Thursday, 16 June 2011

Me Me!

What the turkinall is a me me?  Where do you go to get answers about such knotty issues of egocentrism and existential soul searching?  

Wiki of course!  

So after a good deal of umming and ahing and fumbling with the keyboard, I accidentally stumbled across "meme".  That'll have to do.

a me me (or "meme" in some schools of thought) is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture (bit like the plague). While genes transmit biological information, memes are said to transmit ideas and belief information  >^ʘʘ^<   It's from the ancient greek word μίμημα apparently!

There you go. Now we are all informed and can enthrall folk at dinner parties for the forseeable.

Anyway Austin has been tagged to take part in a me me by the guys and gals over at The Meow Factor. Thanks :D.  So after plenty of meaningful negotiation and interventions by the arbitration service and as it's all about me me me me, he has agreed to do it!  There are six questions. So here goes:

1. Where do you like to hang out?
Wherever my blanket is, of course

2. Who is your kitty crush?
I only have eyes for my decidedly inferior, two legged (mostly) hairless senior staff member who panders to my every whim.
NB that's what she told me to say ......  more-or-less!

3. What is your favourite scent?
Comfort™ infused blanket!

4. What is your favourite TV show?
Top Cat (what else?)

5. What is your favourite movie?
The Dogs of War

6. What is your favourite feline wisdom?
Always be dignified

And for free, my final bit of Forrest Gump wisdom is "Life is like a big itch, you never know where it's gonna get you next!"

Now in order to play this properly, I am supposed to tag some other poor unfortunates, but as I don't want to stress anyone unduly, I'm just going to shout out some names and see if any mug mog who's not already been memed to bits wants to take it up:

Max of the Quilt fame
Wally and/or Ernie the Island Cats
Mr Puddy ♥♥♥xx♥♥♥

Ok so you don't want to do it! But hey just think of the free exposure you're getting! My following is massive: I have a reader in Uzbekistan


  1. HAHAHA!

    "Always be dignified" LOL! Actual lolz.

    Loved the "Life's a big itch" as well... I assume you meant that intentionally ;-)


  2. Austin: Gotta plug that Comfort!

    Have you seen the Sad Kenau internet meme? It is a picture of Kenau Reeves sitting on a park bench in NYC that went viral. The background of the picture was altered by folks from all over the world. Check this link to see Kenau with the kitties and other variations!

  3. Me Me - love it - the two of you have such a great humour! Always be dignified - a sentence Mizz Zoe leaves behind in the moment she hers thunder. Then she is not running the household anymore but running under the bed. Bless her!

  4. OMG I laughed myself SILLY with this!!! OMG I am STILL laughing!!!

    "a bit like the plague" HAAAAAAAA!!!! I am dying!!

    "poor unfortunates" love these as much as I do I see! lol

    Also THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for answering the question that I kept asking "What the heck is a Me Me!!??" At least you had the good sense to look it up!
    This was a gem!

  5. What a wonderfully creative, witty, and sharp writing style you have! That post was pawsome and the pictures were great too!

    Meows from Zee and Zoey

  6. Delightful, funny, and full of British tongue in cheek humor.

    My question. Does Meme ever morph into meow? What does that look like? Can you enlighten me?

    I am a dog owner. We are slightly dull compared to cat owners.

  7. Smart style of answers and Great humor !!!!!
    love love this post ; )
    and Austin, Thank you so much to pass on to me, But believe it or not ? I already did it last week !
    Mr Puddy: Meow Meow Me Me!


  8. David, Austin is always very intent ;>

    Ann Austin is in negotiations ;). Will check out Keanu meme

    Paula Austin's the exact same, though wiould never admit it!

    Caren glad to be of service :)) Actually Austin and I quite like this meme, but we like a good moan as well xx

    Welcome Zee and Zoey, glad you enjoyed

    Not-so-Anonymous dog owner, Austin's meow was, at one time, a meme. It's just been recycled. Dog ownwers, especially you, are not boring xx

    Mr P I knew it, I even commented, but Austin made me forget, because as you know I have a bit of a crush on you xxx

    Thanks for great comments everyone xxxx

  9. He's actually not the only one who likes Comfort™ infused blanket! Haha! My friend's spare bed always has really lovely smelling covers :D Wow...something in common with a cat...I'll be scratching the sofa next...

  10. Haha! You're morphing into Mr Mistoffelees before my eyes! Word to the wise, Sarah. Scratching the furniture gets you shouted at a lot!

  11. Oooohhh...thanks for playing Austin. I bet it was a breee for you...though you made your mom awake at midnight to get your consent. purrr...meow!

  12. Angelina, Austin always likes to play except when he doesn't!! >^,,^<

  13. You have a reader in Uzbekistan? That's pretty neat.

    We think you look very dignified in your photo.

  14. JFF, Yep! And one in Belarus. How cool is that?

  15. That was great, Austin! And thank you for FINALLY telling us what the heck a Meme is!!

    Wally did this meme a couple weeks ago, but I'll try to do it too!!


  16. Ernie glad to be of service!

    Will look forward to reading your worldly wisdom :))

    love Austin >^,,^<


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