Friday, 27 May 2011


Poor Austin. His life is one big trauma at the moment. Not only is Toby the Tibetan Terrier making one of his not infrequent visits, there are also a couple of strange men in the garden .... in HIS garden doing strange things with bits of wood and nails. What's more, Big-Ginge-from-over-the-back has been making official visits as part of his EU brief to regulate feline garden use. It's enough to turn a beleaguered tux into a smooth white.

He is so distrait that eating is only possible when a trusted member of his staff stands real close and keeps a constant lookout, all the time murmuring soft words into a swivelling ear. This same member of staff also has to fight off all enemy marauders, throwing herself bodily in the path of incoming attackers and taking the flack, nigh-even-unto-death! He says it's in the contract which we both signed before he agreed to take me on.

As things were getting a bit desperate, in an effort to distract His Dolefulness the Mope, I decided to employ a diversionary tactic or two. I'm not sure if they worked quite as one would have wished!

You need to note here that the iPad was on with a cat app open; i.e. it was there for the express purpose of feline entertainment! To be precise it is a virtual goldfish swimming around under the screen that disappears and returns when touched, just you can't really see it cos of the flash. Sigh!

 What's that?


 Bit weird! Where's the water?

 Perhaps if I just stick my paw .....?

 Nah, changed my mind.. !

Got a bit of an itch now ....

May as well do a proper job while I'm down here!

Oh well! A diversion is a diversion whatever form it might take .......


  1. Given the choice, I'd rather mope than, well, you know.

  2. Hehehe! He's such a teenager, he can't even be bothered to waste time playing games ;-)

  3. LOL..u make me chuckle- you have such a way with words! :P

  4. MOL... I love the way you play with the fish on iPad.
    The person who created this games must cry if you send them your last photo...ha..ha..ha

  5. Thanks so much for your blogoversary wishes! We love reading your posts too. Mom sometimes saves them to reread!

  6. lol Thanks for popping by everyone. Great comments :>)

    In the interests of the advancement of science, I tried the iPad experiment again without the camera - as he is a licensed show off. All he did was lie down on top of it, head moving slowly from side to side, eyes closing, slight drooling. Yep the virtual fish hypnotised him!

    Anyone want a soggy furry iPad with built in cat hypnotiser?

  7. Dad tried "entertaining" us with the Game for Cat on iPad. Hmmm...somehow only Michael was game enough. Have you tried that Austin? Tell your mom you'd rather play with a real goldfish in an aquarium. Nowadays I amuse myself by watching my reflection in the mirror. My Mama says I'm vain. purrr....meow!

  8. That you Angelina??? So glad you're back. Your vanity is understandable!!! I'm answering for Austin as he is still in the land of nod xx

  9. Nevermind the CatfishApp, I think you found the CatKnappApp.


  10. "His Dolefulness the Mope" haha!!
    Good to see Austin getting to grips with technology. He's officially more advanced than I am actually, I'm not one for iPads. Wow...out nerded by a cat...

  11. Simon think Austin does plenty of the Knapping lolol

    Sarah How can you hold your head up? But then Austin is just an ordinary cat but you are Mr Mistoffelees ;>)

  12. Licking his paw... and drooling. Austin is sweet. He's just making a nice watery environment for the fishies.

  13. Thanks for visiting our blog! We love visits and comments. Zoe is my first tux too!

  14. ooopps, we were to fast with the paws.... not sure mine or her's ;-))) I am in for a cat hypnotizer!
    I love France yet I did enjoy my time in London very much too. Have a wonderful day

  15. That is a very fancy cat toy. Our cat kids don't have an I-pad and neither do I. I am talking to Mom about this.


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