Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Window Cleaner Cometh and other Miscellany

Danny the window cleaner came today. This, in itself, is not a particularly noteworthy event (except he is a bigger and better looking version of Tom Cruise .. ... with Bermuda shorts and shades!  Be-still-my-beating-heart).  But after the magnificent exhibition of bravado Austin displayed a day or two ago, he seems to have reverted to type!

You might have noticed I did a quick scan over the quilt (moving into Max territory here!) because it is one of the dozens made by my Aunt over the years and is gorgeously splendid. And this is where Austin goes when he is really "scareded".  Bless!

By the way, just in case you're thinking what's with the sudden mania for video clips? It is because:

a) I've discovered the video button on my iPad2 and
b) I've finally managed to gain entry to my YouTube account.

There were one or two false starts with the camera thingy.........

...... but there is quite a bit to get to grips with! After a lot of poking around and a few (hundred) accidental splodge pics added to my album, I realised there were two tiny, itsy bitsy cameras and it all started to become clear. I mean, it doesn't make sense to just put one on the bit you look at on the front? Unless it's for the narcissist who only wants to take photos/videos of himself all day long? Wouldn't have thought that was a particularly good marketing ploy, myself!

Anyway there are two. One on the front and one on the back. So that's all right. Excellent for looking at yourself (if you want to check your lipstick or pick food out your teeth) AND at the same time if you happen to be in the mall you can quickly scan the immediate vicinity for a potential flashmob or some other annoying public nuisance and take the necessary action. Smiles all round :>)

Talking of smiles, if you would like to see the ultimate in digital photoframes - and missed it on facebook, here it is:

Just in case there is any doubt, I'm the hirsute one in the middle ....... I think? :~}


  1. you absolutely get me smiling..and mama too!♥

  2. I remember seeing that pic on FB, I love that :D You were right about Austin's tail, it is insanely long... o_O

  3. Admiral I now officially love you ♥ >^,,^<

    Sarah It's the best tail I've ever seen on a cat, and he doesn't mind me pulling it lol

  4. Mom love your quilt !!!! Absolutely lovely ! I do like Austin's hiding spot, I love the way he leave some hints for you ( Tail ) : )

  5. I so enjoyed this!! OMC the quilt that your Aunt made is simply beautiful! That is something I am sure you will cherish forever.
    I also loved hearing your voice!!!! :)

  6. Austin, we hide when strange peoples come to our house too!! At least you found a pretty quilt to hide under!!

  7. Caren The quilt is actually my mother's. I think I might do a quilt pic post sometime, as my aunt does some wonderful work. Lol at my voice. I always sound as if I've got a cold!!

    Mr P, Wally & Ernie, Austin is no fool lol

  8. I love the video, Austin does have a very long tail. That quilt is gorgeous, your aunt does beautiful work.

  9. What a tail tale, Austin! Bravo Aunty Caro. You've conquered the Mac Mountain. har har har *evil laughs*

  10. Pobrecito. He does look scared. Just like Zoe during thunderstorm! The color of the quilt does suit him though! Have a great weekend!

  11. :-) Keep the videos coming! It's great having multi-media to back up your grand writing!

  12. Oh Austin! We get scared sometimes too! Just the other day, we thought our human Mom had brought some sort of creature into the house... turns out it was just her purse. Why does she have to have a purse that is in a leopard print?

    Meows from Zee and Zoey

    P.S. We agree with everyone else - what a beautiful quilt!

  13. Thanks all :))) Really appreciate you all stopping by :)

    I think my next blog post will be a digression about aunty's quilts !

    lol @ leopard purse. Austin freaked at a straw hat not so long ago!!

  14. I'm your newest follower. Happy 4th of July. Purrrrs.

  15. That is such a cute video and a beautiful blanket. Nice to meet you all...Thanks so much for your purrs, we appreciate them so.

  16. That's gorgeous quilt to hide under and more videos, please...


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