Tuesday 25 March 2008

Life with Austin - first week

He settled in pretty well. We were told to introduce him slowly to the environment and people. Well, that went by the board. Apart from upchucking noisily in the corner of the bedroom, he made himself right at home from the outset.

So what have we learnt from this first week with Austin? Here is some important and timely advice for any aspiring cat owners:

1) don't leave anything dangling, not anything!
2) either send him on a computer course or don't let him anywhere near the laptop when online on ebay or amazon! If you do you will end up with deliveries every hour of the day of large unwieldy objects and an empty bank account!
3) don't answer him back in funny voice
4) Let him read the sports pages only of the Daily Telegraph - I think he has strong political leanings as he chewed David Cameron and licked Gordon Brown.
5) Teach him that a fight to the death with elderly mother's pinny (with elderly mother in it) is acceptable but a fight to the death with a geranium is not.
6) always check washing machine before closing the door and turning it on
7) the lump in the duvet should not be jumped on and beaten down
8) not good idea to tap fingers, wiggle toes or, indeed, to move any sticky-out body part whatsoever!

9) explain that pelmets, however attractive, do not need to be inspected for dust from above!

and finally the lesson learnt this week:
10) jumping onto shade of the standard lamp from the top of the piano leads to a severe talking to and permanent revoking of all playtime privileges.

Notes for future reference:
Teach him how to rehang curtains.
Implement health and safety regulations with regards to sleeping inside pillow case complete with pillow in it and my head on it!

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