Wednesday 26 March 2008

Laser toys and miscellaneous ramblings

Have got one of those laser toys, it's brill. Only problem is the cat seems to have acquired a nervous twitch - pavlov's cat syndrome! It's great though because you don't have to move from your chair. My favourite is to see how far up Mother's frock he can get without her noticing.

That reminds me! I locked my poor mother in the car while nipping into the post office to queue
for stamps (everyone moves in slow motion in Welsh in this village - like a time warp). A car alarm went off and I ignored it thinking "what the turkinall??!!" Anyway everyone was looking out every available window/door, so I joined them only to see some old lady jumping up and down inside a car with the alarms going and the lights flashing!! Mutter, mutter who could be soooo dashed inconsiderate???? Flippineck! It was my car and my old lady! I tried to do a good impression of an unconcerned innocent bystander, but unfortunately a neighbour was in the shop and gave me a sharp prod, saying "ain't that your car?" Oooops. Exit with burning ears and no stamps .......

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