Saturday 11 June 2011

A Day in the Life .......

..... of Austin the put-upon cat!

I accidentally deleted this post!! Can't believe I did it???  Anyway I've retrieved it as best I could, but alas without the lovely comments :(((((

PS If anyone remembers a different time scale, please feel free to interpose! Although thanks to the guys over at Katnip Lounge, Austin has now introduced scuffling into his daily itinerary at around about 14.28 !!!

04.29 Where is everyone? I'm good to go here! Sun's up, bird's are lining up for breakfast. Bam bam bam let me outta here!

07.00 Lost the will to live now

07.14 What time do you call this? If you think I'm going to do the I'm-so-glad-to-see-you all over body rub you've got another think coming!

08.05 Ok how many want to chase the light around the ceiling?

08.07 Bored now

09.14 Goody .. foooooooooood!

09.15 Nap time!

10.15 Leave me alone!

10.16 Brushhhhhhhhh!

11.15 Leave me alone!

11.16 Brushhhhhhhhh!

13.15 Don't even think about it!

14.15 I do not want to be cuddled!

14.16 Brushhhhhhhhhh!

14.17 Please put your lap in the horizontal position, thank you!

14.19 Why! Don't you like being massaged?

14.20 Oh for Pete's sake!

16.29 I love you so much!

16.30 Foooooooooood

16.31 Brushhhhhhhhh!

16.35 I'm not sitting here for my health you know.  Open the door! Woddya mean, it's raining?

16.36 It's raining at this door too?

16.38 ... and this one .... Why don't you have a door where it's not raining?

16.40 Wanna play tag?

16.41 Bored now

16.42 Nap time

20.29 Out!

20.31 In!

20.33 Out!

20.35 You coming out or what?

22.36 Not coming in

22.37 Not coming in

22.38 Not coming in

22.43 Ok no need to get violent!

22.44 Brushhhhhhhhh!

22.45 Lap

22.46 Fooooooooood

22.47 Wanna play tag?

22.48 Don't wanna go to bed!

22.51 Ok nap time

00.01 That's long enough. You can let me out now!

00.02 Bam bam bam Pleeeeease!

00.03 Well I didn't really want to anyway.

00.04 Nap time

04.29 Where is everyone? I'm good to go here! Sun's up, bird's are lining up for breakfast. Bam bam bam let me outta here!

Aaaaargh! Sometimes I just wanna eat my own paw!


  1. Great "a day in the life of a cat"

  2. Well, there's the (at least) thrice daily box excavations, too...times TBD.

  3. Its funny, in that pic he almost looks more like a kitten again. What's his secret?!

  4. Hmmmmm! Austin says the world is his litter box!

    Sarah, he has a picture in the attic :P

  5. You have pretty late Breakfast ! How you survive I wonder ? Me Breakfast time 5.30 am. Sharp !

  6. Oh Mr P! I'd better explain what I said on accidentally deleted comments!

    It's ok, Austin might moan but he has food available all the time. Dry food is his favourite eating-all-day snack, with soft stuff two or three times throughout the day. He is NEVER without. lol

    *goes off to check Austin not on phone to RSPCA* 8~$ Can feel court case pending!!!

  7. MOL.. It's good to know Austin trained you well : )
    My breaky is always sharp because I always make sure my mom wake up by sitting on her face in the morning " eat my fur or Feed me " heh..heh

  8. Hmmm....Austin, how on earth did you delete the post? I swear I have commented as well as saw other feline friends here earlier. You must make amends, Austin, like changing your routine of waking up at 4.49 instead of 4.29. purrr....meow!

  9. Well at least it gave me another chance to laugh at the comments mol.

    Austin is a naughty boy and is having his blogging privileges revoked forthwith!

    Fin I guess it's the same old same old!

    Mr P you should try the paw-up-the-nose ploy on alternate days!

    Angelina Austin says lying in to 4.49 would put his whole day out!

  10. awwww darn, my comment is gone too :(

    I loved this!

  11. Hi Caren, sweet of you to pop by again :)) I know! I reckon it was Austin's fault, he thought the post made him look a bit self-absorbed!! Yeah, well ..... mol

  12. Caro: Love this! Hilarious!

    Lost the will to live!! tee-hee!


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