisses Merlina

  29. Freshfields do a great job we live about 20 minutes drive away from the Liverpool centre also concatulations on all your cool awards.


  30. upgrade and upbraid...

    well, I never...!



  31. A very belated birthday and what good commentthon. Austin your word of the day was never as appropriate than the definition of after math.

  32. We forgot about your birthday! LOL. Sorry we have not dropped by to see what awesome presents Caro gave you. A card would do.. but where's the bird?!? or the fish?


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