Sunday, 26 June 2011

Keeping Close

I don't know why, but Austin is sticking very close at the moment? There was a Big Ginge incident the other morning; in fact several mornings. That could be it! Big Ginge is the only creature with fur that seems to frighten him and the other morning he actually had the temerity to come in the conservatory window! Austin was sitting on the fence and playing it cool. But he wasn't cool. I could tell because he'd got that stary look he gets when he's all of a flummox.

All cat people recognise that look. You know, the one where the cat is seemingly mesmerised by something just to the right of you and down a bit. Only the cat knows what horrors are there.

Therefore he's been spending a lot of time looking over his shoulder and of course as looking over one's shoulder AND eating is not possible without doing oneself a mischief, I've been seconded yet again as watcher of back and lookout during meal times. I've even been considering laying a place for him at table, but am afraid his table manners might be too refined and genteel for the likes of us.

Actually, Austin, I said lay a place "at" table, not "on" table!

So everywhere I turn now I trip over a small black (and white) furry rug.

He looks kind of small and vulnerable :(

Even in the garden he has his hidey hole:

Oh there's that look again!

However he's not the only one to be afraid of Big Ginge! The hebe bush is a place of refuge for the hunted.

One of these days I'll be up early enough in the morning to catch sight of the ginger striped menace.

Seriously, do any of my cat blogger friends know how to reassure a 4 and a bit year old nervous cat?

I have also been considering getting another rescue cat, a younger one :)) I thought perhaps a young adult neutered female?

Input would be very much appreciated :)))

PS I'm getting obsessed by stats again. Why would someone in Iran be interested in a cat blog from Wales? The world is so small.


  1. Aunty Carolyn,
    I reckon Big Ginge is a matured FEMALE looking for a mate but Austin's not interested. You know how it is with males - must be THE hunter and not the hunted! purrr....meow!

  2. Carolyn, the goodbye words of The Husband this morning were: please DO not get a kitten!
    There is a adoption event here today to place all these left behind and thrown out kittens. It is hard as I have found my darling kitten already!
    Mizz Zoe says she can relate... in looks and likes... currently she is hiding under a towel which fell off the laundry basket!!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  3. I have a nervous-nelly also...I imagine his human equivalent would be a VERY nerdy Woody Allen sans the creativity. And there's just no fixing that.


  4. Angelina Could be the case, except gingers are generally male here. If it's a female then she's a bit macho! lol

    Paula Mizz Zoe is a sweetie. Did you listen to The Husband?

    KL I shall change his name to Woody forthwith! It's a pill that's for sure. Poor little guys.

  5. Tanner is something of a nervous boy himself, but only when it comes to people! As to the rescue cat, I say go for it. However, don't assume that a male and a female would get along better. I assumed this, wrongly, in the case of Olivia and Tanner, though I didn't choose Tanner, or any of my cats, actually - they all sort of "found" me. I think a lot of it is just down to individual personality, and yet it's hard to get cats together for a meet and greet like you do with dogs. Frankly, the way cats get along, or don't, seems by virtue of some strange alchemy to me. It either happens or does not.

  6. Why wouldn't someone in Iran be interested in a small cat in Wales?


  7. Tucker, thanks for that. We might strike it lucky, but as you say you can never tell what's going to happen. Might just have to go for it!

    You are absolutely right Doodle Bean. I was having a moment of insecurity!

  8. I do stary look sometime : ) For me, it can be anything..such as when I was outside if I do stary look and then run , It means I smell other cats and I know he was around, I will quickly run to get him.

    At night, (In door ) I love to do that look. Just because I saw my reflection of myself on the glass door, And I 'm not sure who is that cat, I have to stare ! till I see..Oh yeah, That's myself ! handsome !!! and then I continue my eating : )


  9. Mr P, you are the BEST. But then you know that! Thank you for clarify :))

    Stary stary I'm quite wary ...... lol

  10. Yes, the world is very small today. And you never know where your visitors will come from.

    But Austin could have told you that. His garden has gotten smaller too. Poor Austin.

  11. it is a small world, and why not a funny and delightful blog from Wales?

    I hear some kitties like pheromone collars or spray (i get my crate sprayed when I go to the VET and it helps).

  12. Jan, it is soooo exciting!!

    Fin Austin loves you and so do I x He often indulges in a furry moan. So will go look it up . Thanks x

  13. Austin: I like your little hidey hole!

    So sorry I have not been round lately. Hope all is well. I've got to get out more often and visit my friends overseas! :)


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